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“We are all pawns my dear”

“We are all pawns my dear” - posted September 26th

Or to put it another way we are cannon fodder

Or to put it another way we are parasites, the unwashed, we are vermin.

We, refers to humanity.

That my friends is the stark reality of the third decade of the 21st Century. In the past these inhumane utterances have been kept under the radar so to speak so people have not realised how they the masses are perceived by those that govern them.

Today it is in the open, brazenly talked about by those that control the governments of the world, (UN, WHO, WEF and the elites behind them).

“Why is it necessary to expose our methods?” “It will all be explained to you in time. We add to their confusion, we stand to gain. They don’t believe anything we say or do or what we intend to do. That is why we are able to carry out our plan”.

Bottom line here the world is overpopulated as they (the elites) see it, and the technology is now finally in place to reduce the population dramatically and relatively quickly. Make no mistake if the technology was available 500 years ago it would have happened then.

Probably best to read that again, scary shit right, are we on the same wavelength?

You don’t believe governments would have nefarious intensions, do you? I do.

Here is the agenda.


Virtually every country is doing the same thing in response to an innocuous corona virus that has a 99.7% survival rate. There have been a number of African leaders who have died in suspicious circumstances recently who have not towed the line. Check it out.

You can also ask the question, is the Wuhan lab leak theory (or wet market depending on your views) just a ruse, so you think there is an actual virus? Perhaps there never was a virus, because if there was then you cannot control the outcome, the virus could potentially be utterly lethal and cause tens of millions of deaths.

If you are an elite, you want to have total control of the agenda and narrative, therefore there may be no virus at all. There are several scientists who are saying this. Remember there were no flu deaths last year, maybe the flu was manipulated to have extra potency and relabelled Covid-19. I am just putting it out there, I am not saying that is what happened, there is so many lies and deception going on that is a possibility.

Whichever way you look at it, the COVID hoax is the greatest scam in the history of humanity, where plan A was always to vaccinate the whole planet with gene therapies (they are not vaccines) that have been designed to alter the genetic make-up of the individual’s cells making them more susceptible to illness, disease and therefore death. The gene therapies will also make both men and women infertile over time, (that is why they are injecting young people).

And the completely genius thing, it is currently a lottery as a high percentage of the vaccines will be placebos, you cannot have everyone being ill or dying at the same time, you really would smell a rat then (hopefully). That is why you will have to have your booster every year as one of the shots will eventually get you, it’s like Russian Roulette, if you keep pulling the trigger (boosters) the gun will eventually fire.

Are you getting it yet, yes this is shocking, but people need to be shocked otherwise we are finished, yes really?

Where is the proof you ask?

The proof is in the vaccine adverse event reporting, US VAERS and UK yellow card systems as I have discussed in my previous post. It is there for all to see; they are not hiding it. And the damage and deaths that are being reported are only a fraction of the actual numbers (between 1 – 10%). It’s horrific my friend. MSM won’t report it because they are complicit in the scam as I have discussed many times.

The proof will also arrive in every A&E in the country over the next two months with vaccinated people as the winter weather sets in. As I said in my previous post people’s immune systems have been seriously compromised by the gene therapies and people will drop like flies. The government will blame the latest variant, (which is wearing a bit thin don’t you think)? People will at last wake up and realise they are being systematically murdered by their own government.

Hot news

Sun newspaper report Saturday 25th September, (bang on cue)

A NEW Covid variant has several mutations of importance, experts have warned. Called R1, it has been labelled as a variant worth keeping an eye on, given it has some dangerous features. US health officials said that “although the R.1 variant is not currently identified as a CDC variant of concern or interest, it does have several mutations of importance”.

This includes some that suggest it can escape protection given by vaccines - although they are still the best way to protect against Covid. (ed. There you have it)

American scientist William Haseltine, who was a professor at Harvard Medical School, wrote in Forbes: “The variant contains five mutations previously noted in variants of concern or interest… It also contains many unique mutations.” The strain originated in Japan, it’s understood, reaching 37 countries in total so far.

More info for you

Latest PHE report reveals the vaccinated account for 56% of Covid-19 cases, 61% of hospitalisations, and 77% of deaths.

Did you realise Covid-19 deaths are 11 times higher than this time last year when there wasn't a Covid-19 vaccine available that allegedly reduces the risk?

The UK medicine Regulator confirms there have been four times as many deaths due to the Covid-19 vaccines in 8 months than deaths due to all other vaccines combined in 20 years! So, again why are the MSM not reporting this scandalous figure?

In conclusion

Perhaps you think I have gone too far, perhaps you think I am bonkers. I am trying to find a way of engaging you in a conversation, a debate, the subject here is the end of humanity as we know it. And yes, I continue to repeat myself and I don’t care because if I save just one person then I have done my bit. If I save two that is a bonus.

We are allowing the psychopaths to take control, and their intensions are to change humanity forever. The ball my friend is in your court, acquiescence is not an option, you children and grandchildren need you to do something otherwise they will not have a future.

I loved this beautiful world as it was.

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