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Dr Roger Hodkinson challenges the COVID narrative.

Dr Roger Hodkinson MA, MB, FRCPC, FCAP – President of the Alberta Society of Laboratory Physicians

Addressing the Council Chamber – City of Edmonton, Canada

Dr Hodkinson made the following statements to the Council Chamber on 13th November 2020

“There is utterly unfounded public hysteria spread by the media and politicians. It’s outrageous, this is the greatest hoax ever perpetuated on an unsuspecting public. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to contain this virus other than protecting older, more vulnerable people. It should be thought of nothing more than a bad flu season, this is not Ebola and it’s not SARS, it’s politics playing medicine and that’s a very dangerous game”.

“Masks are utterly useless there is no evidence base for their effectiveness whatsoever. Paper masks and fabric masks are simply virtue signalling”. ………………..

“Social distancing is also useless because COVID is spread by aerosols which travel 30 metres or so before landing. Enclosures have had such terrible unintended consequences ………everywhere should be open tomorrow as was stated in The Great Barrington Declaration” …

“And a word on testing, I do want to emphasise I’m in the business for testing for COVID. I do want to emphasise that positive test results do not, underlined in neon, mean an clinical infection, its simply driving public hysteria and all testing should stop unless you’re presenting to hospital with some respiratory problem”. …………..

"Using the province’s (Alberta, Canada) own statistics, the risk of death under 65 is I in 300,000, I in 300,000, you’ve got to get a grip on this. The scale of your response that you’re undertaking, with no evidence for it, is utterly ridiculous given the consequences of acting in a way that you’re proposing. All kinds of suicides, business closures, funerals, weddings etc, etc, It’s simply outrageous”.

"I’m absolutely outraged that it has reached this level, it should all stop tomorrow".

PR says

Hear it for yourself, here is the video of Dr Hodkinson’s address to the chamber:

You must watch this video, it is only 5 minutes, it 100% vindicates what we at TEAMFreedombelieve is happening to our beautiful country. At the same time, we are being vilified by our friends and family because we do not agree with the political narrative that is now controlling everything. I am not a doctor or scientist, I am a simple member of the public asking questions that our journalists should be asking but do not have the guts to investigate because they are scared of losing their jobs if they go against the narrative. And it the same with most of the scientists.

A plea to doctors and scientists

Scientists you know what is happening is a total scam to put it bluntly. The totally corrupt PCR test that is not fit for purpose, that spews out high levels of false positive cases (who are perfectly healthy people) that are dictating the narrative, you know this. You are intelligent people; you are being muzzled by the interest groups that are controlling the narrative. The truth will come out, it always does, and so far, you have been complicit in the greatest lie in the history of humankind, bar none. You now must come together and stop this madness. People have been completely hoodwinked and you know it? Time for scientist to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH the narrative to change.

The State Media

Her is a plea to the BBC, will you please please stop the government propaganda, it is so obvious, we don’t believe a word of what you are saying anymore and that is why you are haemorrhaging viewers by the millions. People are seeing you for what you are.

Thank you

Thank you, Dr Hodkinson, from the bottom of my heart for speaking out with passion, the real truth of what is happening now. I expect you will be vilified by those that control the narrative, but I am sure your inbox if full of fellow doctors and scientists who are 100% concurring with you. The question now is how we can make the necessary step change for the great awakening that is needed to reverse the Orwellian dystopia that is happening in front of our very eyes.

Call to action

If people do not wake up, we are screwed to put it bluntly. We have acquiesced for too long, where is this going to stop, they will be mandating that people wear masks in their own homes soon and I am getting more information on this.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH, lockdowns stop now. We must take our freedoms back, we must all write to our MPs first and foremost, we need a change of leadership and we need it now.

The narrative is now completely political behind the scenes. The real medical professionals who have no agenda, have been pushed aside while the politics are now controlling everything.

What do you think?

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