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Pandemic review Thursday 8th July

Pandemic review Thursday 8th July

I did think by now as I write this that the penny might be dropping for the vast majority of people, but alas, most people, probably over 90% of people are still believing the government narrative.

A quick resume as covered in detail in my blog posts at

You are witnessing of the end of the world as we know it, because you are part of the greatest scam in the history of the world, you cannot hide and you cannot ignore it, you are now part of a dystopian movie being played out in real time.

There is no going back to the ‘old normal’, that has gone forever. The new normal is here, built on fear and submission by a population who have been completely hoodwinked and brainwashed. The technocracy is winning and is in complete charge. They are the globalists, elites and their corporate lapdogs including all mainstream media.

Johnson and his corrupt cronies are in the total control of these elites who are also controlling the WHO, WEF. Every time they use the words ‘Build Back Better’ at the dispatch box or in a resignation video it is sending a signal back to those that are orchestrating the scam that they are still on board. Every world leader is part of the scam, it is shocking. This has been planned for decades, what has changed in the third decade of the 21st Century is that the technology is now in place to enslave humanity completely as is already happening in China today. This will happen to the West in the next 5 years, that is the plan and is called The Great Reset (


One of the main aims of the scam is to vaccinate the planet with unapproved gene therapies, (yes unapproved), they were released on emergency dispensation, there is a terrifying difference here as we have no idea (yes, no idea) what the long-term side effects are. You have signed up for the greatest experiment in human history. The more I research the gene therapies the more sinister it gets. Check it out for yourself and come to your own conclusions. And bye the way you really need to investigate vaccine damage and deaths as a result of the vaccine roll out, which again is not reported by a complicit MSM. I will use one word here it’s horrific. The vaccination program must stop now for a full investigation by a totally independent scientific body. Will any of that happen, of course not?

The destruction of the NHS

I just want to mention the latest on the NHS in my opinion. The NHS is now completely screwed and is today in a worst situation than in any time in its 73-year history. It now has a backlog of over 5,000,000 cases, because it has for the last 16 months focussed every resource on a virus with a 99.7% survival rate and an infection to death percentage of 0.15%, while ignoring treating cancer and heart disease patients and every other ailment, and you know this. This is what the government instructed the NHS to do, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out that the collateral damage health issues from 16 months of lockdowns are going to completely overwhelm a demoralised, under resourced institution that focuses its mantra on treating symptoms of sickness. Well, you are certainly going to get million more punters, from a purely business point of view it is genius, big pharma’s stock prices are going through the roof.

End of Lockdowns

So yes, you are being released from lockdown 3 on July 19th., You are thinking Johnson is the hero and taking a big risk to give you your freedoms back when the scientists and useless labour party are clamouring for the continuation of restrictions. Do not be fooled, lockdown 4 will be here by October, as the next variant shows up on cue, and the NHS will again be unable to cope, it’s all part of the plan. Bottom line here Johnson is not in charge he has no say. He will be directed by those that control him to lock us all down again. Just look into his eyes, he is a man who has aged 10 years in 16 months, he is scared stiff of being outed as a conspirator in the greatest scam in the history of the world.

Remember Johnson said in December, once the over 70s had been vaccinated we can get back to normal, did that happen? Now they want to vaccinate your 5-year-old child with unapproved gene therapies, and you are going to let them. This my friend is wicked and evil beyond belief. The penny needs to drop.

The good news, people are waking up, finally.

I am not going to talk about what has happened anymore as I need to focus my energy on those people who have now become awakened and know the truth. I have been on two London Freedom Marches, in April and June. Because they were not properly reported by MSM you might be surprised to know that there were hundreds of thousands of people on those marches. June was massive, and it has been reported that the march was between 3 – 4 miles long. MSM said hundreds, and some said 10s of thousands, how about in reality 500,000 – 1,000,000, (or more). An eclectic mix of humanity with love in their hearts who want and end to the insanity, they want their freedoms back simple, to be left alone to get on with their lives without the corporate intrusion and takeover. People are starting to ‘smell a rat’, it doesn’t stack up (never did). My friend you are being played and that should make you very angry indeed.

Maintaining your sanity

I have found it very difficult to get my head around everything that is going on. To think that we are witnessing the beginning of the end of humanity as we know it, (in my opinion) is hard to contemplate and rationalise. It makes you very angry because in essence the overwhelming majority of humanity display the beautiful human traits of love, empathy, care, tolerance, while a small minority with psychopathic intentions want to control the rest of us.

When you research the history of homo-sapiens you realise we have been here before, many times. Humanity is cyclic, each cycle lasts approx. 5-6,000 years, we develop and learn, in essence to rise to higher levels of consciousness and just when we can see the reason of life or using the more colloquial term the ‘meaning of life’ we again descend into chaos. We are here again. Who will survive, again it will be the hunter gatherers who still inhabit what is left of the rain forests around the world? All the rest of us will not survive. And we start again, perhaps the next iteration of homo-sapiens will get it right.

Power to the people

When you realise it is only a small minority of power crazed, mostly geriatric psychopaths that want to enslave you, we have it in our power to come together as a collective to put a stop to the takeover. Make no mistake we are at war, the analogy is this is 1940, we have our backs to the wall with nowhere to go other than the dystopian nightmare that awaits us if we lose. We must man up and fight back for the futures of our children and grandchildren, nothing else matters.

We must never give up.

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