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The World As You Know It Is Unravelling At Great Speed

The World As You Know It Is Unravelling At Great Speed

Posted 26.1.24

If you read my predictions for 2024 you will know this year major contrived worldwide events will unravel, here is the link: 

Look at what is happening already in 2024, open your eyes.

·         World War 3 being prepped

·         American Election - Trump vs Biden, 78 and 82 at the time of the election, bonkers!

·         UK election and elections across the world

·         Contrived weather disruptions – yes, they can control the weather, reinforcing Net Zero agenda

·         World Health Organisation taking control of your person health, ratified in May 2024

·         Inflation/recession/unemployment

·         Food shortages Supply chains deliberately disrupted

·         Massive disruption in farming worldwide, to force farmers out of business - famine

·         Massive anti-government protests around the world initiated by farmers, general public getting involved, Germany, Italy, France, US, Netherlands, (not reported in MSM). Where is the UK?

·         Opening of the second seal of Revelation, which will be signalled at the Paris Olympics, see predictions video.

·         WEF prepping us for Disease X, (2025 IMO if needed)

All 100% contrived to cause total chaos. Both US and UK elections are total distractions, it doesn’t matter who is in power they are all controlled. Don’t think for one nanosecond that Biden has any power. I suspect the controllers of the US have instructed Biden to create World War 3 and will cancel the election, (because he will lose it). 

Your awakening

By September this year you will be either wide awake to this dystopian future being forced on humanity or you are basically an NPC (Non-Player Character) locked in the Matrix and you will believe and do anything the authorities tell you.

“Neo If I told you everything was a lie would you believe it” This has now been Mandella effected and has been removed from the film, Morpheus never said it. Why have I mention this because it is true, everything is a lie. We discuss this all the time; I have tried to give people information for them to do their own research and make their own conclusions.

That time has run out, chaos now reigns across the world, and this is only the beginning of the year. In reality 2024 using the ancient Callender (which the controllers work to) does not start until the vernal equinox, which is Wed, 20 Mar 2024, 3:06 am. (FYI The Roman ruler Numa Pompilius added January and February to the Callender to make 12 months).

So, what’s to do.

Use your instincts, challenge everything, openly talk to people, create your own bubbles of Errants and become a community. Prepare the best you can knowing complete chaos is coming. The key thing here is to not be fearful, know that all of this was planned to happen it is programmed into our reality.

It is not inevitable, our reality is created by the frequency of thought of the collective, to reverse this we must reach the tipping to the Great Awakening. We must reach more people for this to happen, it is a race against time which we no longer have, the next six months will determine the fate of humanity, Freedom or Enslavement.

Be alert, stay strong and stay safe.



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