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“To be, or not to be, that is the question.”

Almost three and a half years have passed since my life changed forever, (once you know you can never go back). All my life I have sought the truth, this journey of discovery, the meaning of life question which most people seek. So, what do I think now. Here in seven words is my statement of my observations.

“Our world is not what you think.”

Who are we?

I believe that Homo sapiens (us) were created by intelligent design, (not Darwinian), that we are God created eternal spirits having a human experience in a simulated construct, ‘the game of life.’ I also believe that the earth is at the centre of this realm and that the so-called stars (whatever they are) revolve around a flat and stationary earth.

That our human experience has been created to test every one of us. That we experience multiple life simulations in a journey of enlightenment of your unique spirit that exists on the outside of this world. That inside this simulated world your previous life’s experiences are unattainable, and you must start again as you enter your next life. I do think there is a spirit evolution at the core that does travel with you and that will manifest in your next life.

Once we have achieved true enlightenment and after multiple life simulations probably, we are able to break out of the simulated worlds and re-join our real self and where all our memories are restored, and we are able to become part of our true destiny in God’s universe beyond the simulation.

Spirit is your ‘God connection’ as I call it, we are all born with it, it is encoded in our DNA, Jesus calls it “the Kingdom of God within you.” People look outside of themselves when seeking the meaning of life, when in fact all they need to do is realise it comes from the spirit within.

This is the game changer because once you unlock your eternal spirit your life changes as it did for me, you can never go back to the person you were before. The question is do you realise this before it is too late and your time in this simulation comes to an end?


Here is the key to your awakening.

Intuition + Imagination + Empathy = Clarity

Once you are connected to spirit then intuition, imagination and empathy is unlocked, which allows you to have total clarity. It also protects you from the evil forces that are intent on controlling every aspect of your life. You are unique, you are much more than you suppose yourself to be. Once you have unlocked your innate spirituality you cannot be controlled, and this is the reason why those that control this world are enacting their evil agenda on humanity.

Evil forces

It has become apparent to me over the last three and a half years that what is happening in this world today is pure evil and satanic, and is a war on our spirit, the very essence of our humanity that makes us unique. That we are living in a world that has been completely taken over by evil forces where the number one aim is the destruction of human spirit and thereby the end of humanity as God intended. They have also enacted a depopulation program which is being played out in real time as part of their agenda for humanity. This has been hundreds of years in the making and it is only now where people can finally see the agenda being played out.


All I seek is the truth, as I have said many times, I do not like being lied to. I have already in this post made incredible assertions, the biggest, that we live on a flat earth. My research shows the earth is indeed flat. So, I am either completely bonkers or we have all been gaslighted for five hundred years and we are part of the biggest deception in history. I don’t want you to believe me (how could you), this is where you must do your own research. By the way, it is quite easy to prove that the earth is flat.

When you take this one example and perhaps this is the biggest conspiracy theory and if you eventually agree with me you then make the simple realisation that almost everything we have been told is a lie, which becomes the biggest wakeup call of your life.

Why would they not want you to know that the earth is flat?

If we live on a stationary flat plane and that everything revolves around it, then a creator or God comes into the equation big time and that we have therefore been created, (and not evolved). This one observation changes everything; the dynamic of your existence changes in this instance. There are many other reasons, which your research will show.

The evil forces running this world know all of this, they want you to believe that from a spec of nothingness, created from a big bang, you evolved over billions of years, into a species called Homo sapian sapian, and therefore a creator God cannot be at the centre of this existence. This has become their narrative for our world.

We have a choice.

I believe humanity has over centuries acquiesced to these evil forces and that is the current conundrum of our existence. We either stay a slave of the controlling matrix, or we can choose to break free and take back our beautiful humanness, which is our divine birth right.

I know this is all hard to take in, if eventually (after your research) you come to the same realisation as me then I can assure you that the clarity you will receive will empower you to become a totally different person, that I guarantee. I have made the breakout permanent; it took 65-years to work it out, it’s never too late.

Stay strong and be safe.

God bless you.


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