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Decoding your Reality - The Mandela Effect-Part 2

Decoding your Reality The Mandela Effect-Part 2 - Becoming more that you could imagine.

Please read Part 1 (my previous blog post entitled ‘Going deep down the ‘rabbit hole.’ Mandela Effects’ before reading this. This is an incredible subject and should have got your attention for you to check it out for yourself, it is quite simply mind blowing. I also stated that the Mainstream media do not want you to see or understand any of this. This is another great reason we must investigate it further.

In my previous post I discussed a phenomenon called the Mandela Effect, (ME). I concluded that very subtle MEs are happening every minute of every day to every single one of us and that we never know when it is happening and what the implications of any ME could or might be, and this has always been the case.

MEs in my opinion, are deliberate glitches in the programming, call it the Matrix if you want, to awaken us to this reality and to inform us that we live in a simulated realm of limitless possibilities and fundamentally that we can change our reality and that reality as we perceive it is in flux, it’s always changing. This is profound, it is life changing and we cannot ignore it.


This is why humanity has been deliberately dumbed down for centuries so that we are malleable and will believe anything the controlled media says, (which is part of their agenda). Many people feel and think they are locked in, they cannot break out of their current situation. This is deliberate by our controllers, they don’t want you realising your incredible capabilities, that you are more than you suppose yourself to be. The controllers are our jailers and we have allowed them to virtually lock us down. This brings us right up to date where they, the controllers are in the process of taking it to the next stage and are about to suppress our freedoms even more.

We must break free or die trying.

What we have learnt so far if you are on board with MEs.

· MEs are proof that our perceived reality is fluid and is always changing, therefore,

· MEs are proof that at least subtle changes are possible within our reality (major changes we have not explored yet), therefore,

· MEs are proof that we also have the capability of changing our present and therefore our future, that we are not locked into our current reality, (this is key), therefore,

· MEs are proof that ‘our world is not what you think it is’, and that we live in a holographic simulation and that everything is coding, there is no other explanation, we live in the Matrix, wow, (which is exactly what Holly Wood have been telling you for decades.

This is the biggest revelation of all my research over the past four years, it changes everything, it is also the key that unlocks the first door for people, who have up until now been in denial on everything nefarious going on in this realm.

If you haven’t researched MEs for yourself then you must, it is too big a phenomenon to ignore when the implications are so enormous. So, the 64,000$ question, do you believe in MEs, do you also have personal experiences of them. If you believe MEs exist, we are on the same wavelength. It does change everything.

Here are a few more MEs for you to consider.

1. Film - Disney’s Snow White, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest …..” is now “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest….”

2. US - Bernstein Bears have become the Bernstain Bears

3. Car Company – Ford logo has changed; it now has a squiggle on the cross bar of the F.

4. Bible - Matthew 18 v 20 “For where two or more come together in my name”, is now, “For where two or three come together in my name”. This is a big one why would you say two or three. I have a 1953 copy of the KJV and a 1994 NIV both say, “two or three”.

5. Bible - Isaiah 11 v 6 “The lion will live with the lamb”’ has now become, “The wolf will live with the lamb”.

6. Spelling - Christopher Reeves (Superman) is now Christopher Reeve.

7. Spelling - Sally Fields is now Sally Field.

8. The Mona Lisa’s now has a veil and have the lips changed? Is she now smiling, it is no longer the enigmatic smile I remember, this one is very very subtle. This makes the Mona Lisa now very ordinary in my opinion. What do you think?

9. Author of the Peanuts book, Charles M Schultz is now Charles M Schulz.

10. Jet liner engines – Where are the engines positioned on a jet liner? My mental image is, under the wings, check it out they are now attached to the front of the wings sticking out massively. This has so many implications.

There are thousands of MEs and thousands, if not millions of people who have the same memory of them. You must trust your instincts and anchor memories (as I do). You are also realising I have hit a nerve because you agree on many of the MEs I have called out. You have no explanation on how it can be possible. So, the key point I want to make at this juncture is, you cannot ignore it.


So, what are you thinking now? If you know your bible, I can tell you there are hundreds of MEs in the bible where words have been changed and remember all copies have been changed, that is the astonishing thing. There will be YouTube videos specifically on bible MEs for you to check out. I can also recommend Brian Staveley at ‘Dose of Reality’ on You Tube.

If you are still believing that MEs are a Psyop then I need you to explain how it works. The MSM are ridiculing MEs as memory lapses, really, millions of people remembering the same thing cannot be wrong. It is obvious to me this is not a Psyop and that the controllers do not want you to know this, because they have no control over it. So, one of the most amazing questions we can ask in 2023, who or what is causing MEs?

Who or what is causing MEs?

This is where we must go into speculation mode because nobody knows the answer to this. MEs are happening can we agree on that, as I have already said many more are happening in recent times, (maybe it’s because we are more aware now)? Somebody is telling us something, to bloody well wake up before it is too late, that is how I see it. To me that who is God. This is spiritual.

How do we use this information to break free.

I have spoken about breaking free many times, what I am doing here is to show you for the first time how a phenomenon called the Mandel Effect changes everything, because if we accept the above four bullet points then it unravels reality for what it really is, i.e., one reality that is always in flux. I realise I am blowing your mind here, it is so far from your comfort zone you will find it almost impossible to rationalise, so you are going to dismiss it. It’s your call.

If we accept, we have been programmed, and it is therefore coding, how do we change it to our benefit? This is the key to unlocking your prison cell. This programming is why most people cannot accept alternative information because it requires a ‘door’ to be opened in your subconscious mind that allows new unfiltered information in. What MEs are showing, as already discussed, is that reality is in flux, always changing that the door is never shut, it is unlocked and always open. You, we, are not locked in, our minds are not set (mindset). All it requires is to know this and your world changes, we become open-minded.

Our new conscious open-minded thinking allows us to override the mindset control of the program allowing the sub-conscious mind to allow in new unfiltered information, that is not in your current paradigm. MEs are proof that change is possible.

Changing your reality.

I have talked in previous posts that the Law of Attraction is actually the Law of Reflection, there is a subtle difference here. The Law of Attraction is knowing what you want to achieve and waiting for it to come to you. The Law of Reflection is knowing what you want and then starting the journey of achieving it. Can you see the difference, it may seem subtle, but it is profound, once the universe sees you moving in the direction of your goal (reflection) then the universe will manifest the change for you, it is a co-creator relationship. You don’t have to do everything the universe once it sees your intensions it will open up for you and facilitate for the rest of the change necessary. Now read that again.

Try it for your yourself, no charge necessary, only requires an open mind.

Final Thoughts

Unleash your power within, knowing that reality is not what you think it is and MEs prove this. Take control of your life by awakening to the knowledge that the Law of Reflection will take you to the place you want to go. Once you know this, it is completely life changing.

Enjoy the ride.


‘Awaken The Immortal Within’ – Jason Breshears

Coming soon

MEs are such an incredible subject I must continue with this thread, as I have said this is the biggest revelation to me over the last four years. Once you get you head around this, everything changes. We have not yet discussed major changes to the historical narrative that MEs explain perfectly. Here is one teaser for you, The Black Tom Explosion.

From Wikipedia

The Black Tom explosion was an act of sabotage by agents of the German Empire, to destroy U.S.-made munitions that were to be supplied to the Allies in World War 1. The explosions, which occurred on July 30, 1916, in New York Harbour, killed at least four people and destroyed some $20,000,000 ($540 million in 2023 dollars) worth of military goods. This incident, which happened prior to U.S. entry into World War 1, also damaged the Statue of Liberty. It was one of the largest artificial non-nuclear explosions in history. ………………..

2,000,000 pounds (910,000 kg) of small arms and artillery ammunition were stored at the depot in freight cars and on barges, including 100,000 pounds (45,000 kg) of TNT.

The Statue of Liberty's torch was closed to the public after the explosion, due to structural damage. Access was not opened even after the 1984-1986 restoration which included repairs to the arm and installation of a new gold-plated copper torch.

Wow, wow, wow, one of the largest artificial non-nuclear explosions in history, I have never heard this, ever, have you? Is history is continuously changing? We all know the Lusitania German U-Boat sinking in 1915, so we should know the Black Tom explosion. Let’s explore the agenda here.

Statue of Liberty – MEs

There are many MEs on the Statue of Liberty, one of the biggest is that it has moved islands in New York harbour! I will leave it there for now, this post is getting too long.

“Life is a box of Chocolates”.

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