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All history is a lie! - Robert Walpole

All history is a lie! - Robert Walpole

Bitesize 500 No:9 – March16th, 2022

At the enlightened age of 67 I have come to some sobering conclusions of life as we experience it. I have always had an open and enquiring mind, my favourite subject at school was history. I challenge the narrative whatever the subject, and then God forbid I come to my own conclusions.

My startling assessment

I don’t know who or what to believe anymore, all history and current events are fabricated to suit a narrative, everybody is lying to you. All Governments across the world are utterly corrupt, including our own, and including all mainstream media. Everybody has an agenda and guess what, we the masses are just pawns, and are currently in a worldwide chess game to dehumanise humanity.

It’s all about psychopathic power and control as it has always been. And the icing on the cake for the globalists running the show is that the technology is now available and is being rolled out at an unbelievable pace so that by 2030 or sooner every country on planet earth will have the total Orwellian controls as are being enacted on the Chinese population now. And the most startling thing is, they (the globalists) are telling us what their intensions are, and we the dumb Joe Public think it is still a conspiracy theory.


‘The one thing we learn from History is we never learn from it’. Why do we keep making the same mistakes time and again? This is the question I have always asked during my life. Why cannot we learn from our mistakes and become more enlightened and caring human beings which I thought was the whole idea of life?

I now have the answer for you. “All history is a lie”, totally, 100% and because it is all a lie we cannot learn from it, so you will keep making the same mistakes time and again.

Homo-sapiens (us) have been around for over 200,000 years and during that time we have risen to our current level of technical sophistication and enlightenment. Your history teacher will have told you that civilisation started with the Sumerians about 6,000 years ago and before that we were simple hunter gatherers. And that after three and a half billion years of planet earth we are the ultimate incarnation of our species. That is complete bollocks, it’s a lie.

Resets (I hate the word reset)

My research has shown there have been many resets over the course of history. What I mean by this we have been here before, homo-sapiens operate in cycles. We attain a level of sophistication and technological capability (like now) and then we screw it up by destroying ourselves, and we have to start all over again.

If you believe your history teacher, then we are 6,000 years into the current cycle. So, you might think that we have not had a reset for at least 6,000 years, good to know right? What if during the current 6,000-year cycle there have been other resets that you are not being told and what if the latest one was very recent in the historical timeline, say 250 years ago? Now that would blow you mind right, probably freak you out. (You will have to wait for my next blog on this one) anyway for now I will just say, it's in plain sight.

Examples of previous iterations of homo-sapiens.

Gobekli Tepe - Turkey, circa 12,000 years old, proven – incredible stone circles dwarfing Stonehenge in sophistication.

The Sphinx - Egyptologists say 2,500BC, rubbish, over 10,000 years at least, maybe a lot older that that.

Most of ancient Egyptian megalithic sites look like bomb sites, literally, something catastrophic happened to destroy them.

There are many South American sites exhibiting the same cataclysmic damage that are far older than 6,000 years ago. Check out the polygonal stones work at Cusco and Sacsayhuaman, it’s incredible.

I could go on.

What causes a reset?

Some are cosmic, one example of this is the Younger Dryas of circa 12,800 years ago. This was caused by comets hitting the Canadian ice sheets causing a cataclysmic tsunami and climate change, which devastated the whole planet including all the highly civilised populations of Egypt and South America. Raising sea levels and drowning many coastal sophisticated populations across the world. This is almost accepted by mainstream scientists, but you don’t know about it.

Note: this will have happened many times over the three and a half billion years of planet earth.

I would suggest others are manmade, and if you believe your bible stories there is the ‘Tower of Babel’ where God was not pleased with the way homo-sapiens were heading and facilitated for a reset. There are other examples too.

How about The Great Reset?

Almost forgot that one. That is the reset that is definitely manmade and is being rolled out in real time that I alluded to earlier. And if you still think it is a conspiracy theory then you are living in a fantasy world. Let’s put it in perspective for you.

Everything that is happing in the world today is totally connected and choreographed and is part of The Great Reset. EVERTHING.

So, we have now had 2-years of a fake pandemic where the governments and scientists across the World rolled out an agenda of fear and vaccination mandates, at the same time crushing the economies of the western world and making billions for every corporate that supplied you stuff during your imprisonment, and you thought it was about health, dooh! are you still thinking that now? Now on cue we have World War 3, (coming soon) 100% connected. WHY. Power and Control, simple.

Which means we will have to start again; will we never learn?

I realise I am skimming here but the whole idea of my 500 words blogs (this one is 1000, sorry) is to prick your conscience into doing something, how about protecting your children’s and grandchildren’s future, or do you want them to live in an Orwellian dystopia?

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