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Fake News Part 2

Fake News Part 2

This is a follow up to my Blog 22 called FAKE SCIENCE, FAKE NEWS, FAKE JOURNALISM, FAKE WHO, FAKE GOVERNMENT, here is the link, that I posted in December:

This one is a lot shorter as I am being told people won’t read it if it too long. I am going to keep this to less than 1,000 words, so please hang on until the end.

Here is the best definition of a conspiracy theorist I have heard. A conspiracy theorist is someone who can see what is really going on by someone who can’t. To all those conspiracy theorists out there (and I am one of them), well you got it right, you called it out, you nailed it and I want too big you up.

To brand someone as a conspiracy theorist is cheap journalism, I have always said this. And in the new normal of ‘Newspeak’, and when all journalists are but lapdogs of their corporate employers the truth is hard to find, it certainly is not in mainstream media.

Let’s look at the fake news and downright lies, that we are still believing as facts:

1. The PCR test is proven and reliable? No, the PCR test at x45 amplification is 100% fraudulent. See my many posts on this. It was the World Health Organisation (WHO) who gave the green light to the PCR test as developed by Drosten in Germany at x45 amplification to test for COVID-19. FYI it was invented by Kary Mullis who conveniently died in 2019 who said that the PCR test was not invented to test for a virus. There is a rabbit hole here you MSM guys, if only you were allowed.

2. Guess what, (no surprise) WHO now says x45 is too high and should be reduced. WHO always knew that x45 amplification was too high, too late catastrophic damage has already been done and lockdown initiated worldwide? Planned.

3. World Health Organisation (WHO) at first said lockdowns were great, “follow China’s lead”.

4. WHO now says lockdowns are not so great and doesn’t recommend them, only as a last resort?

5. WHO said at the beginning masks were not effective and were bad for people’s health, now they are virtually mandated? Check out the Danish study on this.

6. WHO said hydroxychloroquine was bad and should not be used to treat COVID, (50 years of use) now it is OK?

7. WHO said Ivermectin was bad, it is now OK?

8. “We must protect the NHS”, “we need to flatten the curve” and “will need to lockdown for three weeks”, you have all heard these, one year ago.

9. Nightingale hospitals, what was that all about?

10. Lockdown 3 (I think it’s 3 now) will be the last one.

11. There have been no cases of winter flu deaths this year, (I won’t insult your intelligence here).

12. As soon as we have vaccinated the first 4 cohorts, everyone over 70 years old (88% of all deaths remember) we will be able to get back to some normality. So, you got vaccinated with experimental vaccines because you wanted to get back to normal, dooh! Is the penny dropping yet?

13. Pandemic or not a pandemic? Not a pandemic, if it were really a pandemic, they would not have needed to add every other death together (it’s called conflation) to get the inflated death figures they needed to perpetuate the lockdown and therefore the lie.

14. Why do you believe a single word of what Johnson, Hancock and Sage say, they just lie, and you still believe it?

15. Bill Gates is the new messiah and really wants to save humanity. Do you really believe this? Just look into his eyes and that enigmatic smile that says, “I have got you all you in my control, you stupid people”

How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again! - Mark Twain

Let’s get it out.

Why are you still believing the narrative, when nothing stacks up, it never has, it makes no sense whatsoever, nothing? WHY, WHY, WHY???

It only makes sense when you are a conspiracy theorist, and you can see what’s brewing behind the scenes and are able to project that into the future. Can I recommend you read or re-read George Orwell’s 1984 if you want to see what is happening NOW? Orwell was only 40 years out, and yes, it is that serious.

One thing I can also say with 100% certainty, the government and those that control the government have systematically screwed the economy and millions of perfectly healthy people’s livelihoods. And the generation of young people’s education. They are now being called ‘Generation Lockdown’. It’s bloody horrific what we have done to our once beautiful country, shame on all of us for allowing this to happen on our watch. Nobody can never say to me, Peter what did you do when people acquiesced in 2020?


If you want an alternative take on what you have not been getting so far, check out my other posts on by blog at this is post 43.

What do you think now?

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