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Lockdown - All roads lead to the NHS

All roads lead to the NHS

Every time you switch on the radio or TV or read any newspaper the media is continually talking about the NHS, how it is becoming overwhelmed with COVID cases, it is understaffed, and employees are becoming stressed out. The answer is that we must protect the NHS at all cost literally, and the government response, is to lockdown the country otherwise Armageddon will happen.

Hopefully, that should get your attention. I want to discuss what I think (I want you to come to your own conclusions) is going on with the NHS today. I believe the NHS has been weaponised in the whole Lockdown debacle, and the people who have been un-knowingly become part of the whole sorry predicament that is unfolding is the NHS front-line workers themselves, they are the pawns in a political game of chess that is impacting on the lives of every UK citizen. I want to make it clear that I believe all NHS front-line workers are providing a magnificent service, it is not them I have the issue with, it is the politics behind the scenes that has weaponised the pandemic response, leading to inevitable lockdowns. The NHS is fundamental broken as an institution, it is not fit for purpose, let me explain.

Would you agree on the following?

1. There is a perceived bed shortage in the NHS?

2. The NHS runs at capacity every winter when the winter flu season kicks in, with ambulances queuing up at A&E. This happens every-year without fail and the main-stream media (MSM), love writing about it, because it is an easy story for them?

3. As a nation we are very unfit and very unhealthy, obesity levels, diabetes, heart disease, leading to metabolic syndrome are all increasing, simply put, people are not taking personal responsibility for the health, there is an over-reliance on the NHS to fix them when they get sick, hence,

4. There is an over reliance on treating the symptoms of sickness rather than advocating healthy lifestyles and wellness.

If we get to the root of 1 above, we can fix the whole NHS so 2,3,4 does not happen at all, let’s see where this goes.

Bed Shortages

When I said perceived bed shortage above, it is because the MSM are always talking about it, therefore you think there must be a shortage of beds. In 2000 there were 240,000 NHS beds, in 2020 there are 165,000 beds. And in 2020 we have reduced this number even further by another 10,000 – 13,000 beds because we have socially distanced the beds due to COVID restrictions.

Bed capacity per 100,000 inhabitants. Germany had the most hospital beds per 100,000 inhabitants of any European country in 2018 with 800. France had 591 available hospital beds per 100,000 of the population in 2018 while Italy had 314. The United Kingdom had just 250 and the UK being one of the sickest nations in Europe.

Do the math, doesn’t add up does it? So, we socially distanced the beds and knew that this winter was going to be worse, so we arrive in December already having lost the battle. So, don’t mention Nightingale Hospitals, by late summer it was realised that they didn’t have the staff so many were dismantled, red herring. To my mind, considering how sick we are as a nation there is a significant shortfall of beds, would you not agree?

So, you will also say that procedures today do not require people to stay overnight in hospital as they would have done 20 years ago. 100% agree. But where is the contingency for when winter flu breaks out every year and also potential epidemics. This goes to the heart of the problem as I see it. Where is the proper forward planning? If you were in industry faced with a short-term annual problem or wanted to build in a contingency, then you would just do it right, simple, you wouldn’t allow the same problem year after year when it is a very simple problem to fix. The person who had allowed it to happen two years running when there was an obvious fix would be sacked. I used to work in industry, so I know this is true.

Firstly, we need to ask, what is the NHS for?

Simply put, to fix people when they get sick, in, out, in the shortest time. I did say simply put. Therefore, the NHS has been set up to facilitate for exactly that. So, the NHS has been set up as a corporation and as with all corporations it’s all about the money, making money and saving money, the more they can save the more money there is for the bureaucrats who run the corporation (not the front-line workers). Note that I didn’t mention health, perhaps I am being too cynical here.

Enter stage left.

Who else is lurking behind the scenes, who wants a massive slice of the cake, who other than big Pharma? They are wanting to run the whole show, but they have to use the NHS as the conduit to their shareholders, works perfectly. So, we have the NHS and big Pharm working in collusion to fix people when they get sick. I am not being cynical here; this is what goes on. It’s all about the money, it just so happens big Pharma make prescription medications and other lotions and potions. I will be cynical here, if you can put someone on prescription medication for the rest of their lives, happy days right, a win-win as they say, punter is happy and Big Pharma even happier, rather than a philosophy of wellness so you don’t get sick in the first place. I would suggest that you make more money by treating the symptoms of sickness than having a wellness ethos, obvious really. Which brings me onto what is fundamental wrong with the NHS?

This is the key point.

If the NHS was doing its job properly or put it another way, where its ethos and mission statement were about, prevention, care, and compassion, then I firmly believe we would have a much healthier nation. We would all have healthier immune systems because everyone would have been properly educated on all aspects of healthy eating and lifestyle. And if we all had healthier immune systems we would not be as susceptible to the COVID-19 as we obviously are.

We have lost the plot, or is there a plot?

What I have discussed so far is totally logical and when you write it down you can see how we have become too reliant on big Pharma at the detriment of health, an oxymoron right?

So, if I put my conspiracy theorist hat on, I would ask the following and I am not discussing ethos, that is a long-term issue.

1. Why have we allowed the NHS to have so few beds, we are miles behind other European countries which you can clearly see above?

2. Why do we allow a winter crisis every year without fixing it?

3. Why when we did a pandemic flu simulation in 2016 did we not implement the recommendations of the report?

In conclusion

The NHS is no longer fit for purpose. Decades of underfunding by all governments has totally exposed the shortcomings in the NHS when a pandemic that had been predicted for years by many people, including Bill Gates shows up. And therefore, the only way to save the NHS is to shut down the country to the detriment of millions of livelihoods, and 500 billion debt so far.

The collateral damage of lockdowns will have further dramatic implications for the NHS down the line as all the none COVID cases and subsequent deaths rise to the surface that were not detected earlier enough, cancer and heart disease deaths in particular.

The ethos of the NHS is totally 180 degrees out. It should be based on disease prevention rather that disease treatment. Massive investment in all aspects of public health with the NHS at the centre is now required, with the emphasis on wellness and not sickness.

If the NHS had been adequately funded, and had enough beds and staff, and had in place a pandemic response contingency as recommended in 2016, then shutting down of the country to 'protect the NHS' would not have been the number one driver, as it clearly has been. The government is entirly to blame.

What do you think?

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