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Decoding your Reality The Mandela Effect-Part 4

Decoding your Reality

The Mandela Effect-Part 4

Spiritual Connection

Please read Parts 1,2 and 3 (my previous blogs posts entitled ‘Going deep down the ‘rabbit hole.’ Mandela Effects’, The Mandela Effect-Part 2, The Mandela Effect-Part 3, if you have not read them yet, before reading this.

I am including another 11 MEs in this post which will be over 40 MEs in 4 posts. I don’t expect you to agree with every one of them. There are thousands of MEs and millions of people who remember the original. Some of the MEs are small changes, just a letter change, others are massive like the change in the position of continents and islands on a world map or the change in position of aircraft engines or body parts.

These are massive changes, and you would expect MEs to be a major talking point. Doctors, aircraft and vehicle engineers, cartographers, and what about church leaders to name a few professions, so, why is it not, not even discussed seriously in the media other than ridiculing people and blaming them on memory lapses. It adds to the unreality of our reality.

What are MEs, let’s have a discussion.

MEs prove the unreality of our reality, therefore our world is not what you think, this is a fact we must decode.

I realise everything I write on this point is pure speculation on my part for want of any definitive proof which is not going to happen because nobody knows, or if they know they are not telling. I have two theories on this.

Theory 1 – Coding Changes

If everything is quantum energy vibrating at precise frequencies to form a given entity, a table, a brick wall, a vehicle, a handkerchief and ultimately you and me and that everything is programmable at that base level and therefore everything can be changed in time and space.

An historical event or character or bible change can be invented and be digitally inserted into our timeline. Once it has been inserted at the base level and using the example of the bible again, all versions and copies that relate to the original source material used e.g., King James version of the bible are automatically changed or will be changed over time. This will then affect the historical timeline and events that happen in the future of this insert, therefore history as we know it is always changing.

Because everything is programmable this is how you can hoodwink anybody, and we do need an explanation for how aircraft engineers, pilots, doctors, surgeons, church people etc, etc, can take on board a completely new paradigm as if it was always the case. That the program update is so sophisticated that it ‘washes’ over everyone who is ‘qualified’ in the particular field/subject of the edit.

Undermining the family

MEs that are being inserted into the bible become changes in scripture and will have a very profound effect on society as they unravel over time. Some of these bible changes are undermining society in my opinion and are giving ‘licence’ from ‘God’ to changes behaviours and especially towards children.

Source of the MEs

There are two theories on the source of the ME changes, one is a benefactor, informing us in a subtle way, “guys you really need to wake up to the evil being perpetrated on humanity”. Or the actual source is the evil perpetrators themselves that the simple MEs, e.g., mirror mirror, and the monopoly guy (which we all know 100%), they are just laughing at us for being so dumb and not challenging the status quo and that their entire intention here is to destroy humanity.

I don’t have a clear opinion on this, you could say why would the benefactor perpetrate potentially societal breakdown MEs on his/her people, therefore it must be evil forces. However, if you want to wake up people what better way to do it than create bible changes where millions of people will remember 100% the original lines. What is surprising to me is that church leaders are totally silent on the bible MEs, so why is that, is it because the Church is part of the great deception?


Theory 2 - The Demiurge (going deeper)

That the realm we inhabit has been completely taken over by evil forces, call it the demiurge, the so-called God of the Old Testament. That the majority of humanity has unknowingly acquiesced to these evil forces through indoctrination, and the shear mass of consequential negative thought and therefore energy that has been manipulated into human consciousness is able to supernaturally cause MEs that will validate their behaviour, evil or otherwise. That the collective negative conscious thought of the masses has over time facilitated a veritable ‘hell on earth’.


Researchers on MEs are saying there are a lot more MEs happening in the last 30-years which is leading to the great unravelling we are experiencing today. Is this why nothing makes sense any longer, that we are living in an ever-changing world caused by the residual effects of MEs that have been inserted into the historical timeline happening in quick succession and are manifesting the chaos we are seeing today?

If we reverse this theory then a mass of positive energy will put an end to MEs, stabilize society and we can build a better world, wasn’t this always the case? We are just proving here the devastating consequences of the collective negative energy, which was always the goal of our controllers, chaos.


Who knows?

I do realise this is heavy stuff, but someone needs to open the debate here, I may have it all wrong, I am just trying to join the dots of the unreality of our reality that MEs prove. If you accept MEs are happening, then these questions must be asked. It is my opinion less than 10% of people are engaged in the debate here and the 90% are happy to accept anything the controllers tell them to do. People who are accepting and believing the narrative are referred to as Non-Player Characters or NPCs, they are not in the game.

This realm we inhabit is a ‘God school’ in my opinion, the true God who has created one very large incredibly sophisticated simulated world. The aim of this school should you wish to engage is to decode your reality, to work it out, to know that you are fundamentally an eternal spirit having a human experience. To learn, to love, to live, to leave a legacy that is the goal, for your spirit to vibrate at a higher level of consciousness.


I am suggesting human beings are easily programmable, it explains a lot, so why are there errants like me (and you hopefully), out there who are not easily programmable who see easily through the BS of everything. It come back to the God connection which I can now insert into the ME debate here. That the God connection is your spirit which we have discussed before that I believe everyone is born with.

The question here, has the spirit switch in you been activated? If not, you acquiesce to the collective. If our spirit switch is turned on your antenna goes up and you develop over time the three core spiritual gifts of intuition, imagination, and empathy. The bottom line here spirit is not programmable, and that is the reason they want to destroy our spirit and enslave humanity in a transhuman existence.

More MEs for you.

1. Disney Films – the opening intro to every Disney film, Tinkerbell flies over the castle spreading her magic dust with her wand. Never happened, also it is now Tinker Bell not Tinkerbell. Yes really.

2. US Flag change – Originally red stripe under the blue box, it is now a white stripe.

3. Bible change – Hosea 4-6 “My people perish for lack of knowledge”, has changed to “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge” all versions changed, KJV says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.

4. History - 1915 German bombsUS Capital building in Washington and JP Morgan shot twice - see below. Is this an insert?

5. Film – Sinbad, Shazam movie, never happened.

6. Art – Famous Large Holbein painting of King Henry VIII holding a turkey leg, no, it is now a glove.

7. Film - Matrix Morpheus saying, “What if I told you ……….” No never said it.

8. Film – Lord of the Rings – Gandolf “Fly you fools”, no, it is now “run you fools”.

9. Film – Hanibal – “Hello Clarice” no, did not say that, it is now “Good morning”.

10. History - Tutankhamun Gold mask has a centred cobra on the headdress, now has cobra and a bird totally out of symmetry.

11. Cartoon - Curious George monkey no longer has a tale.

That is over 40 MEs in 4 posts, I don't expect you to agree with every one of them. There are hundreds of MEs and millions of people who remember the original. If you are still thinking it is a psyop then you must explain how it happens. And do you know the biggest thing here is the MSM do not go anywhere near the subject, why, because it is off limits.

MEs prove that someone or something is facilitating for supernatural changes, that are affecting the historical timeline of events. MEs also prove that we live in a simulated world of great sophistication and that the world cannot be heliocentric and that we live out our simulated life on a stationary level plane and that what we perceive as stars are revolving around our flat plane.

From 5 above.

1915 German bombs US capital building in Washington and JPMorgan shot twice.

“A solitary figure slipped quietly into the Capitol on the Friday afternoon leading to a Fourth of July weekend. He cradled a small package containing three sticks of dynamite. The former professor of German at Harvard University, Erich Muenter came to Washington to deliver an explosive message. Although the Senate had been out of session since the previous March and was not due to reconvene until December, Muenter headed for the Senate Chamber. Finding the chamber doors locked, he decided that the adjacent Senate Reception Room would serve his purposes. He worked quickly, placing his deadly package under the Senate's telephone switchboard, whose operator had left for the holiday weekend. After setting the timing mechanism for a few minutes before midnight to minimize casualties, he walked to Union Station and purchased a ticket for the midnight train to New York City.

At 20 minutes before midnight, as he watched from the station, a thunderous explosion rocked the Capitol. The blast nearly knocked Capitol Police officer Frank Jones from his chair at the Senate wing's east front entrance. Ten minutes earlier, the lucky Jones had closed a window next to the switchboard. A 30-year police veteran, the officer harbored a common fear that one day the Capitol dome would fall into the rotunda. For a few frantic moments, he believed that day had come. Jones then entered the Reception Room and observed its devastation—a shattered mirror, broken window glass, smashed chandeliers, and pulverized plaster from the frescoed ceiling.

In a letter to the Washington Evening Star, published after the blast, Muenter attempted to explain his outrageous act. Writing under an assumed name, he hoped that the detonation would "make enough noise to be heard above the voices that clamour for war. This explosion is an exclamation point in my appeal for peace." The former German professor was particularly angry with American financiers who were aiding Great Britain against Germany in World War I, despite the United States's official neutrality in that conflict.

Arriving in New York City early the next morning, Muenter headed for the Long Island estate of J. P. Morgan, Jr. Morgan's company served as Great Britain's principal U.S. purchasing agent for munitions and other war supplies. When Morgan came to the door, Muenter pulled a pistol, shot him, and fled. The financier's wounds proved superficial, and the gunman was soon captured. In jail, several days later, Muenter took his own life”.

Right, never heard of this, it reads like total BS, what do you think?

Please look forward to my next post, we must discuss this phenomenon further.

Be strong and stay safe.


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