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‘It’s About Globalism Stupid’

‘It’s About Globalism Stupid’

Wakey Wakey

Boris Johnson - WEF Globalist stooge - went along with the WHO/China narrative for the most part, enjoyed the kudos. Why did they get rid of him? Two issues, firstly, his corruption and lies brought him down, also the WEF did not like the fact Johnson brought lockdowns to an end. Elite controlled media and BBC were ordered to hound Johnson out using the corruption angle to get him. Note here, Johnson had an 80-seat majority, insane right? The worst Prime Minister in the history of the UK.

Dominic Cummins - WEF Globalist stooge – worked with Sunak to bring Johnson down

Kier Starmer – WEF Globalist stooge – totally controlled, wanted to lockdown longer remember. He will be catastrophic as a Prime Minister for the country.

Rishi Sunak - WEF Globalist stooge – stabbed Johnson in the back, he will do anything the WEF says - driving Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) for the G7, see video. I.e., Total digital control of where you spend your money. Work it out.

Jeremy Hunt – WEF Globalist stooge – Completely useless. (Disastrous NHS minister, 6-years). Totally controlled by the WEF.

The WEF wanted Sunak to be Prime Minister after the runoff with Truss. They didn’t get what they wanted so the WEF had to trash Truss and force her out and manipulated the markets to make this happen. They shorted the pound from early September. Why, they still want Sunak to be Prime Minister, CBDC remember.

Liz Truss – WEF Globalist stooge – considered too weak by the WEF. Markets that are controlled by the elites brought down her mini budget. Truss’s intentions may have been good, real Conservatism right, but the way it was implemented was naive in the extreme. It is also clear real Conservative policies (Truss’s mini budget) are no longer acceptable to the elites. They want to take all our money; tax cuts can therefore not happen. Truss ordered to bring in Hunt as Chancellor, then had no option but to resign. A total coup, by the elites.

Who then is in charge?

Who currently runs the UK government and fiscal policy, answer the IMF and financial markets, who runs the markets, the elites, simple. The elites aim is to destroy western democracies as we know it and bring in a New World Order, (with digital currency). To you and me, what is being implemented is totalitarianism as described brilliantly by George Orwell in his prophetic novel 1984. This is happening in real time, NOW!

Conservatives are not Conservative, Labour are not real Labour, there is hardly any difference between them. There needs to be a new alternative party who are not affiliated to or controlled by the WEF.

And they want Johnson back, you cannot write this stuff.

Wake up people, we have very little time to stop this in its tracks before it is too late.

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