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What is going on with our weather?

What is going on with our weather?

The number one subject for discussion on people’s minds in Great Britian, (as it has always been), is not the contrived Lockdowns, or the deadly vaccines, it is not the NATO proxy war in Ukraine, or the genocide in Israel, yes guys you know it, it’s the weather. We don’t like talking about controversial stuff because we might be labelled a conspiracy theorist by a friend and they may never speak to us again, and how terrible would that be?

Personally, I don’t care anymore on that, yes, I am a proud conspiracy theorist as you know, so let’s talk about a subject that is close to everyone’s heart, the weather, because we brits are experts on the weather, right? So then, as an expert, tell me have you noticed something over the last few years which you will have seen with your own eyes as you look into the skies every day?

Note - I also have an ulterior motive in that if I can get you to agree with me even a miniscule bit you might want to check out some of my other conspiracy theories, and just perhaps I may not be quite as bonkers as I have been labelled by friends and family.

It is my opinion, and I always must preface with this because at this point, I cannot prove it. Instead, I am using, my raging instincts, the bleeding obvious, my nouse, my gut feelings, and my powers of critical thinking. And here it is, the sky today is totally different today to how it appeared 10-years ago or even 5-years ago and is therefore a reflection of a controlled environment.

So, you are going to shut me down immediately because if you agree with only half of that comment and because you are an expert and you will definitely have noticed yourself (and if you haven’t then you are very dim and need to stop reading this and get back to your Sex in the City boxset). Yes, yes you are going to tell me, it’s ‘climate change’ end of story, go away. Wait, you are also going to tell me CO2 levels are too high, and we are all going to get cooked and go to ‘hell in a handcart’ if we don’t follow a Net Zero agenda.

OK right, bear with me, ref climate change, yes guys the climate changes, it changes all the time, it cycles, hot periods, cold periods. Stop there Peter, let’s park the above paragraph because it is a whole different rabbit hole that I don’t want to go down in this post because when you see what I am about to say the above paragraph is total irrelevant, because it is a pack of lies, which will upset all you David Attenborough advocates who want to bankrupt the western world on the back of Net Zero, while China builds another 500 coal fired power stations. Note here: when I last looked (Google facts!), China had 1038 coal fired power stations, yes really.

Conspiracy Theory

In the realms of conspiracy theories this one is one of the biggies. I am also going to assume this is the first time you have read one of my blogs, so I need to repeat myself.

It is my opinion that what you are seeing when you look up, is a simulated canopy, just like the planetarium, it is not real. As a consequence, the sky and weather can be easily manipulated to achieve a required outcome, as part of the agenda of chaos that engulfs us today. That the sky is a light show and backdrop to the theatre stage that we inhabit. Here are some of my observations of the sky, (I hope you are still reading this):

Clouds - are a lot lower in the sky, they have flat bottoms which look darker as they seen to be compressed against an invisible barrier.

Chem trails - these are the cris-cross trails that planes leave behind as they traverse across the skies, leaving a grid pattern of trails. As the trails dissipate, they cover the sun and the weather changes for a number of hours. I have not yet got to the bottom of what is really going on here, this definitely did not use to happen. Some say this is nefarious, spraying chemicals into the air, that is the conspiracy theory. I am on the case.

Wind - In the UK over the last six months we have been battered by more windy conditions, this causes disruptions with trees falling and buildings damaged. This is not usual.

Storms – Again in the UK we have had twelve named storms in the 2023-2024 season that have battered the country causing large area of land to become flooded, which has caused farmers great consternation as crop have not been sown at the ideal times because of waterlogged fields. Remember I have my theories that farming is being massively disrupted worldwide and this is one way of doing it. I guarantee crop yields will be significantly down this year. I also believe tornados and hurricanes can be specifically targeted.

General rainfall levels - UK rainfall at record levels, last 18-months highest levels since record began in 1836.

Energy Weapons – This is a big one to take on board. If our controllers can disrupt weather patterns, they also have the capability of creating catastrophic events, in that weapons in the sky can blast down energy causing devastating fires at will. There have been lots of devastating fires across the world in the last 12-months, check them out.

You won’t find this being discussed on the BBC or by David Attenborough.

There is too much going on here, it is happening too quickly, this is not climate change in my opinion. Our controllers are being exposed and they are throwing the kitchen sink at us before the majority wake up to the fact that their government hates them and wants they dead.

What do you think, is this all BS or have I got your attention? You can read my other posts where I discuss my other conspiracy theories. Some say I am bonkers time will tell; in the meantime, you know something is wrong otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, all I am doing is giving you an alternative take because I have been researching this for over four years.

Antidote, (Karma)

When you know, you cannot unknow, nothing will ever be the same again for you, it’s called enlightenment. Welcome to a different reality, a reality where you set the agenda and co-create your future using the simulation to your advantage, which it how it was originally designed to do, before it got hijacked by evil forces who want to control every single aspect of your life. You have now dropped out of the matrix and become an Errant, welcome.

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