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The Other Great Reset, 1800 AD.

The Other Great Reset, 1800 AD.

Setting the scene

History was my favourite subject at school, my history teacher was Mr Hunt who was a brilliant storyteller. We studied the Tudors and Stuarts, WW1, Napoleonic Wars and the Roman history of the British Isles, fascinating subjects.  They all seemed to fit perfectly into the chronological timeline that we were told at that time, and I had absolutely no reason to doubt or disbelieve it.

As you finally exit the educational system (programming) some of us took our learning to the next level, and this is when you start to ask more inquiring questions. This is when you quickly realise what you are reading makes no sense when we are trying to assimilate the information into the chronological timeline that we were taught as being the truth.

I was particularly fascinated by Egyptology and particularly who built the Great Pyramid and when, was just one example. The historical narrative is that the Egyptians built it using slave labour, date unknown precisely; it was built as a tomb for the Pharoah Khufu when he popped his clogs, (see Google facts below). 

Why don’t we know precisely, it didn’t add up, also why is the first pyramid, the Great Pyramid the largest and most precise structure ever built by man, even today we could not build it to the accuracy it was built over 4000-years ago. You then discover the rest of the pyramids we see around the world are just copies of the original and most are poor copies at that. Why are they hiding the truth I am asking, this is like a red rag to a bull, I must get to the truth.

Google ‘facts’

My question, who actually built the pyramids?


Answer - the Egyptians


It was the Egyptians who built the pyramids. The Great Pyramid is dated with all the evidence, I'm telling you now to 4,600 years, the reign of Khufu. The Great Pyramid of Khufu is one of 104 pyramids in Egypt with superstructure.


My question, who ordered the Great Pyramid of Giza to be built?


King Khufu


About 2,550 B.C., King Khufu, the second pharaoh of the fourth dynasty, commissioned the building of his tomb at Giza. Some Egyptologists believe it took 10 years just to build the ramp that leads from the Nile valley floor to the pyramid, and 20 years to construct the pyramid itself.


Google knows right? This is total BS and we can prove it. This is a subject for another essay.

The more I dived down the ‘rabbit hole’ of the historical narrative of what we have been taught the more I realised the history that is being taught in schools and academia has been in the most part been completely fabricated with one aim in mind, to stop people from learning and understanding the truth of this realm and more fundamentally, who are we, and why we are here.  


Perceptions of history

Here are some examples of most people’s perceptions of the historical narrative because that is what they were taught to believe as facts. I have added a few Google ‘facts’ for you to give you background information.

·         That humanity in the 21st century is at the pinnacle of evolution and technology, i.e. we have not had this level of technical sophistication before.

·         The Egyptians built the Great Pyramid

·         Commercial Electricity came on board in US in September 1882, when a house in Appleton, Wisconsin became the first American home to be powered by hydroelectricity. Google - The station that powered the home used the direct current (DC) system developed by Thomas Edison. The Hotel Edison in Sunbury, Pennsylvania was built in 1871 by entrepreneur Edward T. Drumheller and opened as the City Hotel in January 1872. It was the first building in the world to be lit with Thomas Edison's three-wire system on July 4th 1883.

·         Cathedrals were large churches built to venerate God.

·         1859 Darwin Published, ‘On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life’. Darwin theorizing the continual evolution of species over time. I say, this is still a theory, and at the same time the majority of people believe it to be fact.

·         Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492 on board his ship Santa Maria, (this is what we were taught in school and that is why we celebrate Columbus Day every year in October in the US). Google - Columbus Day is the U.S. federal holiday commemorating explorer Christopher Columbus' landing in the New World on October 12, 1492. It also celebrates the cultural heritage of Italian Americans, since many scholars believe Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy.

·         William Shakespeare wrote his plays. – self-explanatory

·         Man walked on the moon in July 1969. “One small step ………..” self-explanatory  

Challenging the narrative

What if I told you the above ‘historical facts’ are in most part 100% fiction total BS. Do you care if they are total BS, or do you think it would change the way you challenge information in the future, when you are told to believe something as a fact? This is the conundrum of life and is the difference between you and me. Most people I would suggest don’t care one iota if they are being fed BS to support a narrative and this is the single reason we are in so much deep trouble in the 21st Century.

What if I told you that humanity today is not the first sophisticated technological humanity, since Adam and Eve, not by a long way and that the previous humanity had a very sophisticated society. And this previous humanity was completely decimated by a mass depopulation event, and that event did not happen thousands of years ago, it happened in 1764, causing what some call the ‘1800 Reset’ because they do not know the precise date.  

Now that paragraph should get your attention, you must be slightly inquisitive by now. 


Fact or Fiction

Getting to the truth should be easy, but I have found it is the hardest thing, especially when I fundamentally believe our controllers are covering up our history and in more recently times where AI fabrication is so easy to do and by anyone. I have in the last four years since lockdown become awakened to the incredibleness of this reality we inhabit, and once you understand your individual capability you are able to see through the lies and deception.

Our controllers do not want you to know your potential, I can tell you, “You are more than you suppose yourself to be”.  Most people are not seeing, the way the world works, no matter what you want to find or believe in, that is what you will discover or learn. And I mean whenever you look for any information!

It seems like both sides, or multiple angles are always presented and mostly as facts, no matter what the topic! Truth then is a VERY elusive commodity; our realm is programmed to deceive, and their lays the conundrum for all of us. This is what I mean by awakening because once you really really wake up the truth becomes crystal clear. 


That is a bit woo woo, where is the evidence of my assertions and where can I find information to see for myself, don’t worry I will give you the links at the end of this essay. In the meantime, I need to put some flesh on the bones as they say. The first thing I want you to do, is open your mind, become a critical thinker and more importantly than ‘open your mind’, is to open your eyes because a lot of what we are going to discuss is in plain sight. “Once you see you cannot unsee”. 

What I am going to discuss is going to change your life, it will enlighten you to the reality of this realm and if I have explained it well you will realise the fundamental truth here and that is “our world is not what you think”, and the real reason for our existence becomes clear and fundamentally answers the question of ‘why we are here’.

So, let’s set the scene so we understand why we have a problem with the historical timeline of the 19th Century. The subject for this discussion is The Other Great Reset, 1800 AD.

19th Century cover ups exposed – joining the dots.

Mass Depopulation event.

There is an alternative history that is being exposed currently, in that the world was inflicted by a mass depopulation and reset in the 19th Century following a catastrophic event. That towns and even large cities were basically empty for a significant period of time. What was the precise dating of the mass depopulation, what caused it to happen in the first place and fundamentally why would our controllers want to cover it up.

Some alternative historians are saying that the depopulation event was between 1750 and 1800 and that a major part of the 1800s (after the depopulation) was to repopulate the towns and cities that were ‘found ed’ by new inhabitants. I am proposing the date of 1764 as the date of the catastrophic event followed by a reset where the word reset here means, to start again.   

I welcome Jason Breshears to the debate here. Jason I can say is the most read chronologist in the world today of ancient literature. He is unchallenged on his chronology as his analysis has been forensic. Jason has put together what he calls ‘Chronicon’ a one thousand- and fifty-two-page detailed Chronology of the world from 5239 BC to 2178 AD and took over thirty years of research to compile this. This is currently in pdf form; I have this document, (you can purchase Chronicon from his website). We can now date precisely every major event that has happened in history, e.g. Noah’s Great Flood 2239 BC, Building of the Great Pyramid completed in 2815 BC, (it took 90-years to build and not by slaves, and not by Egyptians).

When you precisely date events what you are able to see is mathematical patterning and repeating cycles of history where civilisations repeat themselves in different time frames with name and place changes but the rise and fall of these civilisations in different millennia are mirrored.

Also, within the accurate and detailed historical timeline of Chronicon are cataclysmic events where populations are decimated or completely wiped out, or just disappear, these events also have a mathematical pattern and they are precise, to the point you can precisely predict when the next cataclysm is going to hit, all you need is a calculator. And our ancestors knew because they kept very accurate calendars and were able to protect their peoples by building underground facilities that could endure for months and even years for the ‘all clear’ to be given. Note here: Some of our ancestors did have calculators by the way.

Wow, wow, wow, I bet you didn’t know that. Noah’s flood which everyone has heard of we can precisely date at 2039 BC as I have already mentioned. How many more cataclysmic earth-shattering floods can you mention because there are many more.

Wakey wakey

This one fact that we can predict future cataclysms is the reason for the total BS of everything that is happening today in 2024 and every year that follows now. Here is the conundrum you must get your head round. I have just stated our ancestors knew of these cataclysmic dates, we don’t, nobody knows, because our controllers do not want us to know what is going to happen in the lifetime of most of the people living now.

The cataclysms of the past are singular events in time and that is how history has been taught to disguise these events, (even calendars have been changed to hide these world shattering events). As I have discussed history is taught in bits and pieces, it is not taught chronologically, so we are not picking up on the patterning and realising the cyclic nature of civilisations and more importantly for us living today cataclysms and resets. This has all been planned.

The implications here are enormous for everyone reading this. Jason has detailed the dates for these cataclysms and resets which our controllers are well aware of. I have discussed this in previous posts, but in the context of this essay you need to know the next date. There are three different cataclysm protocols that hit at precise intervals. First is the Phoenix Phenomenon which has a 138-year cycle. Nemesis X which has a 792-year cycle and the Dark satellite which has a 395-year cycle.

The Phoenix Phenomenon

The next Phoenix date is 2040 which in 2024 as I write is 16 years away, not long guys. We can also predict the month and it is May circa 16th. The date for the next Nemesis X cataclysm protocol is 2046 and the Dark Satellite is 2052. This is not good news for humanity on the surface of this realm. Those below will be fine in their underground cities.

2040 minus 138 years is 1902 and 1902 minus 138 years is 1764 and this is the reason for my hypothesis on the date for the mass depopulation of large parts of the world and the reason why we had empty towns and cities in the 1800s. The Pheonix Phenomenon is associated with the moon turning red and the sun darkening, also mud floods and floods and depopulation events.

I know what you are thinking, how is it possible to have mathematically precise cyclic cataclysmic events. in a Uniformitarian world where you would expect natural and unconnected evolutionary events over long periods of time to manifest? The answer is, it’s not.

The ‘light bulb moment’

This brings me onto the key that unlocks your mind to the perceived reality that you inhabit and is also the answer to “our world is not what you think”, and that is, we inhabit a simulated world, a genius mathematical construct of unbelievable complexity.

This is another incredible subject which I have discussed before and requires more detail, however that will detract here from the title. In the context of this essay, I must mention it as it explains how we can have mathematically precise cyclic cataclysmic events, because they are programmed. It is the only answer that makes sense when nothing makes sense. Sorry for blowing you mind. Once you are able to accept, we live in a simulated world everything changes and I can attest, for the better.  

So, getting back to history and 1764 what do we have in the historical record that there was indeed a cataclysmic event in that year. Taken from Chronicon.


Astronomers report that numerous black objects passed between earth and the sun. Planet

Phoenix passed between earth and the sun in partial transit, described by witnesses who saw it cover one-fifth of the sun’s surface. Astronomer Hoffman studied the gigantic planet by telescope and noted that it travelled on a north-to-south trajectory passing over the ecliptic plane. This is the first modern scientific evidence for the existence of planet Phoenix, which was so feared and studied by the ancients, as detailed extensively in Chronicon I.


Phoenix continues on its 138-year orbital journey perpendicular to the ecliptic where all the other planets, except Nemesis X Object, travel around the sun. Phoenix initiated the Great Flood in 2239 BCE (29 orbits earlier), and again in 1687 BCE when the sun again darkened causing earthquakes and mass flooding called the Ogygian flood also on the precise Phoenix timeline ending the Old Bronze Age.


The Phoenix visitation of 1764 came on the precise schedule, it was not however a big one as previously noted, there is little evidence of mass destruction, however I am calling out that a major edit was initiated which was the cause of the mass depopulation, leaving cities and countries basically empty. It is a given that you will not find any of this in the mainstream history books, it has been erased.

Note here: Jason Breshears does not link the 1800s reset after a depopulation to the 1764 Phoenix event because he specifically deals with proven facts from multiple sources from old reference books that are mostly no longer in the mainstream. I am making the connection, which I cannot prove, I have not yet found anyone who is making the connection I am hypothesising here. 

Architecture - in plain sight.

Do you look up at buildings when you walk down streets in cities and town you have not been too before? Well, I do and always have done, and I am astonished by what I see on many occasions. Stunning beautiful buildings that defy credulity, because I am thinking we could not build these types of building today, who built these amazing structures and when were they built. The other thing I notice is that many of these stunning buildings have huge entrances, i.e. unnecessary heights of the entry doors, (a subject for another post, not now).

I also notice many look out of proportion in that they look top heavy, on further investigation I find railings and when I look down there is a significant below ground level floors and rooms as part of the structure, so originally it was in proportion when you take into account the original ground level when it was first built. This stunning architecture can be found worldwide, with most capital cities having some of it. The city that has the most stunning, mindboggling buildings is Budapest in Hungary. The build quality of these buildings was so impressive I would suggest that they could survive for hundreds, if not thousands of years before they need to be demolished.

We have only a small percentage of these building across the realm left standing today as there has been a deliberate systematic demolition program enacted to take these building out of our timeline. I can hear you asking, why would they destroy our stunning heritage? The answer is simple, if they were still here you would immediately realise that these buildings were built by a previous humanity that had far more technical skills than we have today and we cannot have that can we, because it does not fit their narrative.

When you check out the Wikipedia of these incredible buildings that are still standing across the world it will say ‘founded’ which precisely means that, they were found, empty waiting for repurposing. Check out the post office buildings in the US. So, were did all the buildings go?

Great Fires

You have all heard about the great fire of London 1666 (love that number) right? Stating in a bakers, I don’t believe a word of it. What about the following US fires in particular, are you aware of them?

The Great Fire of New York 1776, Great Chicago Fire 1871, San Francisco 1906, Great Fire of Boston 1760, First Great Fire of New Orleans 1788, Great Fire of Detroit 1805. Too many to add here (check it out for yourself) and this happened not only in the US but across the world. The numbers of fires and devastated cities is staggering. It is my firm belief that the controllers systematically facilitated for the destruction of the ‘Old World’ architectural heritage, for the simple reason to cover up the true history of our realm. This also includes destruction in the First and Second World wars, where many of the German cities still had too many ‘Old World’ buildings, Dresden, Cologne are two examples.

Note here, these cities were built of stone and granite I would suggest to burn down whole neighbourhoods of stone building is virtually impossible, I am also proposing that most of these cities in the 19th Century were empty of people in the most part as very few casualties are reported at the time due to the mass depopulation event having already happened. Obviously, this was not the case in first and second world wars.  

There is another anomaly in the photographs of the burned-out cities in that the devastation looks more of a bombardment from above rather than knocking over the oil lamp scenario. I smell another rat here. 

World Expositions (also known as World Fairs) of the 19th and early 20th Century.

I want you to investigate the world expositions of 1851 London, 1853 New York, 1862 London, 1876 Philadelphia, 1889 Paris, 1893 Chicago, 1897 Brussels, 1900 Paris, 1901 Buffalo, 1904 St. Louis. I want you to check out the photography of these events, “once you see you cannot unsee.”

What you are going to see is stunning incredible architecture that defies belief, you will see electric streetlights everywhere, moving pavements and invention after invention. Remember in the 1800s in the US we have been taught about wagon trains, gold rushes, saloon bars, cowboys and Indians, Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp, not magnificent stone cities and towns everywhere. Boys and girls, we have been lied to and it should be obvious by now, whatever they tell you the opposite is the truth. The 1893 Chicago World Fair is also called the Columbus World Fair which was the 400th Anniversary of Columbus setting foot on the continent. It will blow your mind when you see the pictures of the Exposition in Chicago, they prove 100% in my mind that Christopher Columbus did not discover America, it is a lie.

The North American continent was already built out as can clearly be shown in old maps and the photographic images of the 1850s and onwards which show very large empty US cities where the weathering on the large stone buildings, churches, and Cathedrals and evidence of mud flooding show they have already stood for many centuries.

What you are seeing in the Exposition pictures is the ‘Old World’ in its full glory. All these sites were demolished after the events, or destroyed by fire, very little is left today, all on purpose. As I have already said, if these buildings had been left standing people would start putting two and two together.

So, what were the world fairs really about?

Simply put, the world fairs acted as powerful affirmations of a new national identity that reassured the bemused populations that the controllers had their best interests at heart, that their future was bright, literally, (electricity), and that there was a host of inventions that were going to make lives more livable in the future. I believe Edison, Marconi and Tesla were front men bringing the ‘Old World’ tech into the newly reset world.

Note here: I believe the Eiffel Tower was an ‘Old World’ structure that they have left standing.

My hypothesis on the 1800s reset.

There is a lot here for the newcomer to research here. I am giving you information which does not fit into your paradigm, it’s mind-blowing information and if you can assimilate it with an open mind, it will have the potential to completely change the way you see this world and that is my intension here. That we have been lied to is clear as day, our education system has programmed all of us to believe the BS of the narrative. Here we go then. There is so much happening in the nineteenth century, chaos comes to mind which is exactly what is happening today, no change there then.

·         The underpinning of my hypothesis is that as I have discussed we live in a mathematical construct, a programmed simulated realm of incredible complexity and capability. Within the programming of the simulation there are three cataclysm protocols that return on a precise timeline that we are aware of that have the potential to reset humanity, Phoenix Phenomenon (138 years), Nemesis X (792 years), and the Dark Satellite (395 years).


·         The Phoenix Phenomenon in particular manifests as the sun darkening, and the moon turning red, followed by mass volcanic eruptions pumping millions of tons of ash into the atmospheric layers. Also, catastrophic flooding of water, and also red mud, where water plus red dust becoming the ‘mud floods’ which are responsible for burying ground and first floors of buildings that were subject to this phenomenon. During these cataclysm protocols whole populations can be edited in and out of the simulation as part of the resetting of the realm.


·         That the incredible architecture that we still see, i.e., what is left of the ‘Old World’ (and I would suggest that we have less than 1% that is still around), has not been built by humans in my opinion, they have been programmed into the simulation. The reason I say this is they are so incredible and beautiful and there were absolutely millions of these types of building how was it possible that we could build them with manual labour, it would take many hundreds of years, even a thousand years to create these incredible cities and infrastructures.


·         This ‘Old World’ worldwide empire that existed before 1764 is also sometimes referred to as the ‘Tartarian Empire’, (note here, I don’t like the word Tartarian because it too specific to one area of the world in the early Middle Ages, Tartaria). It was a very sophisticated and technological civilization, that had developed and spread across the whole world, over the course of a thousand years. That this ‘Old World’ civilization had access to most of the technology we have today, which included free energy, power tools, electric cars, trains, airship transport and healing centres in the form of the gigantic multifunctional Cathedrals where sound and vibration healed people.


·         The Phoenix Phenomenon varies in its intensities. Some are truly cataclysmic as in the ‘Adam and Eve’ reset flood of 3895 BC, Cataclysmic flood of 2653 BC, Noah’s Great Flood of 2239 BC, Cataclysmic flood of 1963 BC, Ogygian Flood of 1687 BC, that destroyed major parts of the civilised world, facilitating for major resets. Others however are minor in comparison and only localised earthquakes manifest.


·         Humanity in 1764 was reset, why, perhaps humanity had it too easy, they had ‘cracked it’ as they say, and perhaps our controllers needed a change of frequency by using the reset to facilitate for a New World Order (NWO) that would finally enslave humanity instead of enlightening them.


·         At the zenith of the ‘Old World’ in 1764 (pre-Phoenix), the population may have been similar to today’s population in 2024, whatever the real number is.


·         As I have discussed our controllers go underground as the cataclysm timeline approaches where all this technology is stored and reintroduced at intervals during the reset following the cataclysm. And this is the reason when Jason Breshears says, “humanity can go from ‘horse and buggy’ to ‘Hadron Collider’ in 200-years”.


·         As a result of the 1764 reset and the depopulation edit a program of repopulation was needed. This happened very quickly throughout the 1800s. The mass orphan trains of the US in particular, and the rows and rows of ‘incubator babies’ (weird) as seen in the US Expos in the late 1800s are examples of the repopulation.


·         There is also a great debate as to what really happened in the US civil war of 1861 – 1865, especially when photography was around, and we have virtually no pictures of the tumultuous battles that apparently took place. Was it a genocide of the southern populations (and maybe that is where the orphans came from), a reset war, it is something that need to be brought out into the open? I don’t believe the civil war narrative as it has been written into history.


·         Our history books also show that there were large scale wars right across the world during the 1800s, what was really going on? Did our controllers have to genocide the populations of any remnants of the ‘Old World’. 


Understanding our reality.

This is a bit off script, but it helps understand our predicament. I believe that our whole world is a lie, we are living in a movie, a simulated reality where humans are micro controlled and watched (Trueman Show). We are coded to provide a function to the collective. That code determines how we live our lives. The matrix functions by creating chaos, division, and war to distract and overwhelm us, we then vibrate at the frequency required to run the power grid of the matrix.

My other belief is that we are also eternal spirits having a human experience in this programmed ‘movie set’ reality and this is the key to being able to unlock your door on this reality. Some people are coded to wake up over the course of their short lives, most are not (hence the term NPCs, Non-Player Characters, and as Cypher demonstrated he wanted to stay in the matrix because he wanted the materialism and protection (safety) of the collective, (so he thought). We have been placed withing this movie set to work it out, to simply grow, to live, to love, to learn and to leave a legacy as I have discussed many times. 

If you can get your head around this and realise everything you have been told is a lie, then you can see through the deceit of this realm and the scenario I have outlined in the 1800s can be possible in the first place.


How does our textbook historical narrative fit into this mindboggling paradigm?

There are three possibilities here, firstly all the history we have been taught as being true is a lie, it’s been fabricated as background filler to make our existence in a ‘real world’ more believable. This will include all our favourite historical characters and inventors including Tesla, Edison, Marconi who I believe ‘re-invented’ tech as it resurfaced from the underground bunkers as part of the reset. This also includes everything I have written in this essay is BS, (I must believe in something guys), fabricated, a psyop to distract and deflect us from understanding our real purpose in this realm. Remember, “all the world’s a stage”.

Google again

What does all the world's a stage mean?

“All The World's a Stage” is an excerpt taken from Shakespeare's play, 'As You Like It' (Act II, Scene VII) the character Jaques speaks about the seven ages of man from birth till death where he sees the world as a temporary stage where all of mankind plays particular roles in seven different stages of life.


Perhaps there is a clue here for us all, firstly Shakespeare did not write his plays, Francis Bacon did, (more info for you to debunk here) secondly Francis Bacon was one of the most intellectual and enlightened men of the middle-ages and I think he has nailed it with this observation.   


Secondly, another possible scenario in that the skeleton of the historical narrative is true and has been overlaid over the last 1000-year timeline of an ‘Old World’. So, Henry VIII did exist and so did his six wives, but he was part of this ‘Old World’ worldwide technological and enlightened civilization, but where in the history books the technological aspects and architectural sophistication have been erased to show a more uniformitarian existence where inventions and civilization evolved over many centuries rather than created in no time at all after a reset.

Once you can do this it is then very easy to insert characters to manipulate the course of history, Galileo, (world is a globe), (note here: the bible says the world is enclosed by a firmament), Newton (gravity), Darwin (evolution) from an enlightenment (‘Old World’) paradigm, to an enslavement paradigm of a NWO agenda being rolled out in real time. 

A third possibility is that the incredible ‘Old World’ architecture and humanity is a remnant of another reality, a parallel universe that has been inserted into our historical timeline, which if we live in a simulated world, which I am suggesting, would be a simple thing to do. I do however believe the ‘Old World’ was part of our chronological timeline, it’s just understanding how it really fitted when it has clearly been erased from the history books.  The beautiful and incredible ‘Old World’ has been blown up, bombed, fire stormed out of your eyeline by evil forces who want a NWO of complete control and slavery.  

Final thoughts

All I am trying to do here is to make some sense out of my ‘rabbit hole’ excursions using my powers of critical thinking when from an historical point we have been told complete BS from the day we were born. Some of this will be shown to be wrong when the great unveiling happens, still I am trying my best here. All I want is the truth and I will get there eventually. Hopefully you also want to get to the truth, the question is, have I piqued your interest enough, are you up for the research or are you a Cypher?

I have opened a debate, and the discussion will continue. 

More information

Websites: Jason Breshears - 

YouTube channels to follow for more information on the ‘Old World’: John Levi, Martin Liedtke, Autodidactic, My Lunch Break,  

Recommended reading  

‘When the Sun Darkens – Orbital History and 2040 AD Return of Planet Phoenix ’ - Jason Breshears

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