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The UK election, what happens next.

The UK election, what happens next.

Smoke and mirrors.

Election overview

I can sum up the UK election results in two words, no change, let me explain and show you how we have all been hoodwinked (certainly not me) yet again. I had hoped that people would be finally waking up after the last four and a half years, sadly most people are still fast asleep totally oblivious to what is coming down the line in the next five years and more urgently in the next three months. You really need to read this.

We are all missing the point, what we have just witnessed in the last five weeks is total theatre and distraction, you think you have an influence on how your parliament conducts the affairs of state. You have none my friend, zero, zilch. We have one uni-party in the UK totally controlled by nefarious agents in this case the civil service on behalf of the deep state that have controlled all governments for many centuries.

The bonkers UK Electoral system give us the following results on a 59% turnout which is 7% down on the previous election.

Labour 33.8% = 412 seats

Conservatives 23.7% = 121 seats

Reform 14.3% = 5 seats

Liberal Democrats 12.2% = 72 seats

Greens 6.8% = 4 seats

SNP 2.5% = 9 seats

Plaid Cymru 0.7% = 4 seats

Sinn Fein 0.7% = 7 seats

Workers Party of Britain 0.7% = 0 seats

DUP 0.6% = 5 seats

Ulster Unionist Party 0.3% = 1 seat

Alliance Party 0.4% = 1 seat

SDLP 0.3% = 2 seats

Others 2.9% = 7 seats


So, Reform has 14.3% of the vote and get 5-seats and Liberal Democrats have 12.2% of the vote and get 72-seats.

Based on this result Starmer still thinks he has a mandate from the whole country when only 20% of the electorate voted for Labour, and on a turnout of only 59%, they only got 33% of the vote. This is not democracy, our electoral system perpetuates the uni-party stitch up and it is as clear as day and therefore I use my two words, no change, as the same agenda and narrative is running in the background, controlled by the WEF through the civil servants.

Another shocking result on the night was Andrew Bridgen North-West Leicestershire, he was the only parliamentarian calling out the Covid scam to an empty ‘House’, (on many occasions) the very serious numbers of deaths caused by the vaccines, and the excess death rates that are now manifest across all countries that coercively jabbed their populations. The ‘elephant in the room’ the very corrupt MSM are not allowed to talk about.

Andrew got a call from number 10 to be quiet, (he confirms this), Andrew would not be silenced, he was kicked out of the conservative party. He was brilliant in my opinion. Andrew Bridgen was the North-West Leicester Conservative MP for 14 years and was very well respected in his constituency, (so he thought). Andrew stood as an independent and got only 1568 votes and came second last. To me that tells me everything, even his constituency would not support him, guys the information is out there, he will be 100% vindicated without a shadow of doubt, it proves people are still fast asleep.

All the above is the theatre and distraction, what I must do now is to inform you that everything is not what it seems, (was it ever)?

Who pulls the strings?

Starmer is a puppet of the cabal, asked whether he preferred Westminster or Davos, he answered “Davos” which in one word lets the cat out of the bag. And if you don’t understand the implications of this one word answer you are not up to speed and therefore will dismiss my post as hyperbole.

There have been elections right across the world this year and while most of the rest of the world as gone to the right, or the far right as the MSM like to shock us with, the UK has maintained the status quo, uni-party, right? Why, because we are ‘asleep at the wheel,’ as St Paul said, “for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap “. What happened to wisdom and critical thinking? As I have said before we are already living in a totalitarian state, Starmer will only continue with the UN agenda 2030 of total control but on steroids this time, the WEF are ecstatic.

The reason for the election now

Everyone was taken by surprise when Sunak announced the election for the 4th July. Not me I knew he would, I also knew Marcon in France would do it now, and even when the timing would mean they would both lose heavily, they want out. They had to lose before the Paris Olympics because they know what is coming, because they have facilitated for it under instruction from above. Sunak and Macron are also puppets of the cabal as are the rest of the leaders of the European countries and the EU hierarchy in Brussels.

What have they facilitated?

Mass immigration, open borders into the UK and right across Europe and the US, none stop. Let’s get real here and call it out as I have done before. Fighting age, men in the most part, which means we have many thousands of extreme Islamists now residing in this country and right across Europe and the US in sleeper cells waiting for the signal to go out for a jihad against Jews and white people in general in all western countries. This may be worldwide.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic games will contain a lot of satanic shit and a message that these extremists are waiting for. On a predetermined date and a certain time, a horrific jihad will be unleashed across the world. There is also a third world war in the making literally that will have the desired effect of mass depopulation which if you are not up to speed on this is the major part of the agenda being acted out, they hate us, their target population size for humanity is five hundred million so I am sure that doesn’t include me and you.

End times.

I have discussed recently that we are living in the end times and that 2024 is the opening of the second seal of Revelation, with the Islamic jihad. The war we are witnessing in Israel was created to fuel the hatred and reason for the jihad, what people don’t realise, this has been meticulously planned for twenty plus year.

FYI the first seal was opened in 2020 with the Lockdown down and vaccine roll out, again a worldwide event, as I have discussed before.

This is what my research is showing, what do you think?

Strap yourself in, I truly hope I am proved wrong.

Thought for the day.

“There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.” 

President John F Kennedy, 7 days before his assassination.

Be strong and stay safe.

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