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This Lockdown madness cannot continue, enough – stop

Just a quick update today as I am totally dumfounded by all of what is going on in this crazy world. My question today is, does anyone have an idea of what is the Lockdown exit strategy, perhaps we should ask the Prime Minister?

What is the exit strategy Prime Minister, we are all still waiting, while you facilitate for the economic destruction of the country, and the livelihoods of millions of people? Last week you got your ‘get out of jail card’ on your invisible strategy. You loved the announcement of the Pfizer vaccine, because it leaves you with a get out which so many people are still buying into. That you can keep people in lockdown until the vaccine arrives in December as you said it would and then we can start getting back to normal which will be by the spring next year.

I find it quite staggering that the polls are saying that over 70% of the population agree with Lockdown 2. That is not what I am finding. I hardly know a single person who now thinks that lockdowns are a good idea, and more importantly that you are in control. I don’t know who the pollsters asked, perhaps it was the hapless Labour parliamentarians, who want to trash the economy even more than Johnson. We are systematically destroying the fabric of this country and if you don’t agree with that where have you been for the past 8 months?

Oh, and I see Prime Minister you are now self-isolating apparently, (how convenient), you say however you are “bursting with antibodies”, which makes me think why the hell are you self-isolating when the country is going down the toilet? Get yourself blood tested for antibodies, you are not going to get it again, and get back to work properly. I know you are going to say, “it is the rules”.

The rules are nuts that you still have to self-isolate for 14-days when the technology is now there, we now have the tests, so change the bloody rules. Haven’t we learned anything in the last 8-months? So, my next question, if you are still isolating while you are bursting with antibodies, what’s the point of vaccination then?

Does this mean if anyone who is vaccinated comes into contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID then they still have to self-isolate for 14-days, surely not? This is all bonkers, completely insane. Remember everyone there is a 99.96% survival rate from the virus. What happens if (and when) the vaccine doesn’t show up, when you said it would, because you have a history of exaggeration, what is your Plan B?

Who reading this thinks for one second that a vaccine is going to turn up in 2020?

Vaccination hesitancy

All the people and yes I am one of them, who are hesitating on getting vaccinated because they need to know that the vaccine is safe, you are now deemed an ignorant ‘antivaxxer’, who should be demonised by all media and put into concentration camps. You horrible people, how could you possibly think that the vaccine was unsafe and especially when it only took 7-months to invent, and test it as being over 90% effective????

Stop press – Moderna in the US have just announced their own vaccine is almost ready and theirs is 95% effective. Who’s next?

Three observations here, it normally takes anywhere between 5 and 10 years to bring a fully tested vaccine to market, which links to the second observation that nobody has a clue as to the long term side-effects of a vaccine if there are any, that has been only been around for 7-months. So, everyone who holds out their arms to be vaccinated are taking a punt they are trusting that the vaccine is fundamentally safe. That is a big ask when there are so many agendas at play. And thirdly, you may not know, that the pharmaceutical companies that are manufacturing the vaccines are indemnified from prosecution should serious vaccine damage of individuals occur.

So please do not criticise and vilify the people who are slightly concerned with the warp speed progress of a vaccine for a new coronavirus, remembering coronaviruses have been around for 50 years and as yet we have not developed an effective vaccine for one.

Free Speech, who cares anymore

What happened to free speech. What happened to people making up their own minds from looking at all the data instead just the government propaganda. Basically, you are saying people are dumb and they cannot be trusted.

And that goes to the heart of the matter here, society is based on trust, without trust there is no society and that is what you have undermined, because people are finally starting to smell a rat here and are no longer believing and therefore trusting the government narrative because it is so nonsensical. All people want is the truth and they are not getting it in my opinion. We need a balanced argument.

The new normal

Fauci in the US is openly saying that we should continue to socially distance and wear mask for the rest of our lives. Matt Hancock also this morning (16.11.20) is not ruling out mandatory vaccinations, people wake up. Your freedoms are being taken away. The precedent has been set here it is called The Great Reset, it’s the new buzzword ‘Reset’, (Johnson is also using it to re-invent himself after his two Svengalis left).

You need to check out the ‘2030 Great Reset’ as laid out by the ‘World Economic Forum’, because it is already happening, and you are part of it. It is very scary indeed. I will discuss The Great Reset in my next post.

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