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Vaccine ready for action, and destroying the pub as the hub

Your new warp-speed vaccine is now ready for you.

We beat the rest of the world in the race to get the vaccine into your arms. A vaccine that has been developed and tested in 10-months. We won the race to get approval and beat the rest of the world – just remember that please.

Note here: COVID-19 is a coronavirus and coronaviruses have been around a very long time. Up until December 1st, 2020, there has never been an effective vaccine against it. Scientists have been unable to develop one.

Arms race

A vaccine that is going to be injected into perfectly healthy people for a virus that has a 0.06% death rate and is slightly worse than the annual flu. A vaccine where we have no idea of the long-term side effects or whether it may affect the fertility of both men and women. A vaccine that doesn’t stop you from getting COVID-19 and also transmitting it. It will however stop you getting bad symptoms once you have got it, and you will still have to self-isolate if you come into contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus.

But more importantly for most people, the vaccine that is going to be the saviour so we can get back to normal, to how things used to be.

NO, people may think this, but friends this is not going to happen and maybe, just maybe the penny is starting to drop, and you are starting to realise that something is wrong here. Let me spell it out for you, what is happening now is the ‘new normal’, that we all like sheep have accepted, it is called acquiescence.

Note here, and you need to know this when you are holding your arm out waiting for your injection, all pharmaceutical companies are indemnified from vaccine damage prosecution, you don’t get a penny for any adverse reaction which is life changing. I don’t think people realise this fact.

Vaccination is a big decision for any person to make, and people must check out all of the information and then make a considered decision as to whether they want to be injected or not. It must never ever be mandatory.


Let’s consider another part of this lockdown scam and is a subject close to my heart, the pub, I love pubs and real ale.

Why is the pub at the centre of draconian regulation?

Here is a rabbit hole that you may want to consider, perhaps you are asking the same questions as me, why is the pub at the centre of the draconian regulations? It has got me thinking, this pub closure thing, table service and scotch egg, makes no sense and especially when I can go around Tesco’s (other supermarkets are available) where there are loads of people, trolleys banging into you everywhere, as normal, so shutting pubs is as bonkers as it can get, right?

A British institution

Where is the pub in your village, I would hazard a guess it is not too far from the church, it may be opposite? People would rock up at church on a Sunday and then pile into the pub afterwards. Tradition, institution, part of our culture and heritage would you not agree. The pub was and is the hub of the community where it all happened. I love my pub and I am blessed that my pub is one of the best in the country, The Larling Angel in Norfolk.

The pub is the hub of the community, people go, and drink and god forbid, they talk to each other and to strangers when they have had a few, (well I do). People talk, people gossip, people debate, people come together, people smile, people get pissed, (remember those days). You are with me so far.

The key point I am trying to make here is that if you want to make fundamental changes to society and at the same time through the back door, you have to deal with the ‘pub as a hub’ and because you want to shut down discourse, then you have to target the pub, its simple.


So, what do you do if you are the government who has signed up hook, line and sinker to The Great Reset, in my opinion, (build, back better right) and you want to shut down discourse then, YOU SHUT DOWN THE PUBS AND YOU HOPE THEY ALL GO OUT OF BUSINESS.

Remember you are taking a fundamental risk, you are exposing your strategy for the first time, you are very vulnerable, the last thing you want to happen is for people to smell a rat early doors before you can get enough draconian lockdown measures in place to cement your strategy so there is no comeback.

You have to stop people coming together and talking and organising resistance, because people will talk and they will find others who are also smelling a rat, (you were questioning your own sanity), there are other people who really do think like you. WE CANNOT HAVE THAT. The guy who runs Wales is even ahead of Johnson on this). I sincerely hope I am proved wrong on this, but in the scheme of things when nothing makes sense and at the same time it is clear Johnson is being led by the Technocrats, I am of the opinion that this is all part of the script, it is the assault on your fundamental humanness, masks, social distancing, pubs, bubbles, rule of six.

When you write it down it starts to make sense, what do you think?


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