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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question – more information.

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question – more information.

It is important that when you are probably going to make one of the biggest decisions of your life and that is to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, that you have all the facts, so you can make a reasoned decision to vaccinate or not to vaccinate.

You might think I have gone over the top already, ‘biggest decision of your life’. Here is why I think it really is the biggest decision of your life.

If you have not read any of my 36 posts so far you need to know I am a lockdown sceptic (from day 1) and a vaccination sceptic. I am not an antivaxxer per se, I need to see the evidence that the new generation vaccines are safe, which to me includes long-term studies to prove there are no long-term damaging and potential life changing side effects. Let’s be clear, these newly released so-called vaccines are experimental, we have no idea what the long-term side effects are and neither do the scientists. No animal studies have been carried out. The bottom line and I need to spell it out in capitals. WHAT GOES INTO YOUR ARM IS IRREVERSIBLE. So that is why it is the biggest decision of your life.

I also have the following belief system.

I have always looked after my health, I am not overweight, I keep fit, I have a great immune system, why would I want to inject myself with something that we have no idea as to the long-term side-effects!

Let us also be clear, in the very short period it took to get the vaccines to market, they did not test for immunity or transmission and were not animal tested. The ‘vaccines’ are only experimental and in the case of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, they are not vaccines at all, they are a new generation of mRNA gene therapies, that have never been used on humans before. None of the vaccines and this includes the AstraZeneca vaccines are vaccines by definition. They do not stop you catching the virus, they do not stop you transmitting the virus, they may reduce the symptoms once you have caught the virus.

Censoring the information

For the uninitiated you need to know that open debate is not allowed on this subject. There is one narrative and if you challenge that narrative, as I do then you will get censored and the post/website/YouTube channel will be taken down. What happened to free speech? That is a post for another day.

So today I want to give you information from The American Frontline Doctors who in the US have come together to challenge the narrative. Many have lost their jobs as a consequence, they are passionate about seeking the truth and giving people uncensored information so that have all the facts, and they can make a more informed decision.

Note here: Don’t worry about the fact I am talking about US doctors, what they are saying is 100% relevant in the UK. In the UK doctors do not come together like this because they will lose their jobs, it is as simple as that.

Taken from there website at

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) stands up for every American looking for the best quality healthcare by empowering doctors working on the front lines of our nation’s most pressing healthcare challenges. We help to amplify the voices of concerned physicians and patients nationwide to combat those who push political and economic agendas at the expense of science and quality healthcare solutions.

AFLDS is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization.

Our growing community of member physicians come from across the country representing a range of medical disciplines and practical experience on the front lines of medicine. Our programs focus on a number of critical issues including:

  • Providing Americans with science-based facts about COVID-19

  • Protecting physician independence from government overreach

  • Combating the pandemic using evidence-based approaches without compromising Constitutional freedoms

  • Fighting medical cancel culture and media censorship

  • Advancing healthcare policies that protect the physician-patient relationship

  • Expanding COVID-19 treatment options for all Americans who need them

  • Strengthening the voices of front-line doctors in the national healthcare conversation

AFLDS believes that the American people have the right to accurate information using trusted data derived from decades of practical experience, not politicized science and Big Tech-filtered public health information.


This is why it got my attention, just substitute US for UK as I said. Wouldn’t it be great if we had an organisation like this in the UK?

I would now like to introduce Dr Simone Gold and her recent presentation on “The Silencing of Doctors who expose the COVID lie”.

This is a 56-minute video you need to watch, here is the link

All I am doing is giving you more information, information you won’t find yourself, that in my opinion you need to know, so you can make the right decision for you. It’s your call.

My view of the presentation

It is an excellent presentation from Dr Gold, a must watch in my opinion. Dr Gold is very credible and comes across with passion and great concern that people are not getting the information they need, and the information you have been receiving is either inconsistent or incorrect. There is a lot of information in the video, that you should be aware of. The AFLDS has also formulated their own recommendation for vaccination. You must watch it and make up your own mind.

AFLDS vaccine recommendations

Under 20(Survival rate 99.997%, CDC figures), vaccines are completely not necessary, they use the word prohibited, we don’t know enough on how the vaccines effects sterility and fertility. Virus does not affect young people adversely.

Between 20 – 50 healthy – (Survival rate 99.98%) - strongly discourage because of very low risk of death from COVID. There is an unknown risk of causing autoimmune disease from the experimental vaccines. Also, from Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE)/ pathogenic priming, and risk of damaging the placenta and lifelong infertility.

Between 50 – 70 healthy – (Survival rate 99.5%) - strongly discourage for the same reasons above (20-50 healthy).

Between 50 – 70 with co-morbidities - discouraged, because the experimental vaccines are a higher risk than alternative treatments that have been used for years, namely ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Between 70 and above, heathy – (Survival rate 95%), it is your own personal risk assessment. AFLDS believe the experimental vaccine is less ideal than other alternative medicines, but they leave it up to the person to make the call.

Between 70 and above with co-morbidities and in the care home sector, again you own personal risk assessment against other treatment available, also not considered irrational if taken.

They are not saying that the vaccines are definitely unsafe, we just don’t know yet. However, for people over 70 with co-morbidities who will have a higher risk of death from COVID-19 it is not irrational to be vaccinated.

They are adamant that no women of child-bearing age should be taking the vaccine due to the uncertainty of the effects on the placenta.

AFLDS don’t believe anyone of any age should be pressured into having the vaccination.

There is a lot more information on vaccines on the American Frontline Doctors website at:

I will make a stand on vaccination of children.

In the UK, the government are now talking of vaccinating children and young people against COVID-19. I want to say here and now. You reading this can make an informed decision once you have checked out all the information. Do not make this a recommendation for our children, they cannot make an informed decision. This is totally unforgivable; we must never ever vaccinate our children with experimental gene therapies. To me that is a criminal act and when our government wants to do this, it should be ringing alarm bells in your head. Survival rate 99.997% (CDC figures), really!

This is not the black death, or bubonic plague, the death rate of COVID-19 does not even warrant pandemic status, and to vaccinate perfectly healthy people with experimental gene therapies, to me is bonkers, you will have your own opinion and that is fine. I also have a human right to say what I think. And yes, I get very angry when government start talking about experimenting with our beautiful, precious children, we have already destroyed the education of a generation of children, which again is unforgivable. It’s now called Generation Lockdown

I 100% agree with the recommendation of the AFLDS

These experimental vaccines must never be mandated, you can never force experimental biological agents on anyone.

For more alternative or challenging the narrative information go to by blog at where you can also subscribe if you so wish so you can receive weekly updates from me, it’s all free.

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