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MSM and accountability

Bitesize 500 No:1 - January 4rd, 2022

Welcome to 2022, the year that will define humanity

This is my first Bitesize 500, 500 words on one aspect of the Covid narrative. There are many other posts on my website where I go into far more detail on each subject. The aim of the Bitesize 500 is a one-page overview for you to digest. And hopefully for you to research further yourself.

You need to know I am a lockdown sceptic and have been from the very start. All I seek is the truth and will challenge narrative, until the truth is exposed. Please read my Bitesize and feel free to pass on to your family and friends.

Here we go then, one word of warning I do have a sense of humour and I do swear, so I apologise in advance. I will also hold no punches; time is not on our side. I am a normal bloke and will ask normal questions, I am one of you.

So, here is the first question from one of my friends who is aware of my scepticism.

“Peter, if there was something really dodgy going on the mainstream media (MSM) will investigate it, hold the government to account and stop any nefarious intentions in its tracks”.

Do you think this is the question more and more people are now asking, because they are starting the awakening process? This question also goes to the core of our hard-won freedom and democracy, wouldn’t you agree?

The answer is and it is shocking, the MSM is 100% complicit in those nefarious intentions that are being rolled out on humanity. There is no challenge to the World Health Organisation’s and consequential government narrative. There is no investigative journalism, period. MSM have been completely muzzled and are required to support the government narrative and campaign of fear and lies, in essence they are part of it.

Have you thought this yourself yet or is this something that up until now you have not considered?

Please consider the following:

· Facebook, Twitter, YouTube will censor and remove anyone who challenges the narrative as set out by the WHO, this is on public record, you already know this.

· MSM is being bankrolled by the government, Big Pharma, and the Gates Foundations, therefore completely muzzled.

· Any doctor, professor, scientist et al who challenges the narrative are marginalised and, in many cases, fired from their positions. You will also know this.

· Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Media, and all Governments are colluding and driving one agenda and narrative, the total control of humanity by 2030, a la China today.

Shocking right? If, these are all true, then you must check out for yourself the alternative narrative.

The Alternative Narrative – (Peter’s recommendations).

Number 1 – Joe Rogan Podcasts on Spotify – two recommendations, all very recent Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Robert Malone (the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology). This will get you up to speed. Joe Rogan has just blown away the MSM.

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