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The Smoking Gun that unravels the whole pandemic - The PCR test

The Smoking Gun that unravels the whole pandemic - The PCR test

I have written many posts on the PCR test, go to my blog at I tend to include it in a whole load of other information. Today I am going to talk about the PCR test as a single subject and in simple layman’s language that everyone can understand, no fancy words Peter. I am also writing this to every journalist and news corporation, and I ask the simple question why aren’t you investigating this so that the public have the facts and the government is exposed to a falsification that has profoundly affected the lives of millions of people? Because it is clear to me you know what I know. (and I bet you know more than me, but hey I am just a stupid Joe Public).

Let me first make a claim which will make you read more, rather that ignore this at this point and click on something else.

The PCR test is NOT testing for the COVID-19 virus and the way it has been designed is 100% fraudulent. Have I now got your attention?

So, if the PCR test is not testing for a virus and is 100% fraudulent why the f… (simple language) are we using it to test for the new (not so new now) novel virus we have named COVID-19? This is the $64,000 question. And if this is true it means, ’Houston we have a problem’, to put it mildly, and you could legitimately ask, what the hell is really going on here? Precisely. Fix that in your mind and let me explain the accusation I am making.

What is the PCR test looking for?

Let’s answer the first part of the claim, if it is not testing for a virus, what exactly is the test looking for? Also, by answering the first part of the question it answers the second part. For your information PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction.

The PCR test is looking for the presence of genetic material from the COVID-19 virus within a swab or saliva sample. Viruses are dead bits of genetic material, the RNA sequences of the virus. So, you may have a lot of bits and you will get a positive test result. You may also have minute levels of the RNA sequencing, that has been hanging around in your body for years that is just there and causing no problems whatsoever, you do not have the virus and you are perfectly healthy.

And this is the key here, once you have tested positive with the PCR test, you are deemed to be a positive case, which means you have got the virus, when you haven’t, (completely genius if the is something sinister going on). One way of having these bits in your body in the first place is to have received the flu vaccine in previous years.


The PCR test also amplifies the level of RNA. In the UK, the amplification level is set at x45. This is now (finally) accepted as too sensitive and is picking up on perfectly healthy people to a point where it causes a positive test result. These are called false positive results, which means you test positive (you have got it) when in actual fact you do not have it.

The foundation of the whole pandemic has been built on the very high number of false positives created by a PCR test set at x45 amplification.

Who invented the PCR test?

The PCR test was invented by biochemist Kary Mullis and his invention got him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993, excellent you may think. For your information Mullis sadly (and conveniently) died in 2019 aged 74, from pneumonia, yes really.

I wish he were still alive today to see how his invention was being used. However, Mullis has gone on record to say that the PCR test was inappropriate for the detection of a viral infection. The intended use of the PCR test was, and still is, to apply it as a manufacturing technique, being able to replicate DNA sequences millions and billions of times, and not as a diagnostic tool to detect viruses.

So, we are using a manufacturing kit set at x45 amplification to seek out minute sequences of RNA and not the Covid-19 virus.

If Mullis were alive today, he would be shouting from the rooftops that you cannot use his invention to test for a virus. Without the PCR test there could be no pandemic. His early death in 2019 to me is far too convenient and needs further investigation.

So, let me put it very simply. NO PCR TEST, NO PANDEMIC, NO LOCKDOWN.

I have answered the question The PCR test is not testing for a virus and the way it has been designed is 100% fraudulent because it is creating large numbers of false positives which is driving the whole pandemic which is then giving governments licence to impose draconian lockdowns.

Bottom line, the PCR test as it is being used to detect for the presence of the COVID virus is not fit for purpose and never was. It has an unacceptable high false positive rate, (and all scientists know this). Fundamentally, it is fraudulent. So, you ask why do scientists and doctors not come forward and say this? The problem with this as I have said many times, they are frightened of losing their jobs, it is as simple as that. I bet there are thousands of scientists who want to come forward. The same can be said for our hapless so-called journalists.

More info for you

The guy at the centre of this whole debacle is Christian Drosten a German virologist who designed the PCR test in its current format to be used to test for the virus, because that is what 99.99% of the population think. As I have just explained, it is not testing for a virus, it is testing for very minute levels of RNA and most of those people are going to be perfectly healthy.

German lawyers have presented a lawsuit against the PCR test. Class actions will follow around the world. (I am not making this stuff up). Governments need to be very worried.

The WHO endorsed the Drosten version of the PCR test in March 2020 and rolled it out to the rest of the world. The WHO have recently back tracked and are currently stating the amplification is too high because it is creating too many false positives and should be turned down, dooh! Anthony Fauci has also recently said this. The damage has been done, millions of people across the world have lost their livelihoods on a lie. The truth will come out, it always does.

The WHO also stated in March 2020 that countries should follow the China template of lockdown. They have also back tracked on this and are now stating that lockdowns are disproportionate.

The WHO has set the whole agenda for the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, which virtually every country has followed to the letter. The UK is now out of kilter with the WHO, so why are we not reducing the amplification and stopping lockdowns now, that is a subject for another post.

Final thoughts

If the UK turns down the amplification of the PCR test, without announcing it and the consequence is only very small levels of false positive tests and therefore positive cases you can then say two things, firstly the vaccines are working and secondly, we can now justify unlocking (with lots of restrictions still in place). Sort of gets the government off the hook so to speak only if that is what they want to do, or they can ratchet up the fear once again by introducing a new mutant strain any time they like, they still hold all the cards while we all become stir crazy and believe all of the shit. We cannot allow that to happen, too much corruption has taken place and too many lives and livelihoods have been lost due to the collateral damage of unnecessary lockdowns. You need to be under no illusions you are being scammed, 100%.

What do you think?

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