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COVID CATASTROPHE - A letter to my friends and the rest of humanity.

COVID CATASTROPHE - A letter to my friends and the rest of humanity.

This letter comes from my heart, to all my friends and all the people who know me and to anyone else who cares for the future of humanity. The reason I am writing to you is that I am becoming more saddened by the day, as I am losing more friends by the day, because I am seen as a conspiracy theorist, and the reason for this is because I am challenging the narrative of the draconian COVID-19 lockdowns.

Let’s review this statement in light of 10-months data.

Progress report

I had a quick survey of some of my friends and family. Most are willingly going to be holding their arms out as soon as they are invited to be vaccinated. Some of my friends are sitting on the fence, “well, if I have to have get vaccinated so I can go on holiday then I probably will”. People are believing the government when they say vaccines are safe and we had a ‘welling up’ Matt Handcock on prime-time TV telling the masses that all is well, the cavalry has arrived, back to normal soon guys.

Really, do you really believe that? People in my opinion are not taking our currently demise very seriously and some are ambivalent about lockdowns and as to whether they are a good thing or not. I am seriously of the opinion we are at a critical timeline with what is happening in the world and the last place you want to be seen is sitting on the fence.

Reality check

Right my friends, I really do love you all, (otherwise I would not have reached out to you and be prepared to get my head blown off again). I want you to read this. After you have read it, I want you to do one thing for me, don’t believe a word of what I have written to you. Go away and do your own research and then and only then come to your own conclusions, do not sit on the fence.

I have always not believed in the COVID-19 lockdown narrative, to me it was obvious all along that what the government were enacting was completely flawed and without precedent and more than that, based on very dodgy science, (Professor Ferguson, remember). Ten months later, now, it has come to pass, and I can reach out to people again because it is now as clear as day that the government have got it terribly wrong, so wrong that you would think there was a conspiracy going on. I am not going there in this post as I want to focus on the facts that are so obvious after 10-months, that you may agree with.

Here are some of them:

· The virus was an epidemic for a number of months before becoming endemic in the population, (as always happens after time with any new virus).

· The COVID-19 virus and death rate peaked in April 2020 and tailed off very quickly afterwards.

· Any Lockdowns thereafter will only slow down any transmission by locking up people.

· The second wave has happened due to people coming together again after lockdown 1, because it is endemic in the population, caused mainly by the re-opening of schools and universities at the end of the summer. This was always going to happen and has also peaked and the deaths attributed to COVID-19 are now in recession. It also coincided with the weather getting colder, again totally predictable, as annual flu like symptoms gained momentum in the population. I am not talking positive cases here, that is covered under PCR testing.

· There are no extra deaths currently than there was this time last year. Any extra deaths now will be from the collateral damage caused by COVID-19.

· An extra 26,000 people died at home from non-COVID, heart disease, strokes, cancer, etc because people were too afraid to go to their GP or A&E.

· The collateral damage deaths of COVID-19 will far exceed over time the number of deaths attributed to it. Missed or late cancer, heart disease, diabetes diagnosis causing death, rather than treatment and recovery.

· Death rate attributed to COVID-19 0.06%.

· Recovery rate 99.94%.

· Average age of death, 82.

· Social distancing and universal mask wearing are non-proven, there are many studies that are proving the non-effectiveness of masks in particular.

· The NHS has not been overwhelmed; bed occupancy is similar this year to last year at this time.

· Catastrophic levels of mental health problems because of lockdown, especially in the young, (criminal). This cannot be reversed it is already happening and will manifest in lots of different types of early deaths in the future.

· There will be a significant rise in the number of suicides, especially in young people who have no hope, again criminal.

· Suppression of a generation of children and student education – shutting down schools when we knew that children were unaffected by the virus. Shame on those who facilitated for this action.

· The PCR test is not fit for purpose and never was. It has an unacceptable high false positive rate, (and all scientists know this). Fundamentally, it is fraudulent. So, what we are meaning when we say false positive? It means the test says positive when you don’t have enough of the virus or none at all in your body to cause you infection, you are perfectly healthy.

· All SAGE and hence government decision making have been based on the false positives created by the PCR test.

· So, guess what, the more people you test with the PCR test the more positive tests you get which are reported as positive cases, therefore you have got the virus, so we lock you away for 14-days when you are perfectly healthy. Therefore, think about this, if you stopped PCR testing, what have you got?

· We have crucified the economy and debt burdened our children and grandchildren for the next two generations at least. FOR WHAT?

· Investigative journalism is dead, no main-stream media (MSM) are challenging the government narrative.

What we have learnt from this is that COVID-19 is a disease that makes some people sick, proves fatal to a few, and does nothing to the rest. Just like the annual flu.

Just to further back up my information

According to Dr. Roger Hodkinson, one of Canada’s top pathologists and an expert in virology, the COVID-19 pandemic is the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public”

Others who have identified the COVID-19 pandemic as a global hoax of unprecedented proportions include a group of German lawyers who founded the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee and are now laying the foundation for mass class-action lawsuits, (this is happening in other countries too).

What the data is showing

So fundamentally lockdowns don’t work, sorry everyone and especially those in Wales and Scotland who have suffered the most from incompetent decision making on the back of dodgy science. So, if you agree with the bullet points above, then the obvious next question is WHY ARE WE STILL HAVING LOCKDOWNS, IF THEY DON’T WORK?

Note here - London may go into Tier 3 next week, because the number of cases is going up, (remember PCR dodgy tests). You really want to put London into Tier 3, you are insane government if you do that. Self-inflicted economic suicide, (I am considering all tiering to be a form of lockdown as whichever tier you are in it will be adversely effecting business with a potential to put more people out of work).

So, if we have got it so wrong and there has been a lot of hoodwinking in the last 10-months, why would you still believe anything the government says especially when I am going to ask you the next question, are you going to have the jab? The biggest question of your life is facing you now - to vaccinate or not to vaccinate that is the question?

Shock horror, am I an anti-Vaxxer, what do you think? Peter is bound to be. Anti-Vaxxers are the devil incarnate, they are bonkers and idiots, this is the narrative, they should be taken to ‘correction centres’ and expunged. I would call myself a vaccine sceptic, (like many millions of people), show me the data, prove to me that the vaccine is safe, do not ask me after only ten months max to decide, when the normal time for development and testing of a novel vaccine, including all safety testing is 5 – 10 years. Nobody has got any idea whatsoever what the long-term side effects are, not even the scientists.

Why would you want to get vaccinated, perhaps it’s because you always do? Perhaps if we get vaccinated, we can all go back to the pub, (if there are any left). That is fine but in the case of the COVID-19 vaccination (only) you need to reassess your decision making, based on the facts that are available.

This applies to all the new vaccines

· COVID-19 is a coronavirus and coronaviruses have been around for over 20 years. Up until December 1st, 2020, there has never been an effective vaccine against it. Scientists have been unable to develop one.

· A vaccine that has been developed in less than 10-months that has been released for use on emergency authorisation. The UK were the first to get approval, we beat the rest of the world, please remember that.

· A vaccine that uses new RNA technology that has never been used in humans before.

· A vaccine where we have no idea of the long-term side effects, bottom line,

· Or whether it may affect the fertility of women and sperm counts in men. WE ARE MAKING EXPERIMENTS ON PEOPLE WITHOUT KNOWING THE SAFETY OF THE PRODUCT

· A vaccine that doesn’t stop you from getting COVID-19 and also transmitting it.

· It will however stop you getting bad symptoms once you have got it, and you will still have to self-isolate if you come into contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus, which is the current advice.

· All pharmaceutical companies are indemnified from vaccine damage prosecution, which means you don’t get a penny for any adverse reaction which is life changing. I don’t think people realise this fact.

Bottom line

A vaccine that is going to be injected into perfectly healthy people for a virus that has a 0.06% death rate and is slightly worse than the annual flu and has all the issues as stated above. Vaccination is a big decision for any person to make, because you are injecting potential toxins into your body where you have no idea what are the long-term consequences and potential side effects which are irreversible.

People must check out all the information and then make a considered decision as to whether they want to be injected or not, it is 100% your call. It must never ever be mandatory.

The truth

People are clinging on in quiet desperation, in the hope that by enduring and sacrificing a year of their lives, that things will return to normal. That is what we have all done.

It is therefore beholding on the government to be truly honest in their intensions. If that is shown not to be the case and that the government has orchestrated and the MSM has also been complicit in the biggest scam in the history of the world then there will be hell to pay.

There are three key issues we have discussed, and I would conclude:

1. Lockdowns are now proven not to work; they are completely disproportionate – stop lockdowns now, protect the elderly and the vulnerable and the rest of us get on with life. For your information there is The Great Barrington Declaration which has been signed by 35,000 doctors and scientists and over 1,000,000 members of the public which says exactly that. I have also signed this document.

2. You need to think deeply as to whether to want to get vaccinated or not, in light of all the information you can get your hands on.

3. And the other key issue we have not discussed in any detail but is the thread that runs through the whole letter is that our freedoms have been taken from us. I am truly concerned that we will never see the old normal again and that the new regimes in place now will become part of the new normal in the future. This is not acceptable in my opinion. We must take our freedoms back.

2020 - What did the government do wrong?

· It proclaimed an epidemic of national concern that did not exist

· It deprived its citizens of their rights

· It made arbitrary instead of evidence-based decisions

· It intentionally spread fear

· It enforced senseless lockdown when the evidence was showing they don’t work

· It devastated the economy and destroyed livelihoods

· It disrupted the health care system causing extra deaths due to cancer, heart disease etc

· It inflicted immense suffering on its population causing a mental health crisis the likes of which we have never seen before

That is the stark reality, what do you think?

Final thoughts

This is my analysis of what has happened in 2020, a year that will go down in history as the year the world changed forever. What has happened in 2020 in my opinion has been wrong on so many levels. Fundamentally we must learn from the data, and the data is telling us categorically that lockdowns do not work. I am writing this to you as I value your friendship or as a fellow member of humanity. You need to know where I stand. This is what I believe has happened. I respect that you may not agree with this and I have absolutely no problem with that. This does not change our relationship and I still expect you to buy me a beer when we next meet in the pub.

Final, final thoughts

It is going to be very interesting to listen to Boris Johnson next week in light of what you have just read and what he is going to do. One of the main problems as I see it, is that the government, cannot or will not say they have made mistakes or got it wrong. All they are doing is digging a bigger hole, and in the process destroying more and more lives. Again, I say what do you think?

I firmly believe we must come together and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

I would love your feedback, the more people we engage the greater the debate, please feel free to send this post to people you care for.

Thank you

Best wishes to you all and have the best Christmas and New Year you can possibly have under the circumstances


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