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How to survive in a world that is in chaos, when it is all planned, update. 

How to survive in a world that is in chaos, when it all planned, update.


That we inhabit a world that is in chaos is no longer in doubt, those that have been awake for 4-years know this. To those of you who are finally just waking up, (I won’t hold it against you), welcome. If you have just discovered my blog then you need to read my posts, because they will give you the background to this post. Yes, you will notice I repeat myself on occasions, this is because most times people will read a post in isolation so I must reprise some of the information for the context of the new post I am writing.

What I don’t want to do in this post is to go over again all the nefarious events that are happening in real time, I need to cut to the chase in this post and give you my thoughts on surviving in an evil world, that are coming directly from my soul, because we all have one whether you realise it or not.

Beautiful day.

Yesterday I spent three hours in the company of the most beautiful thing, which made me the happiest man I could imagine and at the same time the saddest. This beautiful thing was a gorgeous one week old baby. My love for this baby was off the scale, the most beautiful being I have seen in a very long time.

As I protectively cuddled this baby in my arms my thoughts raced. This wonderful baby was being loved beyond words by amazing parents,’ relatives, and friends, they all wished love and affection, many baring gifts. Nature and nurture are the most incredible things, a newborn baby has just made its entrance, surrounded by love and celebration, it was very emotional.

And I really don’t want to write the next bit because you know where I am going with this. My euphoria was tempered with the realisation this this innocent bundle of goodness had entered a world of evil intensions by state and other all encompassing nefarious entities. A world that wants to control every aspect of this newborn’s life. I will leave that there.


What I have learned in the last four years is that this world is not what we think. Our realm may be fake, but the good news is that we humans are real, and we are all connected to source. That source is the creator, who has facilitated for this experience we are having. That in every being no matter what race or religion we have the ‘spark’ of the creator within us, the God connection as I call it, we are eternal spirits having a human experience. As part of our spiritual growth, we connect with Intuition, Imagination and Empathy and that is when we clearly see this world for what it really is.

So, knowing what is happening we can extricate ourselves from it. I personally shut myself off from the negativity of this world by not engaging with it. My world it is fundamentally about love and connection, nature and gratitude, people, and community, and to become the best version of myself, where to live in peace and harmony should be a given.

Follow your dreams.

Just as importantly, you must follow your dreams, we can still do this, that you are a co-creator of your dreams; whatever you desire you can create by informing the field of what you want and taking the baby steps in that direction. This is the law of reflection which I have written about many times. Your ‘field of dreams,’ if you build it, they will come.

Final thought

I pray that enough people can come together to put an end to this evil tyranny so that every beautiful innocent newborn can fulfill their individual dreams, in a world of true spiritual enlightenment and love, to live in peace and harmony, and where hate and evil are no longer tolerated.

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