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Two-year Pandemic review “Eyes Wide Shut” or “Awakened”

Two-year Pandemic review “Eyes Wide Shut” or “Awakened” which are you?

In May 2020 I wrote a book called Awaken 2024, you can download for free from my website at

I quote from the introduction

…………..I believe there is a conspiracy here of monumental proportions. As I have already said, when something does not look and smell right and your gut instinct is telling you that something is fundamentally wrong, then it probably is. This to me is the definition of a conspiracy. I wish I had followed my gut instinct more in my life. I have got to an age where I now listen to it all the time and it is always right. The government thinks we are all thick and stupid and that we can be talked down to and that we cannot make up our own minds from all media channels and therefore they have to only allow the mainstream narrative. Why?

………..I am calling this a plandemic. I am not the first to coin this word and there is a brilliant film out now titled Plandemic which I strongly recommend that you watch – more info on this later. It is a highly sophisticated plot to destabilise the whole world, including the global economic system, with the ultimate aim of reducing world population through significant deaths that will happen as a consequence of the plandemic. The aim is to also speed up the facilitation of the total control of the population through Artificial Intelligence (AI), vaccination and surveillance, by 2030 or sooner, creating the Orwellian dystopia that many people are starting to see through their very eyes already. Nothing like getting it out right at the start! I am going to show you the following:

1. That the whole plandemic has been created by a select few individuals and that the people involved have sinister motives for orchestrating the biggest scam in human history.

2. The so-called pandemic, a “vicious disease” (Johnson’s words) remember, is only a small part of the overall plan.

3. That the pandemic, once enacted, has created fear and hysteria across the whole world, through manipulation via social media.

4. That the linchpin to controlling the whole pandemic was ‘lockdown’, a new concept of controlling the virus and the masses at the same time. Or should I say controlling the masses on the pretext of a deadly virus that is going to kill millions of people (and you).

5. That the underlying aim of the plandemic was to destabilise the economic system as we know it, making people more dependent on the state than ever before, thereby facilitating new state powers and controls.

6. That there is an agenda, which is in the public domain, that by 2030 humankind will be connected to AI by being chipped from birth, just like you do with your pet now.

7. If we allow that to happen, humanity as we know it is finished.

What you must do I want you to read this book with an open mind and put aside any preconceptions you may already have. I don’t want you to believe a word I have written; I want you to research this for yourself, check out the people I am referencing and then for you to come to your own conclusions. You owe this to your children and grandchildren. This is fundamental - you must do this, it is too important to ignore and yes, prepare to be disliked by people and friends close to you.


I wrote the above in May 2020 and I still stand by every word. I also say in the book I want to be proved wrong because like you if this is really happening then we are all part of final act of enslaving humanity and life as you have known it is completely finished.

So, my question at this point in the essay is, are you, “Eyes Wide Shut” or “Awakened”? The probability here is that you are awakened as if you have your eyes wide shut then you will not be challenging the narrative, (i.e. reading this) and still in the total belief that the government has your best interests at heart and that the lockdowns were all about protecting your health.

Note here - Enslavement of humanity

As I explain in the book the final enslavement of humanity has been planned for centuries and now finally in the 21st Century we have the technology to make it irreversible once enacted. I say what is happening in China today i.e. totalitarian control on the whole population is what is planned for the rest of the world by 2030. Only if we let it happen.

Review - April 2022

Let’s bring you up to date it is now April 1st 2022, as I write this, we are two years into the dystopian plan that has been enacted. Less than 8 years to go until 2030. Time flies, right? Which means we do not have a lot of time left to sort this out. The title of my book was ‘Awaken 2024’, because if we haven’t woken up by 2024 it will be too late, finished. There is no doubt that people are waking up, but they are not waking up quickly enough and in large enough numbers to have a real effect.

Here are some examples of things that have happened over the last two years, after writing the book in May 2020, that further proves my original assertions that the consequences of lockdowns (remember there were 3 or was it 4) would have far greater downsides than the so-called pandemic itself.

1. The majority of people in the UK have now received three shots of an unapproved gene therapy.

2. Vaccine passports have been established and is a precursor for further controls in the future.

3. Many small independent businesses have gone bust because of lockdown.

4. Silicon Valley companies have hovered up all the wealth lost by the small companies, i.e. massive wealth transfer.

5. Mental health catastrophe, also in children.

6. Education catastrophe.

7. Economic catastrophe. We are currently 2 trillion in debt, remember two billion pounds a month on testing, 34 billion pounds on test and trace system (which failed).

8. Total media clamp down on any debate or anyone who is prepared to challenge the narrative leading to:

9. Scientists, doctors, professors who have challenged the narrative have lost their jobs and livelihoods.

10. Loss of freedoms.

11. The elephant in the room.

I could go on, how much more proof do you need that something nefarious is going on and you cannot deny that the first ten have happened. How about ‘the elephant in the room’?

The elephant in the room

There is an elephant in the room that has also happened in the last 15 months that is not being reported. In my book I discuss that all mainstream and social media are in on the plot, therefore there is no investigative journalism happening whatsoever. The word here is disgusting, to realise that the media is also totally contemptuous towards its own readers and viewers is beyond words. Shame on all of you. So, what is the elephant in the room that the mainstream media are not allowed to report?

It is this

The very large numbers of vaccine damage and deaths caused by the gene therapies and the compromising of your innate immune system, with a potential of Antibody Dependant Enhancement (ADE) and acquired immune deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) that will lead to major ongoing health problems for those people who have been vaccinated.


Stop for just one minute and reread the paragraph above and then ask yourself, if people knew the truth of these Frankenstein injections there would be uproar, to put it politely? What is being covered up as regard to vaccine damage and deaths is wicked, and this is what the government and SAGE scientists have knowingly allowed to happen. It’s called murder.

To think we are allowing 5 – 11-year-olds to be vaccinated is beyond insane when we have absolutely no idea what the long-term side effects of these experimental mRNA gene therapies are.

What is planned next

Let me talk you through what is going to happen next, (in the next two years) if we allow it. As I have already said at this present time there is insufficient push back to stop it and therefore so far, the plan is working and is ahead of the 2030 schedule in my opinion. This is because we still believe, in our naivety, that governments across the world would not have nefarious intensions.

I have been told by many people that the pandemic is over, and we are getting back to normal. I wish it was so, however, nothing could be further from the truth, this is the only the end of the beginning.

I have eluded in previous posts that we all need to remember that every major happening in the world today is totally connected (and this includes the war between Ukraine and Russia) and is happening as part of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF), ‘The Great Reset’ which two years ago was the conspiracy theory.

The WEF clearly state their intensions and broadcast them on their websites, and you still decide not to believe them, (‘Eyes Wide Shut’). So, do you now think The Great Reset is a conspiracy theory? The fake pandemic was act one of the play, (that we are all part of) and was the precursor, to soften you up and scare you witless, any lull you are currently thinking is only the interval before the second act.

All the following is planned in the second act, be very aware this is about to happen if you do nothing.

1. Worldwide food shortages, by Autumn 2022, unstoppable now.

2. Starvation across the world, starting first in third world countries, unstoppable now.

3. As a consequence, food inflation, through the roof, unstoppable now.

4. Stock Market crash and I mean crash, pensions destroyed.

5. Very high fuel and energy prices, driving people into poverty.

6. 10% plus inflation.

7. Massive health problems for those people who have chosen to be vaccinated, including ADE and AIDS leading to:

8. NHS and all healthcare to be completely overwhelmed.

9. Another COVID strain of concern will become dominant before the end of the 2022 requiring further vaccinations, thereby further destroying any immune system that is left.

10. Vaccination mandates and passports for all, those who refuse will be sent to camps, this won’t go away, because it was always the original intension of the whole agenda. This must never happen.

11. Massive reliance on government by the people due to all the above, Universal Basic Income, again all part of the plan.

Scary stuff right, again I want to be proved wrong, I am just alluding to what I am researching and seeing with my own eyes. Most of the above is now set and there is very little we can do, it’s going to happen, because as I have already said it was planned to happen.

Why, finally you are asking, or are you thinking WTF?

Before I answer the question, which is in the book, which has been superseded by other eminent people far worthier than me, a lowly Joe Public who loves and cares for this beautiful world.

I want to make a new point that has become a realisation in my research and that is, virtually everything we have been told is a lie and that as soon as an event is given the accolade of conspiracy theory then it is something you need to research further and come to your own conclusions.

Here are some examples for you and remember these are my opinion having been down the said rabbit hole, you do your own research and come to your own conclusions. For your information the term Conspiracy Theory was coined by the CIA in the early 1960s, (which should make to suspicious straight away) when people were theorising about who was behind the killing of JFK.

It is completely genius if you think about it, if something is tagged ‘conspiracy theory’ then most people are scared away from investigating it as they don’t want to have the label conspiracy theorist themselves. The problem for me (and to my detriment) I don’t care what people call me, all I want is the truth.

1. The chronology of the historical timeline is a complete lie. There have also been many resets in the historical timeline, due to all manner of cataclysmic events, the last one was approximately 250 years ago, which has been erased from every history book and it is still staring down at you, (Eyes Wide Shut).

2. Did we land on the moon in July 1969? No, not a chance, Stanley knew, (he’s dead Peter).

3. Was Bin Laden behind 9-11? No, man in a cave, right? This is a big one. Inside job.

4. Were there ‘weapons of mass destruction’? No (now proven) David Kelly knew, also dead.

5. Does the WHO care about the health of the planet? No, it is corrupt beyond belief.

6. Are the UN, WHO, WEF, upholding freedom and democracy around the world? No, they are all 100% corrupt and are ‘front of house’ enacting the agenda from their controllers.

7. Are Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Boris Johnson, and Joe Biden (I could mention lots more here), 100% corrupt? Yes, totally 100%.

8. Does Joe Biden run the US? No, he should be in a care home, probably the scariest thing on the planet at this moment. So, who does run the US when it is obviously not Biden? If you get that one all the dots can be joined.

9. The CIA are behind everything nefarious that is happening in this world in the last 60 years and have ‘taken out’ anyone potentially challenging or calling them out, (which JFK did).

10. Is part of the agenda for humanity, depopulation, and genocide? Yes

What do you think on these, all we want is the truth right, the truth always awakens people, (hopefully)? So, the bottom line here is the truth has been completely erased or subverted, you don’t know what to believe anymore, especially when you are getting your news from mainstream media and subliminally through your social media memes via Silicon Valley.


I can now answer the question, why is this being enacted on humanity. There are a small global elite who are psychopaths that are orchestrating all events that are happening in the world today. They are currently all powerful controlling all governments and institutions, including all media and corporations. They believe we the population are a parasite on their world as they see it. Their answer is to depopulate and control every aspect of life for those that are left, including connecting the survivors to AI destroying your humanity including your innate spirituality. The end of homo-sapiens as we were created. Prove me wrong.

What you must do now

I have made it very clear the extent of the deception and lies, you cannot ignore what is going to be happening. So far, I have been right, and I am sorry to have to say that, I called it out, and yes, the vast majority of people still have their eyes wide shut, choosing to opt for the protection of their governments.

This is probably the most heinous crime, that our governments think we are vermin, a cancer to be beaten up, controlled, and murdered in the cause of a worldwide experiment by a psychopathic elite that now controls the world and has done so for hundreds of years.

We the people, put our trust in our leaders and see what they have done, so the final answer is, yes, our leaders and scientists have nefarious intentions towards all of us, it is time to have your eyes wide open. We must change or leaders (through the ballot box), finding new parties and people who care for humanity and want to make this world a better place having learned for history not rewriting it.

It is also time for the great awakening, it is time for you to do something. As I say many times this is about your children and grandchildren, doing nothing is no longer an option.

God bless you

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