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Lockdown Awakening

Lockdown Awakening - Making sense of it all and finding our true purpose in the 21st Century before it is too late.

Setting the scene for you

I write continuously about the pandemic and lockdowns and how corrupt everything is and my belief that it is the biggest scam in the history of the world. I write to inform, I write to warn you of the new world order that is coming to pass that has only one objective, the complete control of humanity, in my opinion, (you must come to your own conclusions about what is really going on). The technology is now ready to implement this, and we have all become ‘lab rats’ in the great experiment that is now unfolding before our eyes.

Let’s be clear here, this objective / plan for humanity is not something new that has only been planned for the past 10 years. This plan has been simmering under the radar for 100’s of years. Failed attempts have been made in the past to control humanity, which you are all aware of. However, finally the technological advances over the last 30 years have emboldened those forces who are behind the historic objective for the complete control of humankind. This time the technology will make it irreversible.

I will finish this introduction by mentioning two people of the last 80 years who warned humanity of what was coming down the line. Aldous Huxley and George Orwell. They were extremely well connected and used their literary genius to put into fictional stories the story of the future of humanity. I have read both books, it’s happening folks and it’s happening now.

Losing our connection

The world that has evolved over the last 30 years is not working and will not survive as we know it, it is as simple as that. And the elites as I call them know this because they planned for this to happen. So now they want you to accept their plan as the way out. Their plan, I refer you to the World Economic Forum (WEF , check it out), it’s called the Great Reset, I have discussed many times.


The ball is in our court.

Bleak stuff right, where can we possibly go from here? Let’s talk positivity let’s talk about the fantastic biological entity that is me and you. I really want to big you up, because you might be one of millions who are feeling a bit depressed at this present time.

We are unique.

As homo-sapiens we are unique as a species and have been given the gift of consciousness and intuition and expression through language, that no other species has. This gift allows us TIME to Think, Imagine, Meditate, Explore.

To also allows us to hug, to love, to LOL, to care, to empathise, to mess around, to swear, to have sex, to orgasm, to choose, and the core human rights of freedom and freewill. it’s absolutely fabulous to be a human being, I sincerely hope you would agree with me.


We cannot have that my friends, happy, smiley people actually enjoying their lives. We must distract you, with toys and dopamine. It only took 30 years. In the third decade of the 21st Century our TIME has now been taken from us with a consequence we have become lost in a ‘sea of noise’ as I call it, It’s all planned.

Losing our essence of humanness

The noise of daily existence has amongst other things caused us to lose our way by losing our fundamental connection with community and the essence of life, our spirituality. And I am not talking religion I am talking about who are we and why are we here and just as importantly, where we have come from. I believe we are here on this planet for a reason, to learn, to love, to care and to become better human beings, this is the true meaning of life for me.

Thinking for yourself

The one essential ingredient to discovering your existence is to have an open mind, without it you will not discover the true meaning of life. To have an ‘’open mind’ is something that those who control the world do not want for you. They want compliance and obedience.

Hold on a minute, in an age of information overload you might think (if you have time for it) that you can have a complete overview of the world, whatever subject you may choose, because I can get the answer with a few clicks of a mouse.

And here is the rub, and it is something that I discuss ad nauseum and is at the root of the problem and it is the information you are now seeing has being seriously manipulated by those who control the agenda and the media platforms, (including all social media), so that you only receive the message they want you to see. Yep, all part of the plan.

The antidote - the new you

As long as you know this is happening, you can hopefully override the negative intentions of the algorithms that are trying to control your life completely. Instead, I want you to get excited. The pre-requisite for learning and moving forward in your life is to have an open mind as I have said. Here is your destiny:

Be a free thinker and don’t accept everything as truth. Be critical and evaluate what you believe in. - Aristotle

This is exactly how I have operated for 16 years and it has totally changed my life. Once you have adopted the critical thinking mindset you challenge everything as a matter of course. Your instincts become your guide, changing your perceptions and paradigm on life, completely life changing.

And the best bit.

You can see the truth, what I mean by this is when something you are being told is a lie, you are able to evaluate it from your new perspective and paradigm, it fails the test, and you know it is a lie. When I evaluated the pandemic in February and March in 2020, it failed the test and became very clear and obvious to me that to put it bluntly (which is how I describe the pandemic) the biggest scam in the history of the world.

There is another aspect here and that is the spiritual aspect. You not only think you are also feeling the conversation, the lie (if it is), the person who is talking. The quantum physicists would say you are feeling their vibration. Which would make sense as apparently, we are all vibrating energy operating at different frequencies. So perhaps when we say, ‘we are not on the same wavelength’, that can now be proven as fact and that is why you can see it and other people cannot.

I have thought a lot about this, especially when I have intelligent friends and family who think I am bonkers. The more I research the pandemic and lockdowns I have never waivered in my belief and the thing I have found astonishing, is that after 12-months it is now so obvious it is a scam, why are people still not getting it? And the reason is as I have just explained. People accept what they hear from the MSM as fact. They are not using the free-thinking principle I am discussing.

In conclusion

People ask me is, “Peter are you optimistic about the future”? I am optimistic if we can all see what is really happening, that there is a battle for your consciousness that is corrupt. That the elites and corporations who are enacting this are few in comparison to the population of the Earth. If enough people can come together to say #EnoughisEnough then we can stop the takeover in its tracks. If we cannot do this, we will not survive as a species, and I firmly believe this. We have less than 5-years to turn it around.

I do this for my children and grandchildren, I implore you if we are on the same wavelength, do the same for yours.

The World Needs You!

As Orwell said: "Don't let it happen. It depends on you."

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