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How to cope with the new normal when you know it is a fraud

How to cope with the new normal when you know it is a fraud

I have now (as of 10.2.21) written 35 posts on different aspects of the pandemic and draconian lockdowns. You can view all my posts at If you have been reading my posts over the last few months you will know exactly where I stand on the greatest scam in the history of the world. I have held no punches and I retract nothing. I said at the start in March that I wanted to be proved wrong and that I was man enough to admit it when it was clear that indeed I was wrong. Almost 12 months on I have not changed my opinion one little bit.

Government, scientists, all mainstream and social media have controlled the narrative, so much so you are only seeing one perception, that there is a deadly virus that is going to kill you and anyone who challenges the narrative is cancelled. There you have it in one simple sentence, and we have all believed it hook, line and sinker. NOT QUITE ALL.

Not Quite All

To all those NQAs out there we must start discussing a survival mechanism to cope with the new normal which if you haven’t realised it yet is planned to further destroy your moral and connection with other people and especially if you like me do not intend to be vaccinated with experimental gene therapies, (that is exactly what they are). And just when you think things will get better, another mutant variation will be pulled out of the hat, (it’s in the script).

So, this post is an introduction to the TEAM Freedom Survival Manifesto.

A thoughtful aside

If you could fix your next dream, who would you want to meet with (anybody from history)? In my dream I am going out for dinner with Eric Blair in the Swan Hotel, Southwold (he used to stay in Southwold with his parents when they lived there). I am only allowed three questions. Question 1. “Do you love Adnams beers and which is your favourite pub in Southwold?” Question 2. “Why do you always look so miserable on every photograph of you?” Question 3. “OMG how on earth could you see into the future of humankind and be so prophetic? I have come from 2021 to meet with you and I can tell you, that a new word has been coined in reverence to your greatness as an author (for most of his life he was very poor) that is used to describe the 21st Century reality that I now live in, Orwellian, it refers to your last book, 1984 that you are going to write”.

Eric slowly stubbed out his cigarette in the ashtray on the middle of our table, he looked at me inquisitively and smiled, finally, “how long have you got”? he said, “all night” I quickly replied. “Waiter” Eric called, “two more pints of your finest bitter please”. “I am now going to tell you why, and then we are going on a pub crawl around Southwold, and we are going to get pissed, is that OK with you?”

That to me would be one of the best nights of my life. Note here: FYI 1984 was written in 1948 (he flipped the years around for the title), it was published in 1949 at the end of Orwell’s life, he died in 1950 at the age of 48. If he were looking down on this world now what do you think he would be thinking? Please ponder on that. I will let you know what he says in another post once I have recovered from the hangover.

Our Survival - TEAM Freedom Survival Manifesto

It is clear there are many NQAs out there who god forbid, think like me. So, the key to our survival is to first and foremost stay mentally strong. Teflon coat your mind, body, and spirit for when people come after you and deride you for your heresy. These are the Thought Police of Orwell’s 1984.

To really make sure the Teflon coating is thick enough to withstand the bombardment you are going to get, we must understand the human body and psyche and awaken our innate greatness that is continually being suppressed by all those who want to control your perceptions. How the hell do you think we have survived for 200,000 years, by acquiescing?

No, we fought, and we died to protect our freedoms from those that wanted to take it away, so that future generations could live with freedom of speech and freedom to do what they want.

Can I say, I do believe we are at war now, this is WW3 without the bullets. Those of us who can see straight through the deception can see how Hitler was able to change the mindset of one of the most intelligent populations on the earth in the 1930s. It took him 10 years, today with the social media algorithms controlling every facet of our lives it has already happened. What do you think?

Here is my coping mechanism for staying strong and Teflon coated.

1. Know it is a lie, that you are not the only one, millions now are thinking like us. Just knowing this will give you strength. Do not waiver.

2. Do not read or watch MSM only, do your own research from all sources and then make up your own mind up.

3. Discuss with family and friends (you must do this) what you have found, open a discussion. You will reach a point where you hit a brick wall, stop there. I must admit I have persevered (because I love them), which then totally makes them angry.

4. Keep fit, if at all possible, stay away from the NHS, they have enough problems, and you don’t need to catch anything.

5. Eat real food - maintain the correct weight for your body size and type.

6. Love your body - know how it works and above all totally understand how your immune system and therefore how your microbiome works, because that is the key to a healthy life. If you have a healthy immune system you will not need to be vaccinated.

7. Start meditating or just finding a quiet time for you alone where you can clear your mind and see what happens next. Let new uninterrupted thoughts come into your mind. You will be surprised.

All these need to be expanded, especially the health and wellness side of what I am talking about. This is my new tack from now on. Yes, I will still discuss the latest lies and deceptions, but I will focus on our survival manifesto. Please watch out for my next post and please subscribe to my blog so you can get the extra updates that I send out to all my subscribers, (it’s all free).

Kindest regards


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