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The Pandemic, it’s all unravelling, finally.

The Pandemic, it’s all unravelling, finally.

Just to let you know where I stand, if you have not read any of my 32 posts so far on the pandemic, so you know up front, I am the following:

· I am a Lockdown Sceptic and always have been – massively disproportionate.

· I am NOT a COVID denier (yet)

· I am NOT an Antivaxxer

· I am a vaccine sceptic with all COVID vaccines because they are fundamentally experimental, released on emergency authorisation and without any long-term data, simple.

Please see my other posts for more information on all the above at . You also need to know I have been researching the pandemic since it started. I have always been a lockdown sceptic and it should now be clear to everyone that lockdowns do not work, and they are totally disproportionate. The collateral damage deaths are going to far exceed the deaths from those people who have died of COVID or with it. And there is going to be a mental health catastrophe and 10,000,000 children and young adults who have had their education destroyed.

The chickens are coming.

There is an old adage, “that the truth will always come out”. This adage is coming home to roost and is scaring the government and prominent scientists shitless and I am detecting the panic that is now ingulfing governments across the world. Look my friends at what is happening around Europe and the rest of the world, people have had enough. Even UK people are finally starting to wake up, having lost their jobs and homes.

Here are three reasons.

1. The fraudulent PCR test, (see other detailed posts on this). The whole pandemic is founded on the false positives that are created from the PCR test. The PCR test is not testing for a virus, it tests for minute pieces of RNA lurking around in your body and at X45 amplification will just about find anything and you are positive, and you are 100% virus free and perfectly healthy. Yes, that is a fact and that is fraudulent and across the world there will be massive ‘class actions’ against the WHO, governments, and PCR test manufacturers, and this has started. NO PCR TEST, NO PANDEMIC, NO LOCKDOWN

2. The other tenet of the pandemic is asymptomatic transmission, i.e., you don’t have the virus, but you might do, so if you might do, you might infect someone else, again another reason for locking up perfectly healthy people. Show me the data, I cannot find it.

3. It is not clear to me that the virus has ever been properly isolated and therefore the complete genome sequenced so we know its exact identity. Again, it is coming out that China is admitting that they never isolated the virus and most of the genome they have come up with is a computer simulation, i.e., what a computer thinks. So, if this is true you are now going to ask another question which should be ringing like a bell in your head. If we don’t know the identity of the so called SarsCOV-2 aka COVID-19 then how can you invent a warp speed vaccine in 9-months flat that is going to protect you from catching the virus? The answer is, you cannot, and they have not. The so-called vaccines are not vaccines by definition. They do not stop you catching the virus or transmitting it, they may reduce the symptoms and you will be less likely to die, probably. So why have the vaccine, precisely, your call.

4. The other question you must ask is, why are our useless main-stream media (MSM) not investigating this, because it bloody stinks, so you have to leave it to other people like me to raise these critical issues and what do the MSM do, call us conspiracy theorists. You guys are genius, it’s cheap journalism. The reason you won’t investigate because you are part of the narrative and you will lose your job if you do.

How do I know they are panicking Peter?

Simple really, they are shutting down debate even faster than before, anyone who is in a prominent position who god forbid challenges the narrative or provides scientific data that goes against the narrative is being marginalised and shut down or to use the new word for it, cancelled. Yes, this is fact. This has been happening from the start in March, thousands of sites from alternative commentators have been removed from social media. Quickly here, the narrative is set by the WHO and all SM and MSM are signed up to this, dissent is not allowed, period. Am I saying free speech is being systematically crushed? Yes. We are talking about professors, MPs anyone who challenges the narrative, and the word they use for these people is ‘COVID denier’. You are denying something that obviously happened, ‘holocaust denier’ comes to mind, very sinister connotations. I haven’t mentioned ‘Orwellian’ yet, so I can insert it here.

The dreaded words

I also have to add the dreaded words, to me anyway, ‘vaccination passports’ This is another reason why there is a panic. You all know about vaccine passports and the government are stepping back deliberately from saying vaccines are mandatory, because they cannot do that. However, they are silent on the third parties from ‘mandating’. Examples, airlines, travel companies, and just about anyone else. Bottom line the governments wants the whole population to be vaccinated, bloody obvious. Once you have had your first then you will have to have the never ending annual ‘booster’ coming down the line.


Don’t you love the word mutant, designed to put the fear of god into people. Simple biology lesson people, all viruses mutate, yes really, hundreds of times, maybe thousands, that is how they survive. I am being cynical here (or am I), it is the one thing the government still has in its armoury which can still be used to ratchet the fear factor back up to 10. “there is a new mutant strain from wherever (insert any country) that is 70 times more virulent and may be deadlier”. Yes, it come out of Johnson’s and Hancock’s mouth on a regular basis. Why do they do this, TO EXTEND THE BLOODY LOCKDOWN, are you getting this yet?

Let me make a prediction for 2021.

Here is the ‘Achilles heel’ for the governments of the world and Matt Hancock has stated it on behalf of the UK government and that is, the vaccines were always the way out of the draconian lockdowns. They had/have no plan B.

Let me make a point here, if people want to get vaccinated that is entirely their decision, no problem with that. And the main reason that the vast majority of people are willingly holding their arms out is that people believe the vaccines are safe, because the government is telling people this.

There is a bottom line here on the new vaccines that no one can dispute, there is no long-term side effects data from any of the vaccines that are being launched at great speed into the marketplace.

There is a massive trust here that people are putting into the government, they are literally putting their lives in the hands of the government and the scientists and the pharmaceutical companies that their health will benefit from the vaccination program and basically save their lives. Do you agree?

Vaccine damage

So, what would happen do you think if people started dying in large numbers from vaccine damage, in say 6-months or 12-months or 5-years time? And let me say here I want these vaccines to work because if this is the only plan to end lockdowns then they have got to bloody work.

My concern here is there is a stampede to get anything into the marketplace. As one commentator observed, “it is so exciting there are so many different vaccines they are coming like buses”. And you should realise as I have explained many times before, the pharmaceutical companies are indemnified from prosecution for any vaccine damage, so it doesn’t bode well, (licence to print money, right). There are going to be problems folks, in my opinion and again I hope I am proved wrong.

All vaccines are experimental, they have not been animal tested and have been released on emergency authorisation, I predict there is going to be a worldwide vaccine debacle where thousands of people will die from the vaccine side effects. And the scary problem is nobody knows whether that is going to happen or not, not me and not the most learned professors of virology who work for the pharmaceutical companies.

Hippocratic Oath, ‘First, do no harm’.

As soon as the balloon goes up, i.e., people start dying in large numbers from the vaccines, then the whole fragile edifice will come tumbling down. What will happen then do you think, especially as people should realise, a vaccination is irreversible, and that everyone becomes a ticking timebomb? There is going to be hell to pay. I will leave that there for you to ponder on.

The Great Awakening, is it coming?

The Great Awakening is finally picking up momentum, in my opinion, people have finally started to challenge the lockdown insanity. For the savvy ones out there, who like me have known all along absolutely nothing stacks up, and this is not about saving lives and the NHS, and the powers that be know that we know and that we have been lied to and they are now becoming more and more desperate, hence they are now marginalising everyone who says anything out of line.

Note here- If it were about saving lives then we would have stopped cigarette smoking, all junk food causing pandemics of obesity and diabetes and heart disease and dementia and I suppose alcohol for that matter. We are a very sick nation which is an oxymoron in the 21st Century when we know everything about health and wellness. It’s all about the money, but you know this.

Please, please wake up people and take your freedoms back before it is too late. The pandemic is the biggest scam in the history of the world, and Johnson and his cronies, if you ever get to read this, THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT. I don’t know how you guys sleep at night.

The government has created an illusion that they are protecting you from a deadly disease. It is forcing you to accept that perspective as the right one, and then asks you to place your faith in them or their worldview. My friends it is time to wake up from that illusion and for you to make the decisions, you owe it to your children and your grandchildren who are going to have to pay for the mess we have all allowed to happen. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

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