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The 2020 Pandemic Indictment for Government to Answer

The 2020 Pandemic Indictment for Government to Answer

Indictment - definition - a formal charge or accusation of a serious crime.

Serious crimes against humanity have been committed by people known and unknown, for the sole purpose of seizing wealth and power through the auspices of a contrived pandemic and thereby instigating unlawful measures on the world population. These include locking down perfectly healthy people while their businesses and livelihoods were destroyed and contriving and enforcing an unnecessary vaccination program with experimental gene therapies that have never been used on human beings before and the possible long-term side effects, we have absolutely no idea.

The charges

The World

1. The World Health Organisation, United Nations, World Economic Forum, (WHO, UN, WEF) are not independent, they are controlled by specific countries and vested interest groups who have massive financial influence on their motives and therefore direction. They have a global agenda for the control of humankind.

2. These three organisations have come together to inflict a massive power grab and impose their agenda on the whole world.

3. The WHO would be the conduit and has controlled the narrative for the whole pandemic.

4. The Mainstream media (MSM) and social media have aligned themselves behind the WHO narrative. Anyone who challenges the narrative is censored and their sites and posts removed from the Internet, there is no debate, no investigative journalism holding governments to account and fundamentally, no freedom of speech.

5. That a worldwide edict was made to lockdown though the WHO following the example of China

UK specifically – The charges that need to be answered.

6. The Scientists of the SAGE group and government ministers are not independent, they have vested interests in pharmaceutical and other companies. Complete breakdown of affiliations and share options to be made public.

7. The decision to lockdown in the UK in March 2020 did not come from SAGE in the first place. Who made the decision and what was the rationale for that decision? Did it come from the WHO (which was enacted by most countries around the world)?

8. That the whole rationale for lockdown was based on a fraudulent PCR test set at 45 times amplification, again endorsed at the beginning by the WHO, that created very large numbers of false positives, which is turn became positive cases which meant you have the virus when you do not and were perfectly healthy. Without the PCR test there could be no reason to lockdown.

9. The government orchestrated a mass campaign of fear through all media channels into the population, the likes of which have never been seen before in the UK. A fearful population will do anything. Why?

10. COVID deaths have been massively inflated and conflated to further scare people into the rationale of continued lockdowns. Especially when it was clear early on that the death numbers did not even warrant a pandemic status.

11. By December it was clear the only route out of lockdown being considered by the government was the imposition of a vaccination program using experimental vaccines released on emergency authorisation and without animal testing, there was no other consideration. Other ways of managing the pandemic, such as The Great Barrington Declaration (October 2020) were dismissed out of hand without discussion in the mainstream.

12. The government clearly stated once the first 15,000,000 people had been vaccinated which would include all those above 70 years old which accounted for 88% of all deaths, we could quickly get back to some normality, with masks and social distancing lasting a further few months only. This target has already happened.

13. What is the rationale for continuing with lockdowns when it is clear that we have now past the peak of deaths, (it is endemic in the population and is now seasonal, as is the case with all other annual flu viruses)?

14. Complete breakdown of public money into the companies that have benefited from contracts associated with the pandemic and how the contracts were handed out and by whom.

15. Astronomical levels of debt have now been accumulated, where is the money coming from to service this debt and a complete breakdown of what the money borrowed has been spent on.

16. Why was the government completely unprepared for a pandemic, especially when they ran a pandemic simulation in 2016 called Operation Cygnus and the recommendation from that simulation clearly stated how the UK was totally unprepared, there was not follow up and no contingencies were made. The report was buried.

17. Why is there an annual winter flu crisis in the NHS? Why is the number of beds per 100,000 people the lowest in Europe? The NHS was completely unprepared for a pandemic.

18. There has been no consideration by the government of the collateral damage deaths of the lockdowns and the serious implications for the mental health of the nation. The COVID virus has been the only consideration. Also, the damaging effects of a lost year of education for the UKs young people.

In Summary

We need a totally independent forensic public scrutiny of all these very serious points as a matter of urgency. The lives of millions of healthy people have been adversely affected by the pandemic and draconian lockdowns and total transparency and accountability must take place.

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