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Monday April 8th, 2024, Total Eclipse Event United States

Monday April 8th, 2024, Total Eclipse Event United States - Major nefarious criminal act highly probable. Please be alerted.

Please watch the following video from Jason Breshears at called Counter-PsyOps on America: Archaix Analysis of Info War & Target Date 8th April 2024. Here is the link:

Synopsis of Jason’s Logic Train         

Shadow of total eclipse is EVENT.

EVENT occurs directly over a few million residences.

EVENT draws millions of out-of-staters to occupy space of totality.

EVENT is an 'amplification phenomenon,' a biological accelerant.

EVENT creates unique OPPORTUNITY.

Mainstream focus on EVENT increase awareness of event.

Alt-media theories of EVENT increase awareness of EVENT.

AWARENESS is energy directed.


CRIMINAL ACT remains undiscovered initially because of EVENT.

Accrual of victims increases awareness of CRIMINAL ACT within 30 days.

30-day period has victims divided as to origin of CRIMINAL ACT, which is unrecognized.

60-day period has system recognition of CRMINAL ACT as more victims created.

90-day period world governments have to restructure to contain perceived spread.

a. Using the eclipse situation of that involves about 50 million Americans as an exercise for a FUTURE event.

b. Use the eclipse situation to perform simulations in different regions for different results.

AI generated phenomena. Mass media of cartoons, music videos, lyrics, movies, government disclosures, fringe research all produced by Roko’s Basilisk type AI.


After you have watched the video PR says:

There is a massive amount of information on the upcoming eclipse in the US mainstream and alternative media, people are being told to prepare and have two weeks’ worth of provisions and fuel, this is unprecedented, for an eclipse guys, something is very wrong here. This is not reported in the UK at this point, as the eclipse cannot be seen from the UK. As a precaution as nobody knows what is going to drop if anything, I am recommending we do not use our phones tablets and PCs on this day, switch everything off. Trust no MSM.

We are going through bonkers times and the world is in turmoil, you may be starting to realise this, nothing makes sense, right? That is precisely what they want to happen, total chaos so you are totally distracted from rational thinking and understanding the fact that our governments are trying their very best to kill us all. It’s one very big depopulation agenda folks being played out in real time and until enough people realise this then they are winning the war on humanity.  


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