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Bitesize 500 No:2 -Your inner voice is calling you out, to do something.

Bitesize 500 No:2

Your inner voice is calling you out, to do something.

Here is the rub.

We are being subliminally programmed, the aim, to dehumanise humanity. Think about these words, to me it sums up the predicament we have arrived at in the third decade of the 21st Century.

Here to me are the unique attributes of being human:

· To forgive

· To learn

· To live

· To empathise

· To care

· To tolerate

· To commune

· To converse

· To connect

· To glorify

· To laugh

· To smile

· To feel

· To think

· To love

These were your default settings at birth. If you were designing a new species and you gave them these characteristic and attributes, then you would be designing a beautiful being, I am sure you would agree, which to me is exactly what God did.

How you see the world

Over time your conscious brain programs itself through your perceptions and learning experiences and this becomes your thinking of how you see the world, your paradigm on life. There is an inherent weakness in this, in that your conscious mind can be easily manipulated for you to believe something that is fundamentally untrue or to doubt your own sanity, it’s called gaslighting.

It is the flaw in the human psyche, we are not on guard, we are too trusting, for example we believe the government and scientists would do us no harm, and they care about our health. Because we are so trusting we do not challenge, and therefore we expose ourselves to nefarious intensions without the slightest clue that it is happening to us.

Why dehumanise humanity?

To destroy our individuality and free will, and thereby impose mandates and controls that will enslave us. That my friends is what is happening today, and it should now be blindingly obvious, and what is happening across the world is completely scripted and has been planned for decades. In the third decade of the 21st Century the technology is finally available to subliminally program you to accept virtually anything the government mandates when it is clearly unscientifically proven. Let’s call it out, we have all been brainwashed, (not everyone Peter). My question to you, what is your gut instinct and intuition telling you, they must be screaming at you and calling you out to do something?

The fight back

This is war, we are fighting for our freedoms and humanity, time is not on our side, those that are imposing the dystopia are currently winning the war. The good news is, I do believe they have overexposed themselves; they have become too arrogant and are making big mistakes. Our time is now, the great awakening is happening, I feel it, we are all part of the new D-Day, the great pushback on tyranny is gathering pace, the truth will be exposed, we will overcome, and we will win this war. I love my attributes; nobody is going to take them away from me.

Join the fight, for freedom and humanity, the World needs you.

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