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“They think it’s all over. It is now!”

“They think it’s all over. It is now!”

So, “they think it’s all over. It is now”. You have all heard that before and it refers to when England won the World Cup in 1966 and the prophetic words were coined by commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme as England’s 4th goal was scored by Geoff Hurst in the 90th minute.

It is also looking like these words are going to also apply to humanity as we once knew it, because after 18-months of fraudulent science, scaremongering on a prodigious scale and the implementation of the vaccine passport (yes) and totalitarian controls, homo-sapiens as we have known them are entering the twilight zone of a dystopian future where their souls have been ripped out.


I would have expected that after 18-months the penny would have dropped, but no you are still believing the narrative and you think the government and scientists are batting for you and are so concerned for your health they are prepared to bankrupt the country to protect it. That my friends is total BS. So why are people still not getting it, there are two issues going on here?

One is you are frightened it might be true and you don’t want to believe it because it might disrupt your easy life, and you want to go on holiday. It’s the security thing in our psyche, governments wouldn’t have nefarious intentions, surely not, you would be bonkers to think such a thing. Remember, “a still tongue makes a happy life”, but at what cost my friend?

Secondly why am I not being informed by the MSM that there is something fishy going on, its not on the BBC and surely any investigative journalist worth his salt would have a field day if something bad was going on, therefore you must be bonkers to think anything else is happening. So, I am bonkers, and in the 21st Century parlance I am referred to and labelled a conspiracy theorist.

So, 18 months later I am still a conspiracy theorist then, am I?

You just have to look at what is going on in Australia, New Zealand, and Israel to see what I have predicted is actually happening now, yes now. Australia and New Zealand are totalitarian police states, businesses completely destroyed. Where the Australian New South Wales health minister Dr Kerry Chant (scary person) stated “in the new world order” you will be completely tracked and traced every minute and if you have not been jabbed, God forbid. I have heard they are building internment camps, surely not! How many people have died of COVID in Australia and New Zealand, go and find out?

So, yes, the governments of this world have nefarious intentions. UK is not far behind, Lockdown 4 coming soon as I have said before, why? Because the NHS is screwed, which was intentional. Low morale, nurses and doctors leaving, unprecedented backlogs of treatment, lack of beds, and a very sick population which will overwhelm the NHS by late October = LOCKDOWN 4, all planned. Your doctor won’t even see you now, you will eventually get a telephone call to ask you why you have rung. And you think this is about your health? Here’s a question for you why is it in the 21st Century when we supposedly know everything, why are we sicker as a species than in any time in the history of homo-sapiens? All sickness is through the roof and it’s going to get a lot worse as a consequence of vaccine damage.

Mainstream Media (MSM)

Did you know there are 6 media corporations across the world that are controlling most of the news output? So, to put it simply they control the narrative, therefore you can see how easy it is to spin a narrative where you trash any dissenting voice. I am including all social media here and it should be clear that if you say something that goes against the narrative you will be censored and cancelled. You know this is happening, what happened to free-speech and debate? This should cause you deep concern. There is no accountability of any government or scientific actions, the MSM are completely complicit. They are allowing the governments of the world to get away with the scam that is unfolding before your eyes.

There is one massive issue that is going completely under the radar, because it is not being reported and therefore challenged and debated and that is vaccine injury and deaths caused by the vaccines. As I have said before, if people knew what was really happening then there would be public outrage.

The latest Medicine and Healthcare product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) report released on September 16th, 2021, is the 33rd report to be released on adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines. The report covers adverse reactions reported from the 9th of December 2020; the day after the Pfizer mRNA injection was first administered in the UK, up to the 8th of September 2021, and it shows that due to all three emergency approved injections – Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna – there have been 1,196,813 adverse reactions and 1,645 deaths reported to the MHRA. Including 320,570 adverse reactions and 526 deaths due to the Pfizer mRNA injection.

You also need to know it is estimated that only 10% of the serious reaction and 2 – 4 % of the non-serious reactions are reported. Therefore, the official number of adverse reactions could be as high as 11,968,130, and the official number of deaths could be as high as 16,450.

Would the MSM like to comment on this data please?

Other examples of lack of debate in MSM

Do masks work?

US CDC conducted a very large trial of 90,000 children to see if mask wearing was beneficial, result – no statistically significant benefit. Guess what they did next, they made mask wearing mandatory in US schools. So, what’s that all about then? Not reported and openly debated.

Alternative treatments

How about alternative treatments, such as IV monoclonal antibodies and Ivermectin. Not discussed and openly debated.

It is time to wake up.

My friends this is just the beginning, a starter for 10 as they say. A “vaccine” that doesn’t stop you getting the virus and it doesn’t stop you transmitting it so my friend WTF is the vaccine passport all about then, other than complete control of the population. You have been completely duped. The governments of the world are saying obey the rules and we will take good care of you. If that was the case then you might have a point, but my friends the exact opposite is happening. The governments have taken away your freedoms and destroying the fabric of society as we know it and people are needlessly dying from the experimental ‘vaccines’ because it is not being reported and debated. There is a catastrophe for humanity in the making that will become irreversible if we do not wake up and stop it now. They think it’s all over. It is now!

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