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Take off the theory, it’s a conspiracy, fact - welcome to one party totalitarian Britain.

Take off the theory, it’s a conspiracy, fact - welcome to one party totalitarian Britain.

I want to big up everyone who like me is a conspiracy theorist and as a consequence has taken shit for the last 12 months. We are bonkers, laughed at, marginalised by friends and family, cancelled, and kicked off social media.

I want to big you all up because we have been proven to be 100% correct.

None of us like being called conspiracy theorists, do you think we do it just for fun, or to get noticed? No, we do it because we genuinely care about this beautiful planet and we fundamentally care for the futures of our children and grandchildren, period.

There is no longer a debate here as to whether it is a conspiracy theory or not, the facts my friends are staring you in the face and if you still cannot get it then you need to hunker back down and wait for your next jab, because as sure as night follows day you will be getting one every 9-12 months.

If you want more background on what I call ‘the biggest scam in the history of the world’ read my 51 blog posts on the subject at .

Why have we got into such a state?

Labelling people as conspiracy theorists is the easiest thing in the world, it is cheap journalism, and there you have it. So, to answer the question as to why we have got into such a state, look no further than mainstream media, (MSM). There has been absolutely no accountability of the government by the MSM, why is that? Because MSM is not independent, they are corporates, and they are part of the duplicity that is being enacted on an unsuspecting public on a daily basis. A campaign of FEAR sits behind everything that is being reported. Initiated by SAGE psychologists and instigated by the MSM and bank rolled by the government, (our money).

Anyone who speaks out is a conspiracy theorist, and will be cancelled, it is quite genius. Hitler did a great job on this, and you know how that ended, it’s all very fascistic what is happening now, enough to make even George Orwell wince. He is probably up there now looking down on humanity and is thinking “well I did warn you what would happen if you continue to appease tyranny, you have only got yourselves to blame”. He also said, do not let it happen, it depends on you.

Once you compromise on fascism the tyranny with continue and will crush you completely.

We are no longer the few

Calling someone a conspiracy theorist when they challenge the narrative is easy to do as I have said, and we can marginalise a few dissenters by cancelling them. However, what do you do when there are now lots and lots of them. Professors, scientists, doctors, nurses, bus drivers, refuse collectors, et al, and yes people like me, absolutely thousands of them. Probably hundreds of thousands. And the best bit, millions soon.


The lies must stop now.

Are you still believing the Lockdown bullshit, so you had your experimental jab so you could go on holiday or more importantly get back to normal? If you live in the US you can get a doughnut a day for a month if you have the vaccination, (you cannot write this stuff, it just keeps coming). Hello, so you are back to normal right, dooh! It’s all lies my friend, and we have all been completely hoodwinked.

Johnson said recently “we will follow the data”. Well, the data is out there, and we are certainly not following it.

The data is clearly saying lockdowns do not work, simple. There are now many studies on this. Just look at the US and compare the data from states that locked down against those that didn’t, they are basic the same. And closer to home we have fantastic Sweden who everyone vilified and wanted to submit to the scam. Check out the Swedish data for yourself. The bottom line here the virus is a lot smarter than Johnson and his Gates bankrolled cronies. THE VIRUS WILL DO ITS BUSINESS WHETHER YOU LOCKDOWN OR NOT. And the criminal thing is, they knew this all along. Viruses have been around for billions of years and Johnson thinks he can outsmart the virus? Oh, and if you weren’t taught at school you need to know that viruses constantly mutate, that is how they survive. But you knew that didn’t you?

The concept of lockdowns stemmed from a faulty (and criminal) premise: that you can separate humans, like rats in cages, and therefore control and even eradicate the virus. After a year, we unequivocally know this not to be true.

Wake up now.

The problem with the concocted pandemic and criminal lockdowns goes a lot deeper that what I have discussed so far. This whole lockdown scam has been 100% pre planned and orchestrated for years. This will become obvious to you when the whole plot unravels. If you want more info on this read my previous blog posts on this.

While we wait.

In the meantime, if you are now on board with the fact that you have been scammed you can at least say enough is enough and get on with living your life as you want to live it. Perhaps you will also decide you want to go on the next anti-lockdown demo. See you there.

Oh – just in case.

If there any journalists out there with a backbone, will you please stand up now, because you know what is going on is a lie, don’t you?

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