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New 61-page e-Book from Peter Ragg

Published May 31.5.22




What is really happening in the world today, and why we must stop the Great Reset



Part one – The Deception – We have run out of time

Chapter 1 - Conspiracy Theory

Chapter 2 - All History is a Lie, here is the proof

Chapter 3 – Why – Who is responsible

Chapter 4 – The Great Reset explained

Chapter 5 – Pandemic Review

Part two - The Fight Back

Chapter 6 – The Great Awakening

Chapter 7 - What you must do now

Bonus Chapters

Chapter 8 – Understanding Spirituality - Finding your meaning for life

Chapter 9 – Health and Wellness

Click on the link below to download your FREE copy of Enslavement

Please help me to spread the word, thank you.

Enslavement by Peter Ragg
Download PDF • 655KB

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