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2024 Predictions Update, April 3rd 

2024 Predictions Update April 3rd 

I posted in December 2023 that 2024 is going to be a 100% chaotic year of contrived events that are going to have serious effects on individuals, communities, societies, and economies across the whole world. I am not saying this to scare you, this is what my research and instincts are telling me. This is now April 3rd as I write, how are things panning out? 

The elites are throwing the proverbial kitchen sink at us this year as 2024 has so much relevance in their symbology, they can see their goal of total control in their sights. This is also their Achilles Heel, because in my opinion everything is in plain sight, it’s obvious folks. The question is, are there enough awake people to put a stop to this, or are they so brainwashed they don’t care what happens to them. 

So far this year

·         Israel genocide war on Palestinians continues, aided, and abetted by the US government, and we sit and watch allowing genocide to happen.


·         Proxy NATO contrived war in Ukraine against Russia continues. No peace negotiations.


·         The above two are planned to escalate into a probable World War 3 scenario, later this year. It is planned to happen after the Olympic games, see below.


·         Open border policies across most western countries continue unabated, allowing mainly fighting age muslin men to become underground sleeper cells waiting for a jihad to be called against Israel. Please remember all governments are complicit in this.


·         2024 is an Olympic year – the Satan worshipping elites use the four-year Greek Olympiad cycle to unveil their next big reveal. I have discussed the 2012 Satanic opening ceremony of the London games which was the ritual for pointing to the opening of the first seal of Revelation 2020, Pharmakeia, Apollyon, Corona, Toxon (Greek words) i.e. Lockdown and vaccine roll out. See Jason Breshears decode on this, it is a must watch, there is the link:


The opening of the second seal of Revelation is happening this year and will be ritualised in the French Olympics in either the opening/closing ceremonies, (or both) in July, and a Jihad will be signalled. Date for this unknown, any time after the Olympics probably, 9/11 is one of their ritual dates remember. There is an isometric connection of 26-years to the 1972 Olympics using 1998 as the epicentre (1998 is a key epicentre year for many projections forward and backward in time) when Palestinian guerrillas killed 11 Israelis, 2024 is 26-years after 1998. 


·         Collision of the container ship named Dali with the Baltimore Bridge 100% was a ritualistic contrived event and has total relevance in the upcoming Eclipse, see below. Some people are saying it was a cyber-attack by either Russia or China, I suspect it was an inside job again just like 9/11, (I hope you have worked that one out by now).


·         There is a total eclipse in the US on April 8th that has been blown up out of all proportion by the US mainstream media, people have been told to prepare and have two weeks’ worth of provisions and fuel, this is unprecedented, for an eclipse guys, something is very wrong here. Historically, eclipses can also be precursors of earthquakes. There is also a comet that will pass closest to the earth on April the 8th. It’s called the ‘Devils comet’ it is also called the ‘Pons Brooks’ comet. Pons is Latin for bridge, Brook is water, the bridge over water, are you getting this yet? The date of the bridge collapsing, the eclipse and the comet are all linked in gematria symbology, it’s quite incredible. You cannot write this stuff. Will 8th April signal a Carrington event?


I believe something will happen as a result of the eclipse, which may not manifest immediately, but will eventually be shown that it was activated during the eclipse. I am going to suggest many deaths will result as a consequence. The eclipse is not visible from the UK. If you are from the US reading this do not watch the eclipse, switch off all devices and stay inside. We should not trust anyone, follow your instincts on this.


·         In December I mentioned Farming worldwide and how it is being systematically shut down. Bottom line here, ‘No Farmers, No Food’. And this is exactly what is being planned, worldwide mass starvation. The update on this, this is now obvious. What have you noticed in the UK over the last six months? We have had a deluge of rain, unprecedented levels, with one aim in my opinion to massively reduce crop yields in this country in 2024, crops have simply not been planted, farmers have been unable to get their very heavy equipment onto their fields, I predict crop yields will be down 30% this year.


It is my firm belief that the weather can be manipulated, and they have deliberately done this, and no, I cannot prove it. At the same time as the very bad weather the UK government is paying farmers millions of pounds to stop producing, to re-wild and plant hedgerows. They are using the excuse of our Net Zero commitment, (total BS by the way) as the reason for this. As soon as other countries stop exporting to us, we starve, simples.


·         Very few people are joining any dots here, because the MSM are 100% controlled by the same people as other corporations. Which religion controls every major corporation, central bank, US government (plus others), Hollywood, and the music industry? This one common denominator is responsible for all the chaos happening in the world today it is the religion that controls the world, top of the pile is the US government, whether Democrat or Republican does not matter. The key is to understand that this religion has been used as a tool to first control, secondly to divide and finally to crush humanity. They are the chosen people and Yahweh is their god, the god of the Old Testament. What most people are not getting is that the god of the Old Testament is the devil.


“Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is lucifer… and we are his chosen people.” Harold Wallace Rosental, 1976. This is one of the reasons why anyone who criticises the Jewish faith are immediately censored and sanctioned as antisemitic; you are not allowed to bring this to people’s attention, this is the biggest psyops in history.


It’s happening folks, it’s a ‘shit show’ as they say. It’s one big depopulation event happening in real time.  They hate us, we are “useless eaters”.  Do your own research and follow your gut. Being a conspiracy theorist at this juncture in 2024 is the best thing you can be.  

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