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Your positive vibration - taking stock personally, post lockdown.

Your positive vibration - taking stock personally, post lockdown.

Creating a positive energy vibration around you under the current circumstances of draconian lockdowns can be nigh on impossible and especially when we put perfectly healthy people under house arrest is a very negative thing (and is leading to very high levels of mental health problems within society).


My previous post, Groundhog Day – Taking Stock of the Pandemic sets out exactly where I stand on the pandemic after exactly 10-months. I would love to know how you score yourselves against the 44 questions I have posed and answered, please let me know? I would love to debate our differences. I always say the truth will come out; do you think it will this time?


I am usually a very positive person; you might not think it sometimes. Today I want to say something that may resonate with you, it may not, that I think is very positive and I want to talk from my heart, so please bear with me.


I like many millions of people have been profoundly affected by what is happening to our beautiful world, where our fundamental freedoms have been taken from us and millions of people will have lost their livelihoods, it crushes me. Also, in the third decade of the 21st Century we can no longer have debate, (I love debate), people are right and if you do not agree with them then you get called a conspiracy theorist and ‘cancelled’ (it’s the new name). I have lost several friends as I have said before.


On the positive side I have also gained new friends and many of you reading this I can call you my new friends if you will allow me. Some of you I have only met recently and some of you are new subscribers and I have never met you.

The lockdown will profoundly affect many people in other ways too, in that people are re-evaluating their lives in light of what has happened, the way they have been disrespected by the government, their employers and by friends and family. People you thought you could rely on were not there for you. You now know where you stand, that’s good to know and that must be seen as positive, would you not agree? I also have been profoundly affected by the lockdown and it has focussed my mind on what I am going to do next. Things will never be the same again.


We do live at a critical time in the time cycle for humanity, every five and a half thousand years, give or take, the Earth resets itself, we are coming to the end of the latest cycle. And you can feel the perfect storm has arrived on our watch and it is happening very quickly, in my opinion. Humanity loses the plot, reverts to type and implodes, you can see it all around you, in all the negativity. We get 5,500 years; you would think we could get it right in that time frame. The problem always lies with the flaw in the human character, and that is power and control (which corrupts), becomes the overriding human instinct at the detriment of more important human traits such as empathy, care, and love. So, we have lost the plot yet again, and one is obvious, we are not going to change billions of people in time to stop the next cataclysm.


However, let’s be positive again. If enough people can see through the great deception that is currently playing out and if we can stay together in peace and harmony, remember love has no fear, and those that want to control us know that and that is why they drive us apart. If we can do this, we can take ourselves to a higher level of consciousness and vibration, through the positive energy that we all have the power to create if we are in the right mind-set. I know this might sound a bit woo woo, but that is precisely where humanity should be going. It’s been lost in translation over 5,500 years by people who have different agendas for humankind.

The relative new science of quantum physics is telling us that everything is connected. We are all vibrating energy that is connected to the matrix of everything. So, you can see if we are all connected then this will have a positive or negative outcome depending on the see-saw of life, currently the balance is tipped big-time on the negative side. And when I said we are all vibrating energy that includes everything, even the chair you are sitting in and the earth that we are standing on, yes, we are connected to the earth.

So, it stands to reason therefore that the earth is being overwhelmed by the tsunami of negative energy currently being created and the consequences are there for all to see. I can highly recommend books and YouTube videos from Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton on this, they explain beautifully how quantum physics fits together. Gregg Braden I cannot recommend highly enough and has been a great virtual mentor to me.


Some people talk of the great awakening that is going to happen to humankind before it is too late. That is something I pray that happens, in the meantime I can sort myself out and try to become a better human being. We are all on a journey as I have said before, it is the most amazing journey if you consider the possibilities.

In Conclusion

The power of love will overcome the fear and hate we have created.

Dolly Parton wrote the following lyrics:

I hope life treats you kind,

And I hope you have all you dreamed of,

And I wish you joy and happiness,

But above all this I wish you love ………………….

Sums it up really, beautiful words.

There are more positives than negatives in this post, so that is a start.

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