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Signing Off

Signing Off - This will be my last but one blog post.

I have in the last 6 months written 62 posts, explaining to one and all what I think is happening with the pandemic and what is going on behind the scenes. As I have discussed ad nauseum, what we are all now witnessing is the biggest scam in the history of the world by a million miles and 12-months later it should be so obvious to people in my opinion. I have also written an e-book that predates when I started blogging in October 2020, this is available as a free download from my website at

The scam

The concocted pandemic is a worldwide scam by the elites to take control of humanity, period, through vaccination and vaccination passports, and it is working. This was the plan all along. 98+% of people have no idea what is really going on and are believing everything they are being told by the MSM, SAGE, WHO, Gates, Johnson, Hancock, Whitty, Vallance et al. In my opinion they are all war criminals and should be tried for crimes against humanity.

Anyone who challenges the narrative is cancelled. I personally have now been censored and shadow banded on Twitter, I can no longer post updates from the platform I use. So much for freedom of speech and democracy. All the ‘alternative’ doctors and scientists I follow have been cancelled from mainstream.

They have won.

Bang on script it is clear the vast majority of the population will now be vaccinated, including young children and pregnant women (for God’s sake why?), and all my family. As I discuss in my blog posts vaccine deaths and injury are not being reported, you have seen nothing yet. And yes, the ultimate aim here is depopulation, through sterility, infertility, cancer, Antibody Dependent Enhancement all covered up by the latest new variant COVID virus, that will perpetuate the fear factor and will have you queuing up for your latest booster jab, (every 9-months probably), again bang on queue because that is the requirement of the newly introduced passports.

If you have not watched the latest Dr Mike Yeadon full interview video, you must watch it. He is a scientist and will confirm what I am writing. Here is the link:

The one bit of good news

I was on the London march two weeks ago, with 500,000+ beautiful people. I met people from all over the country, Kent, Shropshire, Yorkshire, Devon, Cornwall, Suffolk. I talked to doctors, nurses, bus drivers, teachers, solicitors, students, and retired people, all of them there because they like me were concerned and disturbed about the future, and what sort of world their children and grandchildren would be living in. It was a fantastic day; I cried a lot on the way home. Again, this was totally not properly reported by MSM.

Thank you.

So, thank you for your support and comments over the months, I have failed, but my conscience is clear. I have always wanted to be wrong and believe me I would go down on my hands and knees begging for forgiveness if I was proven to be just another bonkers conspiracy theorist. But the more I investigated the bigger the conspiracy that is being played out.

I am a simple person who loves this beautiful world and the people in it. However, it is too much for me now to carry on, especially as I have been unable to convince people close to me. I will not be coerced into having the vaccine, I aim to continue the fight. I am not sure where this is all going for me now as I have to take stock and decide my future.

Please stay in touch by email if you want and we can carry on chatting.

God bless you all.

Kind regards


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