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Lockdown legacy, what you have allowed to happen

Bitesize 500 No:5 – February 14th , 2022

Lockdown legacy, what you have allowed to happen

I look back on the last two years from a position of having been a lockdown sceptic from the very start with the consequential label of being called a conspiracy theorist by my family and friends. This happened to anyone who was prepared to challenge the narrative, fact.

Let me itemise the catastrophic legacy inventory for you because you think this is all over, while the only thing on you mind is how many parties Boris Johnson rocked up to and that pisses you off a little bit.

This is what your caring government signed you into, with your consent. Two weeks to flatten the curve, remember that?

Two years on.

1. A totally broken, crippled, demoralised NHS with 6-years plus waiting lists

2. Catastrophic levels of undiagnosed cancers and heart disease

3. People died at home during lockdowns, too scared to contact their doctor or go to A&E, dead bodies found in homes weeks later

4. Pandemic levels of mental health issues, diabetes, obesity, alcoholism, and suicides

5. Horrific levels of vaccine damage and deaths, (US VAERS + UK YELLOW CARD REPORTING SYSTEMS, only between 1-10% adverse reactions reported

6. Scientists are finally reporting that the vaccines have massively depleted people’s immune system, potentially leading to Antibody Dependant Enhancement, (ADE) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, (AIDS). This was discussed from the beginning of the pandemic and brushed aside as it did not fit the narrative

7. Vaccinating young children and pregnant women where we have no idea of the long-term side effects, this is beyond criminal

8. Massive transfer of wealth (trillions) from the middle classes by shutting down their businesses to worldwide corporates

9. Corruption of a generation of children’s education

10. Bankrupted the country, outrageous spending, and corruption on COVID supplies

11. Government/ SAGE psyops to put the fear of God into every person

12. One narrative, anyone who challenged the narrative was cancelled, thereby shutting down debate and free speech

13. Fascist states emerging across the world through vaccine mandates, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Italy, France, Israel et al

14. None of these debated or called out by the MSM, because they are utterly corrupt and have been paid off by Big Pharma, grotesque

Two years ago, these were conspiracy theories, one thing is clear, and you cannot deny, these are now facts, you thought the government was looking after your health, nothing could be further from the truth. Do not think for one nanosecond that is the end, that you going to be allowed to go back to normal.

This is only the end of the beginning, a respite for a few weeks or months before the next part of the agenda is unleashed. You must remember everything happening in the world today is 100% connected and that includes Ukraine. That agenda is the 2030 Globalist UN, WEF, WHO agenda to completely control every human being on planet Earth as in China today.

What are you thinking now? What are you going to tell your grandchildren when they ask you in their Orwellian, Brave New World future, “what did you do in 2020 when the government ruthlessly took away your freedoms?” My conscience is clear, is yours?

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