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Lockdown Chaos - How do you see clearly what is really going on.

ReAwaken – ReConnect – ReBirth


I am completely gobsmacked as to how people are still believing the narrative on lockdowns and I am told 79% of the population are in agreement with the total lockdowns being imposed (again) by the government, when it is clear to me lockdowns do not work. Lockdowns are disproportionate and will lead to catastrophic mental health problems in society in the future and this only one of the many downsides of the lockdowns.

So, I ask myself continually, why am I different, why can I see what is going on, (and it is as clear as day), when other people clearly cannot, what has changed me, so I see things differently? And especially when you are going against the views of your friends and family. Is it really worth it upsetting them, it makes you question your own sanity and perhaps Peter it is you who are wrong? So, the question to myself, is there anything that has happened in my life that could have caused me to think differently to other people. What was the trigger for me, and I realise it will be different triggers for different people?

Life is a journey.

I have always believed that life is a journey, that we should always seek and challenge, and in doing so, you grow. You grow in knowledge, in confidence you become a more enlightened human being. I use the analogy that life is a series of doors, do you open them and see what is behind or do you walk on by? I open the door to see where it goes and then I will open the next. The doors are unlocked, all you have to do is turn the knob. I would suggest that many people go through their whole life without opening any doors and therefore become completely set in their ways without challenging their very existence and paradigm on life.

Putting it out there

For those who knew me 20-30 years ago and those that know me now will have noticed a change in the last 10 years. I believe I am now a different person, with different beliefs and values; you would now be looking at a 2.0 version of me.

Old me

· Closed-minded

· I would read newspapers and watch the news every day

· I would believe everything, I would not challenge anything, especially if the BBC said it. Total faith in the BBC

· I followed my brain, even when it seemed wrong

· I was selfish

· I was opinionated

· I keep fit

Something happened 16 years ago when I opened one of those doors that appeared in my life at that time, (and remember I could have just walked on by), that has profoundly changed how I now live my life, and it has affected my operating system in the following ways.

New me

· Open-minded

· I do not read newspapers or watch the news, (I am also not on Facebook or Instagram)

· I will challenge all information from different sources, and then I come to my own conclusions

· I follow my heart – I have a happy heart

· I am less selfish

· I am still opinionated but from a different perspective

· I keep fit

You will have noticed there is one thing I have always done in my life, before and after my wake-up call as I call it and that is, I keep fit. For me it has been a fundamental prerequisite for finding your true purpose in life in my opinion.

Lost our connection.

I now realise that homo-sapiens are spiritual beings and that connection is at the core of our existence. We must connect to be truly free; we are social animals it is part of our DNA and our innate wellbeing. If we tamper with this fragile balance, then we can easily be tipped into a nightmare existence. And I truly believe this is happening to homo-sapiens in the third decade of the 21st Century, and the worst thing about this, it has been wilfully orchestrated for you, without your knowledge and most people have completely no idea it is happening at all. It is truly shocking.

Just knowing this is the first requirement in setting you free. So, what I am saying is we have lost our connection with spirituality and at the same time we have lost our connection with community and in the current climate of continual lockdowns you are realising how important ‘community’ is to your mental wellbeing. Let me point out one thing here, when I take to people about spirituality, they think I am talking about religion. No, here is the definition, ‘the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things’.

So, what happened 16 years ago to change the way I think?

The company I was working for went bust and that was me done with industry after 27-years, enough. To cut a long story short I became a network marketer. Network marketing is a personal development business disguised as a ………………. Company and it is the personal development aspect of the business model that has changed my life. I was introduced to Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins and I would like to single out other wonderful people like Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton in particular, from a long list who have all entered my life, they are my virtual mentors and have profoundly impacted on how I see life, and more importantly how we all have our own individual roll in the thing called life. Personal development was my trigger for me. It is about taking personal responsibility for your actions. As I have mentioned in a previous post, let me repeat what Jim Rohn says: For things to change, YOU have to change. For things to get better, YOU have to get better. For things to improve, YOU have to improve. When YOU grow, EVERYTHING in your life grows with you.

The outcome

By challenging my belief systems and taking personal responsibility for my actions has helped me to see the world though a completely new paradigm allowing me to embrace my newfound spirituality that was there all along that had become lost in the noise of the 21st Century. Once you see with your heart and not your brain everything changes. Everything becomes crystal clear, total clarity, you see the truth.

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