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What is really going on in 2020 - challenging the COVID-19 narrative

Something is fundamentally wrong with the whole Corona pandemic thing. Call it a gut feeling, call it my sixth sense - it does not stack up and make sense. To me the draconian, or should I say Orwellian, regimes that have been introduced by governments to protect the population from the “vicious disease” (as Boris Johnson calls it) of Covid-19 are completely over the top and cannot be justified. And this whole response is not just about a new virus that we know little about and the consequential lockdown, this is far more nuanced and potentially planet-changing in my opinion. What do you think? Because what you think and what we all do as a collective from now on is going to determine the future of humankind as we know it. Yes, it is that important. The government thinks we are all thick and stupid and have to be treated like naughty school children. We cannot make up our own minds from all media channels and therefore they have to only allow the mainstream narrative. Why? Because they want compliance and for you to behave. It was always thus. So, welcome to my blog. I would like to brand myself as the alternative point of view. The view you are currently not seeing because it is being highly censored, (we will discuss the censoring aspect in great detail don't worry). We are going to have a debate as to what is really going on and fundamentally you can then come to your own conclusions, which to me is a fundamrntal human right. Enjoy the debate get involved.

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