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The Pandemic's Achilles Heel

The Pandemic's Achilles Heel

I believe there is an Achilles Heel in the Government narrative so far, and that is the vaccine adverse reactions and deaths being reported on the UK Yellow Card and US VAERS reporting systems. As each week goes by the data becomes even more horrific. You also have to realise it is accepted by the medical community that only between 1% and 10% of adverse reactions are actually being reported. So, you can one nought or two to the data, which makes it even more horrific.

The Yellow Card and VAERS data must be put into the public domain and debated, yes, the data is available on the UK and US websites, but people will not go looking for it. It has also come to my attention in the last week that there are a significant number of miscarriages and still births happening as a result of vaccinating pregnant women being reported. This is not yet in the public domain, if this can be substantiated, then this is the smoking gun, it is beyond belief that we could be killing babies with these so-called vaccines, where we have absolutely no idea what are the long term side effects.

If the public were made aware of this information, it would blow the lid off the entire fraud that is being perpetrated on humanity in my opinion, there would be hell to pay.

The vaccines are gene therapies, and they, the pharmaceutical companies knew there would be adverse reactions and deaths because that was the known from the start, (animal studies on mRNA vaccines in the past had killed all the animals, hence no animal studies with the SARS Cov2 virus).

The globalists behind the pandemic have the MSM in their pockets as they have all been paid off and therefore the MSM with not report this data and therefore very few people are seeing it. The majority of people are still believing the BBC which I believe is corrupt to the core. Investigative journalism is dead, where are all the John Pilgers when we need them?

Note: In any other era, these vaccines would have been taken off the market as soon as adverse reactions had become apparent. There have been more adverse reactions from these vaccines than every other vaccine added together in the history of immunisation.

You must research the Yellow Card and VAERS data for yourself, come to your own conclusions and if you then feel like me then you must tell other people. Heart Attacks, Strokes, Myocarditis, we all now know people who have recently died unexpectedly, and all the football players and spectators collapsing on camera, where games have to be stopped and medical attention is required. The same and more is happening behind closed doors, nobody is yet joining the dots on this in public.

MSM also stands for Mass Systematic Murder which is being perpetrated on everyone who is rolling up their sleeves believing that their government is protecting them from a deadly disease. We have to get this message out so a tipping point is achieved and where everyone will then demand to know the truth, (which they are certainly not getting currently).

This is World War III without the bullets my friends. I will die for my children’s and grandchildren’s future and freedom, as did my great uncle on the Somme. I hope and pray that people will wake up before it is too late, homo-sapiens are sleepwalking to oblivion at this point.

Our freedom is hanging by a thread.

God bless you all.

Kindest regards Peter

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