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Dear fellow human-being

I am writing a letter to you, I have called it freedom, I write this as a simple man to a fellow human-being to ask you to stop and think and take stock about the current situation that is unfolding in this beautiful country of ours and specifically from the point of view of freedom.

I also write this with pain and anger in my heart, I also write this from the bottom of my heart.

The pain is the angst I have caused in my family because I was not prepared to believe the Covid-19 narrative coming from the government, scientists and MSM, I had to research it for myself. The anger comes from my research and what I now perceive is unfolding that has been orchestrated by a small elite of people and organisations with nefarious intentions who want to completely control humanity. I also write because I love and care, simple. I don’t have to write this but if you passionately care so much you are prepared to take the consequences and the potential negativity coming down the line.

In my simple life I want to be a positive force, I want to enjoy the company of my family and friends, I want to give back. We have only ‘three score years and ten’ on this tiny planet and that goes very quickly as I am sure you would agree. I also want to do what I want with my life, to go anywhere, do anything, say anything, it’s called freedom, it is a basic right. The freedoms that we now enjoy in the 21st Century have been hard fought and have come at a terrible cost. In two horrific world wars millions died so that we can live free of tyranny.

In the 21st Century, technology has replaced the bullets, make no mistake we are at war again, same agenda, power, and control, but this time it comes from a global technocracy who believe that if they can micromanage and control every aspect of your life then you are going to be safer, healthier, and happier. That to me is not freedom it is totalitarianism, period, it is Orwell’s 1984. Is that what you want? Look at what is happening now in China, because that level of control is planned for all of humanity.

Simply look at the current government flip flop edicts they are completely bonkers, and nonsensical, totally designed to continue to make you fearful. Bottom line, locking up perfectly healthy people in virtually every country on the planet, while their businesses are destroyed, creating a mental health catastrophe, and destroying the education of a generation of young people for a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate and an infection to death ration of 0.15%, (which is very similar to the annual flu season in a bad year), really! It doesn’t stack up, it never has. The science has been politicized to fit an agenda and narrative, and this has happened worldwide. The pressures exerted behind the scenes for leaders to toe the line can clearly be seen, they are desperate to get everyone vaccinated. You have been played.

What would your grandfather or grandmother say? My grandfather who tragically lost both of his sons aged at 19 and 21 always told me “You have one life, live it and live it to the full”. That is what being a human-being is all about, isn’t it? To have the freedom to live your life to the full. I loved my grandparents very much they were the kindest human beings I have ever known, for them to live with the loss of two beautiful sons while still supporting the rest of the family has been my total inspiration in life. Life without freedom is no life at all, would you not agree?

This is now getting very serious, because we have allowed those forces that want to control us to get the upper hand, you have allowed your freedoms to be taken away because you think the government and scientists have your best interests at heart. Nothing is further from the truth. When apparently Johnson rages that not enough young people are coming forward for their jabs, then you must ask yourself what the hell is really going on. As I repeat in my blog posts ad nauseum these are experimental gene therapies released on emergency approval. Clinical studies finish in 2023 and we have no idea what the long-term side effects of these injections are, so why would you inject, young people, pregnant women and anyone who has had the virus who has built up their own antibodies, it’s chilling in my opinion? What do you think?

There is no saviour coming down the line to save us from the unfolding dystopia that awaits us all. The only people who can stop the madness is me and you and for all of us to come together and say enough is enough. Time is not on our side, and we have a very small window to wake up to precisely what is happening before it is too late.

All I ask is for you do your own research with an open mind. Right from the start in March 2020 I have wanted to be proved wrong believe me, do you think for one moment I want to have to write this? Black or white, right, I am bonkers, or what I am saying is basically correct. You decide, and if after having done your research you come to the same conclusions as me then you must stand up and open the debate. You must do that for the freedom of your children and grandchildren and for the honour of your grandparents (maybe great grandparents) that fought for that freedom.

Kindest regards


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