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Our world is not what you think (a quick overview)

Our world is not what you think (a quick overview)

My name is Peter Ragg, my research over the last two years since the start of the lockdowns in March 2020 has led me to the following observations and conclusions. You can find my blog at Let me make one thing clear, all I seek is the truth.

The shocking news

1. The pandemic is a contrived power grab by a global elite that has been in the making for over two hundred years. It is nothing to do with your health, only in the fact that they, the elites are trying to destroy it, so far, they are winning this war on you, (until you wake up). And yes, your government is totally corrupt and is part of the Great Reset being enacted on humankind in real time. See my other blogs on this and please read my book 2 called Enslavement, “What is the Great Reset and why we must never let this happen?” for a full explanation, (this is a free download on my blog).

2. The government lied to you about the magnitude of the COVID threat. All the measures the government put in place were unnecessary and ineffective, (e.g., lockdowns and mask wearing). They were also counterproductive, in that they had serious mental health consequences, and for the world economy, which you are witnessing now. The bottom line here, the government knew it. The western economies are being systematically destroyed, to impose totalitarian controls on their populations. You are part of the biggest scam in the history of the world, all completely planned and contrived.

3. The vaccines were neither effective nor safe. The real levels of vaccine adverse reactions and deaths are horrific and are totally underreported. If people knew the extent of the damage caused from these gene therapies, there would be a public uproar. These so-called vaccines do not work.

4. Everything that is happening in the world today is 100% connected with one aim, to depopulate the earth and control those who are left. It’s called genocide.

5. We live in a holographic simulation on a flat earth probably. This one statement will shock you to the core, I have just blown apart your complete belief system. You are thinking I am insane, what you must do is do the research before you can come to that conclusion.

6. The earth operates in cycles of 138 years between major events, these are known as Phoenix events, many totally catastrophic for humankind, causing a reset of humanity. I do have to tell you these events are well documented (if you go looking for them) and go back thousands of years. The next date for your diary I will tell you at the end so you don’t stop reading now, because you really do want to know that date, just in case I might be right, right?

7. “All history is a lie.” – there have been countless resets of humanity over the true course of history, and yes, they are linked to the Phoenix events. All these events are erased from the official historical timeline, which is why you know nothing about any of what I am discussing. The elites know of the Phoenix events and disappear down their bunkers as the next date approaches.

8. Every sci fi movie has subliminal agendas and hidden truths. Hollywood is part of the indoctrination and dumbing down of society. Dumbing you down and softening you up. Red pill or blue pill.

9. Your mainstream media is totally corrupt and feeding you lies, and you believe it; they are part of the deception.

10. Your government has declared war on you, and you better believe it.

You might be thinking, WTF is it all about? And then you are thinking WHY? I certainly hope you are. Here is the antidote.

The good news - The Salvation of humanity (only if we wake up, sell by date Dec 2022)

The elites who are currently running the world want to destroy your humanness, your spirituality, your consciousness, and your ability to enact your God given human right of freedom of speech and free will. They cannot run the world and control you if there are dissenters.

At the same time, we humans are more than we suppose ourselves to be, I would argue we operate at approximately 10% of our potential capabilities because we are continually being dumbed down and frightened, (not me), making us subservient. I believe our divine consciousnesses are currently ‘living’ in a contrived artificial matrix and once we leave this realm of existence, we will use this learning experience in the next world. Big assertion I realise, I do not have time in this short blog to expand upon.

I believe the resets are a way of cleansing the world of evil and negativity, because humanity will always descend into decay and corruption which we have managed to do in less than 250 years since the last big reset, (yes it was only 250 years ago, Phoenix events remember). You know nothing because all history is a lie as I have alluded to. So, the next Phoenix date is calculated to be May of 2040, (last Phoenix year was 1902).

It is my belief there is no way the global elites will be allowed to achieve their aim of connecting humanity to Artificial Intelligence, (there is always a higher authority). So maybe the Phoenix date which is mathematically fixed into the matrix will be brought forward in some way.

The goal for humanity

That people can awaken to the evil being perpetrated upon them, and by coming together in-mass we can create the higher levels of consciousness that are necessary to defeat the evil tyranny and break through to a new dawn for humanity that we have never achieved because we keep screwing it up. To deprogram the Phoenix events once and for all, because we have achieved the true destiny for humanity.

This is the goal for humanity, a beautiful world of love and peace. We can do it this time; we don’t need another reset. There are no cavalry coming over the hill here, the ball is firmly in our court to defeat the global elites, we are the many they are the few. Make no mistake, we are at war and currently we are losing because too many people are still asleep.

It is now time for you to get off the fence and stop believing your utterly corrupt government and MSM and do your own research and come to your own conclusions. I love humanity and when I can clearly see what is happening to this beautiful world it makes me truly angry.

Good luck and God bless. Peter

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