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The West is Weak, Woke and Broke

Bitesize 500 No:7 – February 24th , 2022

The West is Weak, Woke and Broke


What have we all allowed to happen is beyond criminal, the West has facilitated for an emboldened Putin and Tyrant Xi Jinping to do what the hell they like? There is an old adage you get the politicians you deserve, so the US get demented Biden who should be in a care home (leader of the free world), and the UK gets a liar who loves parties while he locks up his people. Makes you ask the question, who’s running the US, and UK for that matter?

So, Johnson freezes a few bank accounts, really! Ask yourself what Churchill would have done, (Boris’s hero right)? Johnson cannot even criticise Trudeau the Canadian prime minister for crushing his own population (western democratic country) and imposing dystopian Orwellian controls in response to the trucker’s convoy. Most people in the UK have no idea what is happening in Canada because the MSM are not reporting it.


We talk to our kids about challenging their gender, they cannot say mum and dad anymore should they have one or the other, we teach them about critical race theory and tell them Nelson (my hero) was complicit in the slave trade. We applaud BLM and take the knee; we pull down the statues and monuments and dump them in the river.

Putin and Xi Jinping look at the woke West and cannot believe we are destroying ourselves, without a bullet being fired, making their tyrannical politics seem perfectly reasonable in their eyes and therefore can be rolled out to a weak and woke capitalist West.

Remember Xi Jinping the Chinese totalitarian dictator, the guy who started the pandemic and then sold you dodgy lateral flow tests at great expense. Oh, and if you said that the supposed virus was a lab leak 2-years ago you were condemned as a conspiracy theorist, now an accepted fact. You cannot write it.


The UK is weak, it is woke, and it is also broke because the UK is now trillions in debt due to corrupt eye watering spending on the pandemic, (jobs for the boys remember!) and you get to pay for it, which will take another 60 years and yes, your children and grandchildren will pay, so well done there. Also, tax increases and inflation has been concocted to further impoverish families, and to make them further dependant on the state, all part of the agenda.

Finally, here is the kicker

Everything is connected. All the world leaders, including Putin and Xi Jinping are playing to the same globalist agenda to destroy humanity as we know it. They all belong to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the ‘Build Back Better’ bullshit. Everything that is happening in the world today is totally choreographed, everything. You cannot keep rolling out the next COVID variant as people will start waking up. You have to chuck a world war into the equation to take people’s eyes off the ball and continue the fear and more importantly the deaths.

Hot News

Putin has just started firing missiles this morning, bang on cue, totally expected. Get prepared for the biggest stock market crash in history, also part of the script.

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