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London Saturday 24th April Freedom March

London Saturday 24th April Freedom March

Report by Peter Ragg, who was on the march.

I just had to be there because I feel so strongly about what is happening to our beautiful country. Also, when you have been out on a limb for the past 14-months, and when out of 200 people I know well and only 4 are not getting vaccinated and you are one of those then you do question your sanity, because everyone else is doing it for you.

I love London.

I have missed going to London for the past 14 months. It is such a fantastic capital, vibrant, dynamic, cosmopolitan. I got down early and walked from Liverpool Street through the empty sun filled streets, down to stunning St Pauls cathedral, across the millennium bridge and onto South Bank, a great brunch was had from a Pret. I walked along South Bank, past runners, and walkers, in the perfect sunshine, all seemed well with the world. All very surreal, as if the world were normal.

This was the capital of the world, it was so quiet, it was eerie, what have we done to this once thriving, bustling, beacon of freedom and democracy? I walked back over Golden Jubilee bridge and made my way via Trafalgar Square (lots of Police vans lining the square) to Green Park where people were assembling for the march.


I had no idea what to expect, how many people would turn up. In Green Park people were gathering and I found out that the march officially started from Hyde Park. I met a group from London, and we walked together to Hyde Park. Wow! the size of the crowd that had gathered in Hyde Park was very large indeed.

The one thing I like doing is talking and during the course of the march I had conversations with an eclectic mix of people from all over the country, Kent, Shropshire, Yorkshire, Devon, Cornwall, even Ipswich, (I am from Norwich, we are Premier League). I talked to doctors, nurses, bus drivers, teachers, solicitors, students, and retired people, all of them there because they like me were utterly concerned and disturbed about the future, and what sort of world their children and grandchildren would be living in.

The crowds were immense, I was in the middle, (as one seasoned marcher had told me), at one point a member of my lovely new team from Kent phoned up someone they knew at the front and they were a mile and a half ahead of us. Estimates of the crowd size varies between 500,000 to 1 million. I was there all I know it was very large indeed.

Everyone was saying the MSM would not report the day and the crowds, and that is exactly what happened. Here is just one example:

Here is what Reuters reported on their website.

“Several thousand anti-lockdown demonstrators marched through central London on Saturday despite restrictions on mass gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event was billed by organisers: "Unite for Freedom".

The protesters view COVID-19 restrictions as unnecessary and a breach of their human rights. They oppose vaccinations, mask-wearing and so-called health passports.

Media reports put numbers at about 10,000, though the Metropolitan Police did not confirm a figure.

Protesters chanted "freedom" and "take off your mask" and some carried placards saying: "No to vaccine passports" and "Lockdowns kill". Most were unmasked.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said he was not aware of any arrests.

England has relaxed its lockdown restrictions in recent weeks. Non-essential shops and outdoor hospitality reopened on April 12, but indoor gatherings are still banned until May 17 at the earliest.”

That is not reporting, it is government propaganda, plain and simple, and if you must ring up a policeman to ask how many people were there and how many arrests did they make then my friend one thing you are not is a journalist. The reporter stated that “most were unmasked”, again incorrect, (the reporter was obviously not there). I would say everyone was unmasked, I didn’t see one person on the march with a mask on, and while we are on this theme, we weren’t social distancing either, and horror of horrors I saw lots of people hugging, remember hugging? All other media outlets failed to properly report the march and not a word from Johnson.

So, there you have it, half a million plus concerned and caring beautiful people making a point. Totally ignored by MSM and government. They just ignore what the people think and stick to the narrative, and the irony is we put these people in power. Doesn’t that tell you something that what is happening is part of a larger agenda for humanity which we won’t go into now, (you can read my posts on this on

Thank you to the fantastic people from Kent, for allowing me to join your team on the day, I really enjoyed your company. I look forward to the next march on Saturday 15th March when our target is 2,000,000, be there if you care for your children and grandchildren.

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