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Why are we still in lockdown?

Why are we still in lockdown, all we are doing is putting more people out of work and completely crushing the economy that is going to take years to fix. Lockdowns do not work, even the WHO is now saying this?

What have we learnt in 8 months? (just some of them)

· There are lots and lots of so-called scientists all with different models and opinions, who are paid every month and have no fear of losing their jobs. They are loving it, call from Sky, BBC, prime time radio or TV, happy days.

· We have tiers, which one are you in, do you know what the rules are? Apparently, there are 5 tiers in Scotland now. Come on Johnson lets have 7.

· Scientists deliberately lying (proven) so they can frighten the living daylights out of us. And we allow them to get away with it and we still believe what they say next. Dooh!

· Announced yesterday, a new vaccine that might work, we could have some by Christmas, (don’t hold your breath), everybody needs two jabs, and the vaccine needs to be store at -17c, (insert your own metaphor here). Wow! they were coming thick and fast yesterday.

· Johnson says stuff, and you know it is exaggerated and it never happens – “world class track and trace” is just one example of a catalogue of porkies.

· We made the ridiculous decision to shut down schools and colleges, when we knew children were the least effected demographic and the damage that would be caused to our children’s education, genius.

· And when we go into a restaurant or pub, we have to wear a mask and when we sit down, we can take it off. When we get up to go to the toilet, we put the mask back on and when we get back to the table, we take it off again. You cannot write this stuff or believe it for one nanosecond. If I were a coronavirus I would be in hysterics.

We believe this stuff

And we all believe this stuff, hook, line, and sinker, we are allowing dodgy science and rubbish leadership to completely screw up everything. I cannot believe it. We have no idea the catastrophic levels of mental health issues we are creating for ourselves. That will play out in the coming years. All at the end of the day for a virus that has a deathrate that is slightly higher than the annual flu. It’s called risk, it is life and that is how we have survived as a species for 200,000 years.

The death rate from the collateral fall out of COVID-19 will be far in excess of the so-called deaths from it. And isn’t that becoming obvious now, so why are we persevering with lockdowns? This whole debacle stinks.

Let’s understand the new reality that we have just allowed to happen and that is the COVID-19 virus is now a multi trillion-dollar industrial complex run by the corporations, and we are the lab rats. Ask the simple question who benefits (and it isn’t you)? Let me list just a few for you.

· All pharmaceutical companies especially the ones that are producing vaccines and all the other one that will be providing the prescription medication for the tsunami of mental health issues

· Amazon

· Facebook

· Google

· Microsoft

· China, who started all of this if you haven’t forgotten, they are booming while the rest of the world is in recession.

If you hadn’t noticed all of these companies are recording record growth, record profits and booming share prices. It is very easy to be cynical here, what do you think?

As I have said in a previous post this is a nightmare and that I am going to wake up any time soon – this is real, and we are all living in a sci-fi movie.

Someone told me “I just want an easy life”. We are the easy life generation as long as we have our smart phone and boxsets, we don’t seem to care what the government is doing to us. Because the government cares about us, and they are protecting us from the “deadly disease”, REALLY?

Johnson and his incompetent crew will all be gone in a few years (months hopefully). They will be looking forward to their pensions and easy life while the rest of us have to deal with the COVID-19 car crash. You are also thinking how the hell are we going to pay for all of this, because it is going to be astronomical, using a metaphor. Your sons and daughters and their sons and daughters of course.

In summary

Taken from: Why it is right to question the orthodox Covid-19 narrative - Matthew Ratcliffe and Ian James Kidd - The authors of ‘Welcome to Covidworld’

“Lockdowns are immensely damaging in so many ways. This second lockdown will further disrupt the social and emotional development of our children, cause a substantial rise in severe mental health problems, force many elderly people to live out the final weeks and perhaps months of their lives in loneliness and misery, exacerbate and prolong the pain of bereavement by depriving people of interpersonal and social interactions that shape and regulate grief, destroy livelihoods and risk mass unemployment, increase regional social and economic inequalities, reduce the life-opportunities of young people while saddling them with an ever-growing mountain of debt to pay off, suspend much of what gives our lives meaning, deprive people of countless precious, irreplaceable life-moments, and cause deaths due to the numerous resulting impacts on people’s health.

However, the true extent of certain harms, such as the long-term effects of sustained lockdown measures on children’s development, may not become fully clear for some time.

Others have similarly warned that policy makers are paying insufficient attention to these growing costs. For instance, an open letter by psychologists, which appeared on 1st November, spells out the widespread and damaging psychological effects of continuing restrictions, including the harms done to children.

Similarly, an article published in the British Medical Journal on 2nd November raises the concern that the “collateral damage” caused by public health interventions has “yet to be considered systematically”. Others have drawn attention to the global costs of national lockdowns. For instance, the charity Oxfam has stated that, by the end of this year, over 12,000 people could be starving to death every day due the global impact of national-level responses to Covid-19”.

They go to say, “however, those who confidently endorse lockdowns with an air of moral authority also need to acknowledge the full extent of the harms these measures have caused, are causing, and are likely to cause. Furthermore, explicit and sufficiently specific criteria should be supplied for determining the effectiveness of any proposed lockdown, accompanied by convincing evidence to show that it is very likely to achieve its intended effects”.

I totally agree, it is time to put a stop to this insanity.

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