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Latest Pandemic review Thursday 14th October 2021.

Latest Pandemic review Thursday 14th October 2021.

My question for you

So, my friends 20 months has passed, since the world as you knew it changed forever in March 2020, what do you think about the pandemic now? Are you still believing the government narrative? Are you still thinking this is about your health? If you are, you are completely deluded and brainwashed in my opinion. Here is my updated assessment of what I think is going on and who is in charge?


Your life has basically been highjacked by a powerful elite that controls the world. It controls all governments and therefore politicians. It controls all the corporations that impact on your life, banks, big pharma, big oil, UN, WHO, WEF, all MSM including all social media. These elites have been waiting hundreds of years for the opportunity to pull the trigger. They now believe that the time is right and that the technology that is now in place will make it irreversible. THEY HAVE PULLED THE TRIGGER. (I have mentioned this many times before, but you are not going to read my back posts, so I am reiterating it here again).

This is all a conspiracy theory which ironically is a term that was coined by the CIA for anyone who did not agree with the accepted narrative of the day. The CIA being one of the corporations run by the elites. Two American presidents warned us of the new technocracy’s intentions, Eisenhower in his final address to the people as he exited the White House and in more recent times Trump also warned people and spent 4 years being hounded by the elites because he was on their case.

Dismissing someone as a conspiracy theorist at the drop of a hat is the most ignorant thing anyone can do, in my opinion. And that is exactly why the CIA came up with the two words, because you can dismiss someone in two words and therefore not investigate it yourself, because if you did you would be a conspiracy theorist yourself and you don’t want to be tied to that brush do you? The meme therefore is that all conspiracy theorists are bonkers. It’s completely genius if you want to subvert the narrative, and that my friends is exactly what has happened.

UK government in cahoots.

You have just watched Johnson’s useless (no plan for the upcoming planned chaos) speech last week at the Conservative Party Conference, as he stands at the lectern with the slogan emblazoned on the front ‘Build Back Better’. Do you think these words were dreamed up in a brainstorming meeting at Conservative HQ? Nope, they were coined by Klaus Schwab at the elite controlled World Economic Forum or WEF for short. Build Back Better is the signal that they (UK government) are totally on board with the WEF agenda of total control of the population, which is also being rolled out across the world and in front of your very eyes (which you cannot see). This is called The Great Reset. Klaus loves Boris and Boris loves Klaus. All the leaders of the ‘free world’ (ironic) are on board with Klaus, they all spout ‘Build Back Better’. Governments are just puppets on the strings of the elites.

This agenda was there for all to see on the old WEF website 12 months ago. Bottom line here is, and to put it bluntly, they the elites want to crush you so that you become subservient to the state a la Orwell’s 1984. They are making a good job of it so far don’t you think?

It is interesting to note that some presenters have started (finally) to discuss The Great Reset. They preface by saying “I’m not a conspiracy theorist” so they shy away from making a link that it has been orchestrated by a globalist elite, because they don’t think that would be possible. As you can read, I believe it is possible and it is happening, prove me wrong I don’t have a problem apologising. It is going to interesting to see if some of them cause a media storm by stating that in their opinion it has all been a worldwide conspiracy. This is unlikely because of the blanket media censorship and anyway if they ever did it will be too late in the globalist agenda to have any impact.

Chaos is coming and it has started

Do you think for one nanosecond that the chaos that is happening in the world today is not related? It is scripted, it is choreographed in minute detail, probably from a central location somewhere in the world, US probably. Lockdowns, masks, vaccines, vaccine passports, shortages, gas prices, inflation, global warning, etc etc. It is designed to put the fear of God into you and further crush the businesses they do not want to exist, aviation, entertainment, SMEs. Inflation is going to soar, and everyone will become a lot poorer, and the government can say it is not their fault, when they are complicit in the scam. There is an almighty crash coming, totally planned, and what will be the outcome of that, total reliance on the state, and there you have it.

Vaccines will crush your health and life expectancy

Life expectancy rates for both men and women have maxed out and have just started to decline. I predict this decline will accelerate rapidly as the full impact of the so-called vaccines takes hold of people’s health. Vaccine damage and death rates from the vaccines are horrific and you really really need to check it out. Check out my previous blog posts on this. Cancer rates, heart attacks and disease, autoimmune diseases will go through the roof, and you should know this.


During the 2020 – 2021 winter flu season there was no flu and deaths from it were negligible. Any flu deaths were rebranded as COVID-19 as were most other deaths probably. The thing the government scientists know for a fact (and are extremely worried that the truth will come out) is that by vaccinating 80%+ of the population with unapproved gene therapies then there is going to be ‘the side effects problem’. Yes, and it is massive, off the scale and it’s already happening. And you don’t know about it because the elite controlled MSM are not allowed to tell you.

The gene therapies crush your immune system period, therefore if you come in contact with any infection, innocuous or serious you are going to get extra sick, because your immune system has been depleted by your injections. Scientists are saying that up to 60,000 people could die this year from the flu, (when nobody died last year). So, on cue the scientists are going to rebrand COVID-19 back to the flu for this season. Anecdotally people are already getting mega colds that are knocking them sideways for three weeks. It’s the none ‘vaccines’ that done it. Are you getting it yet?

Or, they will have the next mutant extra infectious deadly variant to pull out of the hat at the appropriate time just when you thought COVID had been put to bed. It’s you who have been put to sleep. Folks this is very very serious.

Winter - my prediction

If you want to do something or go anywhere, do it now, because ‘Lockdown 4’ is coming soon which is the Government’s Plan B, (AKA Plan A). They know (because it has been planned) that a depleted, demoralised, shattered NHS will not cope this winter with a tsunami of vaccine adverse reactions or long COVID. The bullshit government and scientist utterances will finally lead to vaccine passports for everyone, which my friends was Plan A from the very start, slam dunk, (France has done it, UK is slightly behind at present).

The vaccines have not undergone thorough testing and it is unknown what the long-term effects of the jabs could be. Both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines utilise an untested new technology that has not been used in vaccines before. And the government wants to inject your 12-year-old children and pregnant women! In my opinion it is completely illogical to mandate an experimental treatment that’s unable to prevent transmission of a virus that’s no threat to most people.

People need to realise that the vaccines are crucifying your immune systems and therefore long-term health and reproductive capabilities. It’s called depopulation because that is the other aim of the elites.

Time to reassess your thoughts.

Is that what you want to happen? Ask yourself, is this the future you want for your children and grandchildren? In my opinion and I have said this before, this is World War III without the bullets and we are all in it, yes, we are. What we are all experiencing is pure evil, no other word describes it better.


If you are still unvaccinated, NEVER comply with their demands that you get vaccinated.

If vaccinated, I hope you do not experience adverse events. But if offered back some of your freedoms in exchange for your compliance with a Vaccine Passport scheme wherever you are, DO NOT COMPLY.

We must stop the vaccine passport mandate because that will be the beginning of the end of humankind as we know it.

Good luck my friends, God bless you.

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