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Take your freedom back, it is not all over

Bitesize 500 No:6 – February 22nd , 2022

Take your freedom back, it is not all over

“We do not want war, we want to live, love and hug” These are the words of a Ukrainian lady living on the border with Russia.

Lawrence Fox said on GB News on Sunday night that we no longer live in a free society.

Human nature is to live, love and to hug in a free society and I hope you would agree. To take away that basic human right as Fox is suggesting makes living in this beautiful world completely pointless in my opinion. I also agree with Fox that we no longer live in a free society.

It is my opinion everything that is happening in this world today are connected, what is happening in Ukraine and what is happening in Canada, or Australia, or New Zealand, or France, or Austria, or Italy, or Israel or the UK that matter are all connected.

There is a small psychopathic global elite who are playing out a great experiment with the world’s population, to control and enslave, and yes to depopulate. They think we the people are a virus, a cancer on the world, to be cleansed and sterilised, for the greater good of those that sit at the top of the pyramid. Read my other posts for the detail here.

Question then I ask is, what is the nature of existence as far as you are concerned? Do you want to be controlled, to have no freedom and live a life that our Chinese brothers and sisters are now enduring at the behest of the totalitarian CCP? Because make no mistake whatsoever the Chinese template of totalitarian rule is being rolled out across the rest of the world. And if you cannot see that happening in front of your very eyes, then you deserve all that is coming to you. So, what do you think is happening in Canada then? Absolutely no debate, or condemnation by the UK Government.

Or are you a free man, because if you think you are you have better start fighting for that freedom now, before it is too late. Fox said he would fight to his last breath for the freedom of his children and grandchildren. So will I, will you?

I want to live, love and hug, I also want to laugh, to cry, to care, to hope, to party, (all the other beautiful attributes that God endowed homo-sapiens with, and I do not need or want any high tech to do that). I also want to become a better human-being, I want to explore my spirituality and find my peace and understand the real meaning of this life, so I can leave it content that I have tried my very best and have added value to the debate.

I want to live as our ancestors lived, in a community of like-minded people who care for each other where someone has your back. This is exactly how our hunter gatherer ancestors lived and more importantly survived for hundreds of thousands of years. If this were not the case you would not be here now, and those that try to control us think this is no longer needed or necessary. That my friends is the biggest mistake humanity can make.

I want the government to get off my back, I want my freedom back and I am going to fight for it to my last breath.

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