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The Great COVID Scam - When is a conspiracy theory not a conspiracy theory?

The Great COVID Scam - When is a conspiracy theory not a conspiracy theory?

Today I want to talk about one conspiracy theory in particular (yes there are loads), that every single one of us is part of, (in my opinion, I have to say that). It is the greatest conspiracy theory in the history of the world, so we are going to call it The Great COVID Scam theory. We must have ‘Great’ in the title, see later, and we also have to have Scam in the title because that in 4 letters describes exactly what is happening to a brain cell near you. You are being scammed and you don’t even know it, in my opinion.

Hold on a minute Peter it is a theory right, so it might be wrong? Yes, I totally accept that, but when can you knock off the theory, and it just becomes a conspiracy, which then by definition, is happening?

So here is the definition of conspiracy, a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. Bang on, I couldn’t explain it any better if I had all day. That my friends, is what is happening to you.

Here is the definition of theory, a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained, e.g., "Darwin's theory of evolution”.

So, what happens with a theory is that over time other scientists will come out of the woodwork and what is called ‘peer review’ the data, and if enough scientists do this it can get written up in the Lancet (other posh journals are available), and hey presto 20 years later or when you have been dead for 200 years the consensus is, it is finally deemed to be fact.

The problem with The Great COVID Scam theory is we don’t have 200-years to find out if it is fact or not, we don’t have 20-years either and we probably don’t have 2-years, because what is now unfolding is happening a break-neck speed and we will go beyond a tipping point from which there will be no return, IN THE NEXT 12-MONTHS. Because (in my opinion) we are talking about saving humanity as we know it.

Here are some of the things that should now be obvious to you, as of 5.2.21 and when you add them all together, they should stink like your brother’s sweaty socks. Here is the proviso, you must not believe me; you must research all of these for yourself and come to your own conclusions. You are doing this for your children and grandchildren, for their futures.

Facts, (I apologise for the slight cynicism which is apparent).

1. The COVID virus is now endemic in the population, which means it is here for a long while, maybe years, nobody knows.

2. You will get your booster COVID vaccine every 12 months, or sooner.

3. Seasonal flu has miraculously disappeared, I don’t have to explain that one, do I?

4. Viruses mutate, (lots of times), I thought we all were taught that in school perhaps we have forgotten, the big scary word here is MUTANT virus. You have seen the films; it’s coming to get you.

5. So, when the virus mutates beyond the scope of the vaccine, guess what, LOCKDOWN will be needed ‘to stop the spread’ to use a Hancock ism, so we can fast track the latest iteration of the vaccine. Because vaccines work, don’t they? And because you have been so submissive so far (3 lockdowns already) the government thinks you are happily going to submit to the next one.

6. We do all of this to protect our underfunded and over bureaucratic NHS, which has been renamed the NCS. ‘Flattening the curve’, right? Check out how many beds we have per 100,000 inhabitants and compare that with other European countries.

7. Your children’s education, if you have any, has been devastated.

8. You have lost your freedoms.

9. You are a lot poorer, have lost your job, your partner, have no prospects, select the one that is appropriate.

10. The goal posts keep moving Rishi Sunak apparently said that on Wednesday, (3.2.21). I would agree. Where is the exit strategy? Why are we not reopening everything now?

11. Bottom line - Lockdowns do not work, they are totally disproportionate, the collateral damage deaths will far outnumber those that die with COVID-19. Virtually everyone is saying this finally, so why does the government want to keep locking you down, the answer is in the agenda of the other Great, see below.

I could go on, I’ll stop there, well, what do you think, are they facts or not? If you agree you will also agree your life has just changed forever. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? What happened to hugging your best mate or your best mate’s girlfriend you fancy or standing at the bar getting pissed and talking about the biggest scam in the history of the world, (the SAGE, psychologists know what they are doing).

There is one note I must make at this point on the subject of vaccines. ALL THE VACCINES ARE EXPERIMENTAL, THEY HAVE BEEN RELEASED ON EMERGENCY DISPENSATION, BECAUSE THERE IS NO LONG-TERM DATA TO PROVE THAT THERE ARE NO LONG-TERM DAMAGING SIDE EFFECTS. They are even talking about mixing the vaccines, so your first may be Pfizer and your second Astra Zeneca – astonishing!

The vaccines are coming along like buses, if you have some spare cash, which is unlikely now, you need to buy shares in any company making vaccines.

They have you by the short and curlies.

The government has the upper hand, they can pull a rabbit (or deadly mutant virus) out of the hat at any time, and lockdown again, it is as simple as that, it’s completely genius. So, you are asking the question, (I bloody hope so) “but our government cares about us, they are protecting us from a deadly disease why would they treat us like shit and total disrespect?”

This is where I must introduce you to the other ‘Great’, this time it is called The Great Reset. Have you heard of this yet? Most people think and this includes all journalists and radio presenters that this motley crew who call themselves the World Economic Forum is a bunch of lateral thinkers who want to help save humanity and the planet. These are the guys who meet at Davos every year in December. All the usual suspects, Gates and his billionaire cronies who simply want to experiment with you all. DO NOT DISMISS THIS.

So, what you must do not is to go to the World Economic Forum website at website and check out The Great Reset, it is there in black and white, it is not as if they are hiding it. Read it, then watch any YouTube video with Klaus Schwab on, the scary looking one who has just come off a Star Wars set. Then and only then you decide if that doesn’t scare the shit out of you, or perhaps I am missing something here. I don’t think so.

THE PANDEMIC SCAM (others call it SCAMDEMIC) as I am calling it, is the first part of The Great Reset, which is to crush small and medium sized businesses and all entertainment, your health is not part of the agenda only that everyone on the planet gets vaccinated by experimental vaccines. What people and journalists are not realising is that the governments of the world have signed up to this great experiment with homo sapiens. We are the lab rats. Check it out.

Why have they done this is because the World Bank which is part of the scam is bank rolling the eye watering debt being amassed in every country. The caveat is that we impose lockdown, social distancing, masks etc, over an unnecessary long time thereby destroying the fabric of society and the moral of people as we know it, so that a Great Reset can be forced upon a subservient and thankful population.

There is a push back going on in a number of countries, check out the mass demonstrations that are happening across the world, Netherlands and Italy in particular that our left leaning, woke BBC will not let you see, (also all other MSM). British people are stoic and resilient and ………..(I won’t swear). They are just not getting this yet, perhaps it is because we have not had a fascistic leader as in Mussolini, Franco, or Hitler, well we have one now.

There is one thing I have not mentioned yet and that is, why is it me writing this and why is this is not being discussed in mainstream media, (MSM)? Again, it is my opinion that the MSM is complicit at the corporate level in the conspiracy and no journalist worth his salt is going to rock any boats. So, you are going to have to research this and come you your own conclusions, only as a collective can we say ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

To be, or not to be?

So, I accept this is still a theory, but there are thousands of people who think like me, there will also be scientists, doctors and professors who will agree, but are unable to state what is really going on because they will lose their jobs. We don’t have much time, we need the scientific community to come forward on mass and clearly state they do not believe what is happening, we also need independent investigative journalists to go down the rabbit holes and definitively expose the lies and deception of the power-hungry elites who want to completely control humanity. All we need is the truth. We don’t need The Great Reset, we need The Great Debate, how about The Great Awakening.

Final thought

For God’s sake people wake up, smell the coffee, and then do something, to acquiesce is a cop out. The World really does need you now, before it is too late.

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