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Pandemic Chaos, what’s coming next - Jan 4th 2021

Pandemic Chaos, what’s coming next - Jan 4th 2021

I would like to say happy New Year to all my followers, to all of you who have been reading my posts during 2020. I hope you have found them informative and challenging and hopefully you have gone away and researched the information for yourself and come to your own conclusions. That was my only wish. If you are new to my posts then you can find out more on my blog at This is post 27, so there is some interesting stuff to catch up on, it’s all totally relevant.

2021 is going to be a defining year for humanity, in my opinion, please read my previous post if you have not done so already entitled 2021 The year the world changed? - A Message to Humanity in which I discuss what humanity must do to reverse the catastrophe that is unfolding in front of our very eyes.

In this post I want to inform you what the government has planned for all of us in 2021 if we allow it to happen, and that is the $64,000 question, are we going to roll over and allow them to finish us off.

If you think 2020 was the worse year since the second world war you have seen nothing yet. And if you think it can only get better that is not going to happen anytime soon. The savvy ones amongst you will already know this.

So, let’s spell it out

1. Lockdowns don’t work, they only slow down the spread of the virus that is already endemic in the population.

2. PCR testing is not fit for purpose, creating a large number of false positive tests which is creating the narrative. I have written many posts on this. Fundamentally – NO PCR test NO PANDEMIC. Why is this not being investigated?

3. The death rate from this virus is 0.06% slightly worse than the annual flu.

4. Millions of people have lost their livelihoods and the mental health repercussions for society are going to be immense.

5. Collateral damage, i.e., none COVID deaths, will be catastrophic and society changing and will far exceed deaths from COVID alone – Society needs to know.

6. Our freedoms have been taken from us; we are basically under house arrest. This is fascistic and Orwellian, and we all seem to be very happy about this, really!!

7. The mainstream media have not been investigating what is really going on and has let the government off the hook, I wonder why?

These are all facts, and everyone should finally be realising this. These seven issues should make us stop the madness now before more millions of people are made redundant. However, that is not going to happen because the government still have one thing up its sleeve which the whole narrative is based on, FEAR. The government and the BBC and other MSM have systematically frightened the living daylights out of people from day 1.

Totally predictable

Just when you were starting to smell a rat in late autumn and less fearful because you are thinking this does not stack up, and to put it crudely, where are all the dead bodies, right? the government pulled another rabbit out of the hat, MUTANT STRAIN 75% more transmissible, and the real kicker, just before Christmas, crushing everyone’s Christmas, (never forget that one). Totally predictable if you already smell the biggest rat every to have walked the Earth. This also covers up and justifies all their other utter incompetence’s of the last 9-months.

So, Johnson and Hancock have just put the population well and truly back into fear mode and people have basically gone gaga. They have no idea of what is going on and fundamentally what to believe any more. There are no two people who have the same take on what is happening and believe me I ask everyone I speak to; the permutations are enormous and none of them are correct. This is totally planned, it’s genius, straight out of Orwell’s 1984.

So, cut to the chase Peter what is planned? The savvy ones who are reading this are already a paragraph ahead of me. It’s called the Vaccination Passport, coming to an App on your phone as soon as they can get it. Bottom line - NO VACCINATION NO ……………………. Fill in the blanks.

I could discuss this all day and we could look at the backstory to this, but I realise I only have a few words to get my message out to you. In my opinion, the vaccine agenda has been the overriding goal, for this whole dystopian nightmare, right from the very start. Hancock has been saying this recently that the vaccine was always the way out of the lockdowns, it was his Plan A, B, C, D, E, F. It is as if the timing of the vaccine announcements has been choreographed, perfect timing don’t you think? What would have happened if the vaccines were not going to be ready for another 2 years? While we are on the subject of goals; the other main aim was to crush small and medium sized businesses. Yep, Johnson and his cronies have done a very good job of that. There is a lot to think about in that paragraph.

I realise when I discuss vaccination it is probably the most emotive word on the planet currently and I open myself up to an avalanche of ridicule and hate. So, let me say this, vaccination is a personal choice, it’s your call and I respect the choice you make. I for one will not be holding out my arm anytime soon.

Enter stage left

Being a conspiracist, I must, at this point bring Bill Gates into the conversation when I talk about vaccines, because it is my opinion, he is pulling all the strings behind the scenes and what he says has become the narrative. Johnson and Hancock and the rest of Sage are ‘puppets on the strings of Gates’.

In 2015, Gates gave a TED Talk titled, The next Outbreak? We’re not ready, where he explains that while the greatest threat to humanity when he was growing up was nuclear war, the greatest threat now is a virus. To view this online, just search for ‘Next outbreak Bill Gates and you will find the video.

“If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war. Not missiles, but microbes.”

Gates intention was to position himself in a positive light to connect with the public psyche. If something were to happen, “Gates would know the solution!”, they will cry. Did Gates know something? Something you cannot deny is that Gates is ‘front of house’ now. Some think he is the new messiah, probably the scariest person on the planet in my opinion. ‘Money talks’ is the old adage, and he has billions of dollars to hand out, work it out for yourself.

Some vaccine facts and concerns that I have and please research this for yourselves.

· It is not known what the safety profile will be, six months or a year or longer after dosing. There is literally no data on this and neither does anyone else. Remember in normal circumstances it takes 5 – 10 years to bring a new vaccine to market and would include all long-term safety studies. The two UK approved vaccines (Moderna coming soon) so far have been released on emergency dispensation from the regulatory authorities thereby bypassing extended long-term safety testing, after having isolated the new virus approximately 10 months ago. You also need to know there has never been a vaccine for a coronavirus in 50-years because the nature of the virus has made it impossible to date to vaccinate against. Both China and Russia also have vaccines, so that is at least 5 so far, in 10-months!

· The pharmaceutical companies are not liable for damages from vaccine induced injury, the governments pay out. In the UK COVID-19 vaccines have been added to the existing vaccine damages fund. The fund awards £120,000 to anyone who suffers 60% disability as a result of getting a COVID vaccine. (This refers to a severe disability such as losing a hand, amputation at a knee, losing 60% of normal vision or severe narcolepsy.) However, this is not a generous scheme and would be totally inadequate compensation for someone who could be seriously and profoundly disabled for the rest of their lives. I bet you did not know that.

· Many people are nervous about vaccines becoming mandatory, and rightfully so, and especially when you also take into account the two points above. Vaccine passports are already being rolled out in some countries, and all the indicators point to vaccination becoming a requirement for travel, perhaps even within national borders. Because of what we don’t know and at the end of the day we are asking people to become part of a mass trial because we have no long-term data remember, these new vaccines can never be mandatory and must always be voluntary.

· Another thing you are probably unaware of is that the pharmaceutical companies have been patenting coronaviruses for 20 years. Since 2003 there have been over 1,400 patents have been approved on the Sars Corona Virus vaccines and vaccine related technology. The industrial complex of the coronavirus. The pharmaceutical companies are going to make trillions from now on, and remember they are not liable for vaccine injury or death.

Other things are going to happen during 2021

Masks wearing and social distancing will not be dropped once this is over, I hope it is, but if you realise the bigger (sinister) picture here, we have got to maintain the separation of people, because it profoundly undermines our social behaviours. No hugging guys.

Gates has said that broad vaccination for COVID-19 will need to become available “before you can be completely safe”. Until then, according to his claims, there is a risk that communities could rebound unless they continue to practise strict social distancing and quarantines to see case numbers level off.

Gates said he does not think large gatherings will be able to resume until widespread vaccination has taken place, as the “risks would outweigh the benefits” of such events. World leaders agree with Gates’ timeline and perspectives.

Gates has also called for a “national tracking system, similar to South Korea”, saying that “In Seattle, the University of Washington is providing thousands of tests per day, but no one is connected to a national tracking system”. He has said that whenever there is a positive test, it should be used to understand where the disease is and whether we need to strengthen social distancing.

For the future, he has also floated the idea of ‘vaccine certificates’ to show proof-of-vaccination following the widespread rollout of COVID-19 products, (which will also make squillions of dollars for the pharmaceutical companies). This would be a new requirement for international and domestic travel and is tipped to further expand to all facets of life. Take the COVID-19 vaccine or refuse and be denied basic services and risk being labelled as a ‘health threat’. To put it bluntly: take the jab or be targeted.

What do you think, does this make sense?

When you realise what is the real agenda it starts to make sense and I am only giving you part of the story here. I am going to detail out the other parts of this production in my next posts, bit sized chunks. It’s a puzzle with a lot of pieces.

The question I always have which I must admit holds me back from being even more controversial or bonkers which some of you will think, is why has Johnson and crew signed up for this? I will leave it hanging there for now as the cliff-hanger at the end of this post. And when I say Johnson, I must also add virtually every other leader on the planet.

So therefore, I must be wrong? The issue I have with this is the way the populations of these countries have been treated by their respective governments and that is, like total shit, total disrespect for personal freedoms, and total contempt. Yes, there are a few leaders out there that would treat their citizens like shit and China is one of them, but this is the thing, all of them are doing it and the same way. This completely stinks in my opinion and leads me to assert that there is a massive conspiracy at play here.

My aim is to prove to you that it is not a ‘conspiracy theory’, and that it is an actual conspiracy. There is a shocking difference here once you remove ‘theory’ from the sentence and that is something we will all have to face-up to, before it becomes too late to reverse what is happening.

Peter Ragg

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