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‘Spirits in a Material World’ Part 2. The Fight Back.

‘Spirits in a Material World’ Part 2. The Fight Back.

I am expanding here on my previous blog entitled ‘Spirits in a Material World’ as I need to inform you how you can move forward knowing that something is fundamentally wrong, and you are probably feeling powerless and insignificant at this point. You know you must do something; the question is how and what?

I have talked about this before but two and a half years after the elites unleashed their agenda, I have refined my thoughts in light of my discussions and interactions with people who have helped me understand the prophetic nature of what is happening here.

The task at hand, as discussed in Part 1

So, you are in no doubt as to what we are all up against, it is this:

Everything that is happening in the world today is 100% connected and has been planned in the minutest detail to completely destroy western society as we know it, our humanity at the same time, and to enslave the 99% using the controlling technologists that are being rolled out in real time.

“Control the food you control the people, control the energy you control the country, control the money and you control the world.” – Henry Kissinger said that (he is still alive 99). Kissinger is the elite architect of the WEF and mentor to Klaus Schwab.

That is what we have signed up for, that is what we as a minority must fight against. This is happening now in real time, the bottom line here is, we are at war, and we must all be on a war footing.

In Part 1 I stated that we are in a prophetic spiritual war (whether we like it or not), and that one of the main aims of the elite agenda for humanity is to crush our God given spirituality. This is at the core of the human psyche and once they have achieved that dehumanising goal, they will have complete control over us. Make no mistake what is happening in the world today is pure evil and satanic and goes back to the origins of our existence.

Note: I am not linking, religion and spirituality they are different subjects entirely. Your spirit is your essence and is part of your humanness, which was created by God. God is not religious, and I will leave it there.

The Fight Back as I see it.

It is fundamentally critical here that we realise that we have God on our side, he is opening the batting and we are going into bat with him. He will give each of us guidance and support between overs, giving us the confidence and love to stay at the crease for as long as we can.

Here is what God is asking us to do, as I see it.

1. Firstly, to know that God is on your side, empowering, and protecting you (your armour) from those that want to censor and cancel you from their friendship groups. Know that there are many thousands of people who think like you. Do not despair for you will be vindicated. We are not looking for apologies, which is not the purpose here, we only seek the truth, once the great deception has been exposed, a new dawn for humanity can begin and can (and will) be celebrated.

2. Find your local community – Right from the start of the pandemic, local groups have been set up. ‘Stand in the Park’ on Sunday mornings is one of them. They are still going and many of the groups have large numbers and are very well organised for the coming societal collapse. Google ‘Stand in the Park’ for your area. It will be a great way to make new friends.

3. Be informed, be in control - Be in control by being informed and ahead of the curve. I really want you to research as much as possible, come to your own conclusions, be your own person, have your own opinions thereby giving you the confidence to enter a discussion on what is going on. People in the UK are fearful and have the ostrich approach to life. They can no longer ignore the obvious, their future and the future of the type of world that we are going to be living in is up to tender. We must make sure that we win the bid for the future and not the evil psychopaths.

4. People are still fearful - Therefore it is important to treat people carefully and respectfully. Feel confident in talking to people about their thoughts and feelings about what is going on, listen carefully to their concerns, (two ears, one mouth, remember). Expand the conversation and ask if they are open to receiving some information that will give them an alternative view on what is going on. You are not there to impose your views. They can then make their own decision. I will make a list at the end of those people who you can refer who I consider are 100% behind exposing the evil deception currently being perpetrated on humanity.

5. Freedoms – Your freedoms have been taken away from you and we all must fight for them. If demonstrations are being organised in your area, to fight for freedom of speech or imposed unscientific mandates, then join them. I guarantee you will meet new people on your wavelength.

6. Frequency - People vibrate at a given frequency depending on their state of mind - (I hope you already know this). People who exude positivity, confidence, and knowledge operate on a higher frequency than negative, fearful, and non-informed people. And the elites know this, therefore they want you in a state of fear all of the time to suppress you. This is incredibly important; you must stay alert to those that want to drag you down and dismiss you.

7. Healthy body = Healthy mind - Taking personal responsibility for your mental and physical health. Our health services in the UK are in crisis and meltdown, especially having to deal with an unprecedented level of sickness (and excess deaths which are not being reported), which is only going to get far worse as the vaccine damage comes to the fore. Eat well, stay as fit as you can by taking regular exercise.

We must all re-evaluate our relationship with how we perceive health. It is fundamental we look after ourselves better, prevention is the mantra, my point is the fitter you are the less likely you are to need the services of your local overwhelmed GP practice. Wouldn’t it be great if this was also the mantra of the NHS rather than their collusion with Big Pharma in maximising their profits.

8. Protecting your food supplies - There is a coming worldwide food shortage, (planned), which will lead to mass starvation and is already devastating third world countries, (not reported). Farmers across Europe, North America and Canada are being vilified by their own governments, on the excuse of the Net Zero agenda. The bottom line here is crop yields will be decimated, again all planned. You also have the contrived war between Ukraine and Russia which are one of the largest exporters of grain and fertilizer in the world. You must be aware and make provision by extra stocking of long shelf-life products. If you can, grow your own vegetables and fruits. You might just want to buy another freezer, so you have the extra space to store produce.

9. Window of opportunity – This is something I have not discussed before; however, you need to be aware as it may affect how you vote in future. In the past the UK had a large positive influence on the world, (in my opinion), and in particular democratic institutions of governance. That influence has waned since the second world war and we as a nation joined the EEC as it was in the 1970s. The UK became part of a European super-state controlled from Brussels.

Whether you voted leave or remain, it matters only that you can now see the utter corruption of the EU, which is completely controlled by WEF lackies. This has been exposed for me during the fake pandemic. The UK has broken away, which should be good news and my point here, is we have an opportunity to rise again leading the way back to a better future for all of us. We have been given an opportunity and we must grasp it. My problem with this is that the WEF lackies are also at the heart of our government in the UK and set the dystopian agenda of the last two and a half years.

For the new way forward to work in this country we must have a new consensus of freedom and the ditching of all WEF agendas, of which Net Zero is a key part which is designed to devastate people’s livelihoods. Our current government is still wedded to Net Zero as they are all still signed up to Klaus. Johnson, Sunak, and Truss are all WEF stooges.

We also have a new King who has in the past been a big fan of Klaus and has used the code word ‘Build, Back, Better,’ to show he is on board. Maybe, just maybe if we can come together at this critical time, it could be the very beginning of a New Start, rather than a Great Reset. What an incredible opportunity for the whole of the UK. We have a long way to go on this. I personally do not like all of this new technology, because mankind only seeks to use it to the detriment of society.

10. References - Here are people I totally respect who are fighting for all of us. Part of your learning experience here and getting up to speed, is to find these people for yourselves and then listen and learn. All of these people will have been cancelled from mainstream and social media. They will have their own channels, or you will find them on Rumble. Most have lost their jobs because they have challenged the narrative. None of them have to do what they are now doing, they do it because they love humanity.

When the human mind is stretched by a new idea, it can never go back to its original dimensions - Oliver Wendell Holmes This is the value of learning, by absorbing new information from diverse sources.

· Dr Vernon Coleman, UK based ‘Old man in a chair’ watch his videos on Rumble

· Dr David Martin

· Robert Kennedy Jnr – Children’s Health Alliance.

· Dr Peter McCullough

· Professor Delores Cahill

· Dr Mike Yeadon, Ex Pfizer

· Dr Reiner Fuellmich

· Dr Sam White UK doctor

· Dr Judy Mikovits

· Dr Joseph Mercola

· Dr Simone Gold (just released from prison)

· Del Bigtree, Alternative Media

· Stew Peters, Alternative Media

· Mike Adams, Alternative Media and

· David Icke, Alternative Media, has been warning the world for 30+ years

· Alex Jones, Alternative Media, love him or loathe him, he has also called it out for over 20 years

·, Alternative Media run by Gareth and Jamie Icke.

· Neil Oliver – GBNEWS - Saturdays 6.00 - 7.00pm inspiring monologues

· Mark Steyn – GBNEWS – Mon thro Thur 8.00 – 9.00pm

· Dan Wooten – GBNEWS – Mon thro Thur 9.00 – 11.00pm

Remember this.

We are much MORE than we suppose ourselves to be. We can break free from the prison Matrix of the collective and we can accomplish incredible things. Once you know the reality of your existence, and that you are able to change the course of your life and create an exciting future and destiny, it is the most life affirming experience you can ever have. It is called knowledge. And that is exactly why they want to crush you.

We will win this war

Good luck with your learning

God Bless you


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