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Prepare yourself for 2024.

Prepare yourself for 2024.


I have not posted on world events in recent times because in my opinion, the daily ‘fear porn’ is designed to be a distraction, deflecting us from discovering our Devine heritage. Hence my Awakening series of posts and concentrating on the spiritual aspects of our reality which I believe is at the core of our existence. However, a number of people have asked for my assessment on what is happening in the world currently and what we can expect in 2024.  

Setting the scene

The UN – WEF – WHO, are the front of house actors who have been commanded by their controllers to enact the stage play that we are all participating in whether we know it or not. The whole BS UN Agenda 2030, “You will own nothing and be happy” remember. Very sinister connotations, right? and you think it is just a bunch of clowns in their little cosy club, I wish. Agenda 2030 is real, you can read it, it’s in the public domain, it’s called, The Great Reset. It’s time to wake up.

The following key objectives are central to their control over humanity which will be played out over the coming six years:

Top 10

·         Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) – cashless society, social credit score.

·         Digital ID.

·         World Health Organisation – complete control of world health

·         Contrived Wars leading to WW3.

·         Food and water shortages, leading to mass starvation and famine.

·         Worldwide recession and Stock Market crash

·         Perpetuate the Climate and Net Zero scam.

·         A contrived Internet crash, facilitating a complete reset of the internet. 

·         AI control of all searches on the Internet, ChatGBT is the only the beginning. Aim to crush alternative media and information, one narrative only.

·         2024 French Olympics, (you must read to the end for the explanation on this).

You have all heard of these more and more, what did you think they were, to enhance your security and happiness? When you see them written down underneath each other, you should be able to see an agenda here. If you haven’t read George Orwell’s 1984 read it now.

So, the question is, which of these are going to have a worldwide impact in 2024? I will single out seven. Note here: all the above are ‘work in progress’ and are at various stages of being rolled out. The ones I will highlight are the ones I need to make you aware of so you can do your own alternative research and take precautionary action should you wish to. I am posting this on December 19th, 2023.

Always remember my inversion theory, whatever they tell you, the opposite is the truth.

1.      Total reboot of the internet as we know it.

The Internet is planned to be taken down and will be offline for a number of days possibly weeks. They will use the excuse of a major cyber-attack, maybe solar flares or even aliens (which they seem to be feeding us on right now). Guys, there are no aliens coming from space, the Klingons are not coming sorry, the ‘final frontier’ is the dome above.

WHY are they doing this - Because the controllers want to completely control the narrative, all alternative media is to be shut down. There is an amazing amount of information, in the alternative media (your intuition will tell you the good guys), and people are starting to wake up and engage with it, and our controllers don’t like it. Tip here, buy old books now for your new library that you can reference when ChatGBT tells you we landed on the moon. 


2.      Perpetuate the Climate and Net Zero scam.

The Climate is always changing as it has done for however long this realm has existed. Question, do you know what is the percentage of CO2 in the Atmosphere? I will tell you, 0.04% yes 0.04%, 0.04%, 0.04%. If it gets any lower plants and trees will start dying. And you think CO2 is the demon here.

How many coal-fired power stations are there in the UK, THREE, Ratcliffe-on-Soar, ‎West Burton, and ‎Kilroot power stations, with a total generating capacity of 3.52GW. How many coal-fired power stations in China? As of July 2022, there were 1,118 (and counting) operational coal power plants on the Chinese Mainland, I won’t list them. I really don’t need to waste my time explaining this one anymore its frigging obvious, I am not going to insult your intelligence, I need to go onto the why? It is also my firm belief the controllers have advanced technology that can manipulate the weather, creating hurricanes at will, catastrophic fires and much more, so you believe in the scam.

WHY are they doing this - the controllers are using the scam to put the fear of God into all those people who believe the BS narrative. To frighten the living daylights out of you, so you will do anything they say. We must ‘follow the science’ is the new meme here when the science on this is BS. They will also have you buying shit you don’t need, ground and air sourced heat pumps come to mind, electric cars (scam). All of this is designed to make you poorer (and colder) and even more beholding to your corrupt government who you think cares for you. Put another log on the fire.


3.      World Health Organisation (WHO) control of world health.

There is a Trojan Horse currently going under the radar worldwide in that the WHO is in the process in taking control of the health of the world and bypassing sovereign governments. The UK government have already acquiesced on this without any discussion or debate with the population. This has very much gone under the radar for most people. This will be ratified in May of 2024. Once this happens, the WHO will control all aspect of public health, they will be able to enforce lockdowns and consequential vaccines mandates as necessary in response to the next ‘virus’ or health concern. You can see where this is going, I don’t need to expand on this. You need to know your government is totally corrupt and in the control of the controllers, they have sold our souls to a privately run corporation the WHO where Bill Gates is one of the major financial backers. Yes really.

Why are they doing this – Lockdowns – You now know what it means, we have all experienced it. As you are aware (if you only got it from me), UN Agenda 2030 is for populations to be corralled into neighbourhoods, (20-minute neighbourhoods, 15-minute cities). At the COP 28 in Dubai in December they announced that they are putting public health at the heart of the Climate Change agenda for the very first time. Therefore, the WHO will be able to link climate change to public health and add ‘climate lockdowns’, (you heard it first from me), to their arsenal of controls. This is linked to two above.

4.      Contrived Wars.

Unpinning the UN Agenda 2030 which is not published is that there is a depopulation agenda running in the background, as there has always been. You must ask who benefits from wars, the industrialists, weapons manufacturers, big corporates in general. Wars are contrived in advance for the purposes of the controllers to shape the realm into their grand design. They have been talking about and planning a New World Order for more than two hundred years. First and second world wars completely contrived. The mass carnage and insane industrial slaughter of the first world war, for what exactly, should open your eyes to the evil that sits behind your cosy settee and your Netflix boxset.

There is a third world war in the offing, again planned one hundred years ago and that is the genocidal war in Israel currently, escalating into World War 3, against Islam. The US are allowing Israel to perpetuate a genocidal war on Palestine making sure that there will be an escalation of the war, this is now inevitable, all planned. Biden, whoever he is, is a puppet of the controllers.  

WHY are they doing this - To completely destabilise the world, they don’t care how many people are slaughtered as long as their New World Order is achieved, one world government, no borders, complete control.  

5.      Food and water shortages.

This one is under the radar at present but will become obvious in 2024 as food inflation continues to rise. This has been brewing nicely since lockdown and was one of the objectives of lockdown to disrupt supply chains and create food inflation, and scarcity. Farming is being deliberately disrupted worldwide, to massively cut food production, they are doing this in many ways. Demonising cows and meat, paying farmers to re-wild or to pay farmers large amounts of money to get out of milk, pigs etc. Look at what is happening across the world, you have all seen what the elite controlled Dutch government has been trying to do their own farmers who are one of the most productive in the world.

WHY are they doing this – to create worldwide mass starvation over the coming years, why, depopulation, simple. 

6.      Worldwide contrived recession

Another one under the radar at the moment, in 2024 it’s going to break out across the world. The printing of fake money (quantitative easing) has stopped; therefore, the banks are unable to support industries who need the money to invest, it’s quite simple and all planned. It’s a Ponzi scheme, remember, it will always fail. If you knew how your four hundred thousand mortgage was created (literally) you would immediately know the whole financial edifice is fake and unsustainable. Why hasn’t it collapsed already is because our controllers are not quite ready for it, it suits them to steal as much money from all of us before your pension goes puff!

The construction industry as I write is massively affected by this. Recession equals, housing market continuing to fall, unemployment rising significantly, people defaulting on impossible mortgage payments, banks shutting down people’s accounts as they go into deficit as overdraft facilities have been removed, (all planned). This will also lead to social unrest as people become desperate. Note here, this could change briefly when WW3 breaks out as key countries which would include the UK will get an economic rebound, this has happened in the past. 

WHY are they doing this - Chaos. Remedy, Central Bank Digital Currency.

7.      2024 Olympic Games, France, 4-year cycle. This is the big one.

This is the big one. You must watch the opening and closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic games, you will find them on YouTube. Parts of the ceremonies are satanic rituals and are pointing to a time in the future where the poisons of the pharmaceutical industry will be used against humanity. This is the 2020 Worldwide lockdown ordered by the controllers using the WHO to enact these unprecedented draconian measures. This was followed by an unapproved, (Emergency Use Authorisation), worldwide vaccination program that has and is continuing to kill millions of people.

I have explained this in a previous post. The 2020 Worldwide lockdown is the opening of the first seal of Revelation, which means you need to get your bibles out and get up to speed with what is unfolding. The book of Revelation is not old mythology that is not relevant in today’s world, it explains in detail a program that is fixed into the matrix, it is running and cannot be stopped. The opening of the seven seals of Revelation are a wakeup call to humanity, which is exactly what they were designed to do.  

The sixth will be opened in 2040, which we know from separate source material, so each seal is a four-year epicycle. Therefore 2024 is the opening of the second seal, and the controllers will use the French Olympics to signal the call for the second seal to be enacted. It may actually happen as part of the closing ceremony. You wouldn’t want to spoil the Olympics, would you? A preplanned event that is signalled to erupt worldwide at multiple locations, an eruption of jihadist activity across all western nations at the same time, using daggers and small arms, utter carnage. 

WHY are they doing this - you are asking what this has got to do with Agenda 2030? Everything. The controllers are using the opening of the second seal as part of their agenda, in that the total worldwide carnage of the opening of the second seal will facilitate for further lockdowns and more draconian controls, basically the end of freedom of movement, this will hasten the control ensure they hit their target of 2030. The way things are going thy might have total control by 2028.    



I know what you are thinking, this is BS, however there are points here that you can see unfolding. Exactly, when they have lied to you once you must not believe them ever again. The fake Moon landings and the intelligence agencies contrived 9/11 are just two examples. Which means if you can agree on one then you really need to do your own alternative research on the rest. The only difference between you and me is I have studied this for three and a half years and you haven’t, which means you cannot dismiss my findings.

Yes, I am exposing myself to ridicule, but I don’t care, all I care is that I open some people’s eyes and minds to the reality of this world. And I also realise to my cost, I cannot change anyone’s perceptions they are locked into their paradigms. However, a very few of you are going to get the ‘ah ha’ moment here which is going to change your life, because this is the first step of getting out of the matrix.

This information is enough to freak anyone out, even if only half of it is going to happen. It shows you categorically that this realm we inhabit a prison realm, as it had always been. Humanity has been traumatised for thousands of years by unseen controllers, through wars, famines, catastrophic cataclysms that require a complete reset, it is no wonder we will do anything to preserve our security.

You must also realise the world changed forever in 2020, that you know, we will never go back to a time when we perceived life was good, which was also an illusion by the way, it was just a lot more bearable than it is now. As I write this is the calm before the storm, 2024 is the year the world wakes up and takes back control from our captors or the complete demise for humanity will be sealed forever. I just wish everyone could read this and then make up their own minds. There is no ambivalence or fence sitting here, shit is about to happen on our watch and what are we going to do about it?   

I am personally scared of what is about to happen, not in the slightest, it’s the knowing, it allows you to see and feel this realm for what it is, a morally corrupted prison realm. It is a simulation that has been infiltrated by evil forces. I believe a real reality exists outside of this construct where evil does not exist.

By deep diving over the last few years my awakening has happened, and I have discovered the spiritual side of my reality, (which I have discussed in some detail in the Awaken series of posts), I believe that our entire existence is based on the premise, we are here in this realm to understand the WHY, (why are we here), everything else is secondary to this question.

The WHY is the power, and through this power we can create real purpose in our lives and to use the simulation to our advantage. The knowing by understanding the WHY. Or to put it more simply, ‘the pursuit of true enlightenment’. And I say again, nothing else matters, this is our destiny.

You have no choice but to do your own research here, you cannot ignore it, you must do this for your family.

Be strong and be safe.

God bless you.



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