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Complete COVID Chaos

Complete COVID Chaos


I write this the morning after the night before. The morning after the commons vote to extend the Lockdown and further destroy the livelihoods of thousands more people. I write this with sincerity and love for my fellow man. I write this knowing I will be vilified for my heresy that I am a non-believer. I have always known that the ‘lockdown insanity’ as I call it, has been wrong from the very start and you can ask my friends and family who will concur. And I have lost many friends because of my beliefs.

Crossroads – which way are we going to take?

When I watched pictures of the commons and passionate speeches by conservative parliamentarians against extending lockdown it only strengthened my views that we now have arrived at a crossroads. It is now COVID Chaos there is no other better words that describe the predicament that we are now in than Chaos. I could add complete, Complete COVID Chaos. Would you not agree, time for you to get off the fence?

When we are arguing the toss on whether a scotch egg is a substantial meal or not then my friends, we have completely lost the plot and all sense of reality. As an aside here, my favourite pub in the world is the Larling Angel in Norfolk who have always made the best scotch eggs in the world, (you will find me there at midday today with a pint of real ale and a scotch egg). And isn’t this going to the heart of the matter, as soon as you stop people (who have not given their consent) from having their basic freedoms and to simply pop down the pub for a pint with their mates then you are starting something that has very sinister overtones in my opinion.

When the facts become clear the choice becomes obvious.

The height of insanity is to do the same thing the same way every time and expect a different outcome.

A few facts for you

· There are no excess deaths currently from COVID-19, any excess deaths are from non-COVID people who have died from other reasons, heart disease, strokes, cancer. You realise a lot of these people died at home because they were too frightened to go to their doctors or A&E.

· The PCR test is not fit for purpose – all scientists know this. It has an unacceptably high false positive rate. So, the more people you test the more positive results you get which scientists convert into positive cases. You know this. Which basically means you have COVID when you do not, because it was a false positive. They amplify the test x45 so they are looking for very small amounts of the RNA sequences, which many healthy people may have in their bodies especially if they have the annual flu virus. Also, if you didn’t know the guy who invented the PCR test was biochemist Kary Mullis and his invention got him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993, excellent you may think. Mullis died in 2019 aged 74, (I wish he were still alive today to see how his invention was being used). However, Mullis said that the PCR test was inappropriate for the detection of a viral infection, it was invented to be used in a manufacturing process. Are you getting it yet? Stop PCR testing and we would be back to normal with no excess deaths now.

· Survival rate from COVID-19 is 99.94% death rate is 0.06%.

· Average age of death from COVID-19 is 82.

· Total number of deaths from COVID only (no other co-morbidities) is 4,500, out of 67,000,000 people, 0.0067%.

· Very few people will need the COVID-19 vaccine as the death rate is so low and is no longer causing excess deaths. People who are vulnerable for whatever reason, yes. (Wow! people are not going to like that one, how many million doses have we brought).

· Catastrophic levels of mental health issues across all age groups especially the young (criminal).

· Extra cancer deaths, heart disease, strokes, suicide.

· Self-inflicted economic suicide which our children and grandchildren will be paying back for the next 50 years.

· What happened to risk? How do you think we survived as a species for 200,000 years?

I could go on

It’s all bonkers right? I am thinking that at any minute I am going to wake up from this dystopian nightmare, but it is playing out in real time and we are all part of it. There was a time when the rest of the world looked up to our beautiful country Great Britain, a force for freedom of speech, for reason, for sanity and equality. We have become a laughingstock, a fascist state and now a banana republic. It hurts me to use the word fascist but that is what we have become in less than 8-months and we are all accepting this.


Time for a reality check guys, lockdowns do not work – period, you do know this now.

We are free people, and we want our freedoms back and we want our country back. We need real leadership to get us out of this self-inflicted mess. Will parliament please please sort this out.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH stop this insanity.

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